Media safely under control of Zionist puppeteers

  Zionist friends of the KLA
Now also accused of organ trafficking
A joint Israeli operation as so often before?
Madeleine Korbel Albright &

osovo Liberation Army Leader 1999
M. Albright, alias Marie Jana Korbelová
General Wesley Clark (Kanne, Nemerovsky) Wesley Clark comes from ‘a long line of rabbis’ by ron kampeas, jta - September 18, 2003
  Richard Holbrooke - Kosovo Jihadis
  Richard Holbrooke - Kosovo Jihadis
  Would multicult promotor TV2 ever present a poll about the popularity of Muslim immigrants with such an obvious unsympathetic background picture? (Palestinian kid dressed up like suicide bomber). No. But when Zionist friends' interests are at stake, the TV station's usual moral concerns are left behind without a blink. The Media are Zionist controlled!

If not good for anything else, the reaction of the media in Denmark to the Israeli attack on the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, must have lifted the veil from the eyes of every clear sighted individual who so far denied the almost complete domination of the media by Jewish interests.

Even for a long time observer and critic of things connected with Judaism and Zionism such as myself, it came as a surprise to witness the extent to which the media; newspapers, and TV have submitted themselves to the rules of the Zionist world order.

Slobodan Milosevic - Tzipi Livni / Olmert

The contrast with other similar cases where mighty military powers were engaged in a battle with minority groups, rebels, terrorists and insurgents, such as in the case of Slobodan Milosevic's Serbia, the recent Georgian / Russian conflict and the invasion of Iraq is amazing.

The Danish media with the exception of perhaps the paper Jyllands Posten, are generally perceived by right wingers, which in Denmark mainly means something along the lines of neo-conservatism, as being left wing, pro multicult, anti-Israel and anti-US. Personally I think the so called anti-Israel / anti-US bias, in the media is nothing more than damage control, and in reality it is compliance with the neo-con policies, at least where Zionist interests are at stake.

Balanced news

In this case TV news broadcasts the media go out of their way to try and avoid serious criticism of Israel, and 'present the story from both sides', continuously hammering on the fact (lie?) that the 'Iranian backed Hamas' initiated the hostilities.

Israelis such as the ambassador of Israel in Denmark and other Israeli spokes persons get their times worth on the air, as do Danish rabbis, Danish immigrants to Israel and other representatives of the Jewish community (7000 Jews out of a total number of 5 million Danes = ca. 0.2 %).

The news clips which are shown obviously and admitted purposely avoid showing the most horrific images of the effects of the Israeli bombardment, are short and mixed with shots of places where Hamas' Kassam rockets have struck, pictures of scared Israeli woman and children and the like. The time spent on reporting the news from Gaza is rather limited, and after the first few days, this news is no longer given headlines, but appears as relatively short and 'neutral', appearing after 10 or 15 minutes of local news, the installment of a new ambulance service, or side effects of some commonly used contrasts fluids for X-ray diagnosis which have been shown to be harmful.

Demonstrations - Allah Uh Akbar

Relatively much attention was also given to some (mainly minor) incidents where Israel supporters were harassed by Palestinians. An Israeli salesmen was shot in his arm and leg in a shopping centre by a Palestinian with a Danish passport which did not make things better for the Palestinian side, the same goes for the Palestinian demonstrations which fill most Danes with disgust because of the raw voices shouting Allah Uh Akbar, death to the Jews, etc. and the small children dressed up as suicide bombers.

That reason was mentioned by TV2, as one of the reasons why a January 13 poll showed that 29 % were pro Israel, 22 % pro Palestinian and 49 % were neutral. The extremely bad behavior of the Palestinians demonstrators and some incidents of harassment of Jews were utilized to the maximum by the media though, and concerns about the safety of Jews and comparisons with the Nazi area flew through the air. Usually the media tries to cover up immigrant violence against Danes as much as possible.

What is rarely mentioned in the same media, is the fact that ordinary non Jewish Danes suffer daily from similar immigrant harresment and violence, but of course this does not compare to the terrible suffering of the Jewish community, although they are under a rather higher level of protection by the police.

