Censorship promoters behind the Durban II protests

  Humanitarian field monopoly?
  It seems as if both restriction and 'defense' of freedom of speech are all safely in Jewish hands. A wonderful arrangement many other interest groups only could only dreams of. Like the atheist film maker Richard Dawson October 5 2007 in The Guardian.
This is not some biased accidental conspiratory selection. With a little effort and perseverence this pattern can be found all over Europe and in the USA. Without implying that 'they all agree', it is close to an etnic monopoly in the humanitarian field.
No conspiracy - The simple facts
And even better: the opponents of these humanitarians also side with not only Israel, but Jewish interests in general like keeping holocaust legislation in place. It's Santa Claus all year long. (If you are Jewish.)
  Anders Jerichow - President PEN Denmark 2007
Anders Jerichow
PEN Denmark President 2007
President again in 2013 Jerichow has been repremanded by his superiors at newpaper Politiken for having written a biased pro-Zionist article during the Gaza stand off. He also held a seminar at WIZO, Womans Zionist Organization together with his collegue Adam Holm, who has been reprimanded as well.
  Klaus Slavensky President of Danish PEN 2006
Klaus Slavensky
PEN President before Jerichow

President for Danish PEN at the time of the Cartoon Crises. Also former president of the Danish Refugee Agency. Refused to sign a PEN declaration which recognized Flemming Roses work for free speech during the muhammed Cartoon Crises. Bølgerne går højt
  Klaus Rothstein fhv. Præsident PEN, fhv. Chef Dansk Flygtningehjælp
Klaus Rothstein - PEN
PEN President in 2002
Ex. Director of Danish Refugee Agency
(Dansk Flygtningehjælp) Since March 2012 that position is filled by Eva Singer.
  Eva Singer - Dansk Flygtningehjælp asylchef 2014
  Kenneth Roth - Human Rights Watch
Kenneth Roth - HRW
Director Human Rights Watch
Founders: Robert L. Bernstein, Aryeh Neier, Jeri Laber. Neier has also been president of George Soros' Open Society Institute. Eric Goldstein is deputy Middle East directorof HRW.
  Peter Beneson - Stifter Amnesty International var også Jøde
Peter Beneson
Founder of Amnesty International
No Amnesty for those who deny the Jewish Version of History, This 'Free Speech Organisation' actively encourages persecution of revisionists!
Much more about Amnesty's Zionist friendly policies.
  Laurent Fabius - Fransk indenrigsminister der vedtog den berygtede Fabius-Gayssot act
Laurent Fabius - Minister
Fabius-Gayssot Act
End of free speech in France
  Birgitte Zypress - Jüdische Zensur Ministerin
Birgitte Zypries
German-Jewish Justice minister
Threatening Your Freedom of Speech
Maria Berger
Austrian 'Justice' Minister (?)
  Applying EU legislation to extradite intellectual dissident Gerd Honsik from Spain for disagreeing with the Jewish Version of History.
Ricardo Franco Levi Jewish Censorship
Ricardo Franco Levi
  The latest addition to the long line of Jewish Censors is Ricardo Franco Levi who together with the Eurocrat Romano Prodi has proposed the Levi-Prodi law, an attack on free speech on the Internet in Italy.

EUMC (Beate Winkler Centre in Vienna) founded by Jean Kahn president of EJC | Roma Rights (Gipsy rights) founded by Claude Kahn

On April 20-24, 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations will host the “Durban Review Conference,” – a follow-up to the 2001 UN World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance (WCAR).

The debate goes on whether we should participate in this conference or not

The allegation is that Islamic countries, that apparently form a majority in this UN forum, are trying to use the conference to promote banning criticism of religion, especially Islam. Another concern from many parties, is that it will be used to one sided criticize the policies of the state of Israel.

Many voices, not least from the side of anti-immigrationalists, and adversaries of islamization, are speaking for a boycott of this conference.

This is a rather unique development.

Tens, if not hundreds of such conferences have been held the later years, not least under the auspices of the European Union. Never before have these conferences drawn anywhere near as much criticism, although they all basically have the same aim: restricting freedom of speech in order to silence anti-immigration, traditionalist, Christian, and nationalist voices.

In the context of the European Union such conferences have resulted, in amongst other things, the passing of new laws, most notably the: 'Council Framework Decision on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law', which if fully implemented, will be the end of free speech as we still know it in Denmark.

Together with the similarly vicious 'European Arrest Warrant', we are one step closer to complete dictatorship and loss of traditional civil rights.

Real legislation, no protests - advisory conference; hell breaks loose

The conferences and decisions, which led to the approval of this new EU law, did not draw the same attention or protests as the current Durban II, although the former contrary to the latter resulted in real and dangerous legislation, while the Durban II conference results will only be of an advisory nature.

The reason is obvious; the Durban II conference is thought to be detriment to Israeli interests. A large mobilization has taken place in order to convince governments not to take part in the Durban II conference. Anti-immigration voices, Islam skeptics and free speech defenders in the West have written letters to newspapers, and the media have been debating the issue in articles and on TV.

Deportation of dissidents, nothing but silence

At the same time as this debate goes on, a Danish citizen has been extradited to Germany for alleged 'hate speech', even though it was not illegal in Denmark, and the allegation has not been proven. The media were silent, and did not engage in any discussion about the principles or the implications of this case, just as the 'EU framework decision on fighting anti-Semitism and Xenophobia as well as the 'European Arrest Warrant' were passed without much interest.

The threat to free speech from these laws are far greater than the Durban II conference, which only has advisory status, yet none of those who dedicated many articles to slamming Durban II, have even mentioned these laws, and their first practical results; the extradition of a Danish citizen to Germany. My letters to newspapers referring the case and the aforementioned laws were rejected.

Only when, or perhaps only because Jewish - Israeli interests were at stake, did loud protests arise.

Let there be no doubt; also I am opposed to participating in Durban II, as I am opposed to all of this and similar supra national legislation. The way in which we want to define human rights and free speech should of course be decided by the people of each nation themselves, and not by zealous special interest groups and globalist 'NGO's' of which there are literary thousands.

When I first read about the petition where one could protest the Durban II conference, I immediately gave my signature, but afterwards, when studying which organizations were supporting the protest, I was in for a big surprise.

Durban II protesters are leading censorship promoters

The list provided by the 'sign the Durban II petition' free speech advocates, contained the names of 98 organizations, of which the great majority is actually dedicated to promoting censorship. Some of the world's most renowned anti-white, pro-multicult, and anti-free speech organizations from many different countries are represented here.

To name a few examples: The Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), the Magenta Foundation, RADAR and CIDI (Holland), ENAR – European Network Against Racism, European Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, INACH - International Network Against Cyber Hate, DACoRD - Documentation and Advisory Center on Racial Discrimination (in Denmark known as DRC), are a few examples of the most widely known organizations which actively and zealously promote censorship and the persecution of opponents of the multicultural agenda.

45 of 98 are Jewish organizations

Of the 98 listed organizations, at least 45 are Jewish and or Zionist. Among the rest there are a number which have Jewish personnel connected in various ways to the aforementioned Zionist and Jewish organizations, and of those which are not, most are also promoting censorship in the name of multiculturalism etc.

As far as I remember there was exactly one organization I found which could appear as being a genuine promoter of free speech, and only a small handfull who did not show extremely anti-white indigenous bias.

To document this, I have prepared a list consisting of the 98 organizations (form the Durban II protest movement), where I have added links and information as to what their priorities are.

You can find it here: Durban II Conference Protests Led by Censorship Promoters

Sleeping with the enemy

The irony of this alliance between European free speech activists and the traditional censorship and multicult promoters is that thousands of people are willing to cooperate in a 'protest against censorship' side by side with forces with a completely opposite agenda.

When it came to defending the rights of Europeans from serious legislative threats they were silent, when foreign police tore citizens away from their homes and loved ones, there was not a word.

But now Zionist interests are at stake, everybody, from bloggers to the main stream media, is protesting loudly.

If nothing else, this is just one more indication of the very real domination of our western societies by Zionist interests. Not only the neo-con leaning European anti-immigrationalists, but also the traditional oppressors of free speech; the 'anti-racist watchdogs', and multicult promoting institutions and media are showing their subservience to the Zionist agenda. Just as many of them strayed from their usual loud condemnations of military violence against civilians. Oh all powerful God of Zion! We will obey Your rule, please let us play our games in peace..

While opposition to Durban II of course is natural for anti-immigrationalists / nationalists and those who wish to stop the advancement of islamic forces in their home countries, it is harder to find good reasons to protest this conference for the traditional (non-Jewish) multicult organizations, unless they too are under some form of Zionist control. Or is it the same dillemma playing here which we see in the Jewish organizations; nationalism is bad and multi-culturalism is good, except when it concerns Israel?

Ironically the so called 'patriots' find them selves in an alliance with the very forces which plan their own enslavement.

Let this be said: The most effective and most damaging efforts to ban free speech still emanate from Jewish / Zionist quarters. While European activists support Zionist interests, the same Zionists are dilligently continuing to work to further erode free speech.

(Note: I still endorse signing the petition against Durban 2!)




Watch the videos on this page to get an idea.

This is a video tribute to the article, The Global Anti-Semitism Report: The organized Jewish community opposes free speech, by Professor Kevin MacDonald. Note: The clips used are presented in fair use, for scholarly criticism, and thus used in accordance with the United States fair use doctrine, TITLE 17, CHAPTER 1, § 107.

The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act

The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act



United Nations document: Revised version of the technically reviewed text (A/CONF.211/PC/WG.2/CRP.2) submitted by the Chairperson-Rapporteur of the intersessional open-ended working group mandated to continue and finalize the process of negotiations - United Nations Durban review 2009(pdf)

Danish list of signatories http://www.durban2.dk/underksrifterne.mht (Use Internet Explorer not Firefox to see this list)

Dansk Durban II protest og underskriftsindsamling (Michael Jalving) http://www.durban2.dk

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