Well, let's not be concerned with who is right or wrong here, but with the reaction of the media compared to its usual pattern.

I am not in any way able to present any kind of statistic analyses, nor will I pretend to have read all newspaper stories and seen all TV programs relating to the matter. On the other hand, the traditional Danish media landscape is limited in size. There are two main TV stations and their sister channels which all pretty much bring the same news. I have not followed what's on the radio.

So my opinion on this, is my impression, nothing more, and although in my opinion the media have strayed far from it's usual behavior in such cases, of course the neo-con segment and other hard core Israel supporters are doing their best to prove 'the media bias against Israel'.

Danish Palestinian leader Fathi Al-Abed discusses with Israeli vice ambassador Dan Oryan

Discussion about the Israeli invasion of Gaza between Danish Palestinian leader Fathi Al-Abed, Israeli ambassador in Denmark Dan Oryan and the leftwing Jewish journalist Adam Holm. 'Deadline' Danish Public Service TV January 5, 2009 - This video was removed from YouTube after 'copyright claims' (the new form of censorship) from 'The Danish Broadcasting Company'. Thanks to tireless free speech activists the video was uploaded elsewhere. This TV-station is 100% financed by the Danish public! | YouTube

Right now I recall having seen only one Danish based Palestinian on TV to defend the Palestinian side, in a program where the Jewish news show host Adam Holm almost took sides with the smooth talking pr. professional, the Israeli vice ambassador in Denmark Dan Oryan.

  Richard Holbrooke will not be missed
  Richard Holbrooke - Moos?

The not very well spoken Palestinian representative Fathi El Abed clearly was no match for the slick Israeli, let alone the two professionals at once. The key point for the left wing Jewish journalist seemed to be that Hamas didn't recognize Israel.

A left wing multiculturalist apologist and dedicated defender of the Palestinians; Michael Irving Jensen was more on equal terms with the Jewish journalist technically, but where people with viewpoints similar to his are usually treated in a very friendly way, the Jewish journalist was a lot more skeptical than usual this time.

An interesting detail is the fact that the director of the Danish public service TV Arne Notkin, a long time multicult promoter, is a former president of the Danish Zionist Federation .

Neoconservative icons such as Michael Jalving from the newspaper Berlingske Tidende defended the Israeli policies in newspaper articles and TV shows, and denied the relevance of proportionality, as did Soeren Espersen, the very well spoken genius politician and Jewish wed MP (with kids in Israel) for the extremely pro Zionist 'Nationalist' Danish Peoples Party.

He held a speech at a demonstration organized by the Danish Zionist Federation (Dansk Zionist Forbund), and was photographed exchanging brotherly handshakes with the Chief Rabbi in Denmark; Bent Lexner. Also at the demonstration were several leading Jews from the Mosaic Religious Community (Mosaisk Trossamfund),
the religious organization for most of the Danish Jews, who traditionally have mainly been enemies of the anti immigration Danish People's Party, because of their support of Muslim immigration and multiculturalism.

For years they fought the 'inhumane nationalists' - Now they are 'friends'


Bent Melchior - Former Chief Rabbi, Talmud student and Maimonides disciple. President of B'nai B'rith Europe. Alliance with anti Danish Muslims Building coalition between Muslims and Jews in Denmark, against 'Danish racism'. Bent Melchior og Bashy Quraishy bygger bro mellem jøder og muslimer

  Arne Melchior - Former President of the Danish Zionist Association (1975-1979)
On of the most fanatic and sanctimonious promoters of Muslim immigration. Hated by every Nationalist, including many Jews. Now we demonstrate together..
  Arne Notkin - Danmarks Radio - Deadline Chief Editor -
Former president of the Danish Zionist Association. From his leading position in Danmark's Radio he promoted multicult and Muslim imigration for decades. To make things perfect, every night a new film referring to 'the holocaust'.
  Balder Blog 8 januar 2011 - Denmark: Zionist Media Boss; Arne Notkin, refuses to show Yoav Shamir's film Defamation
  Pro-Israel Rally For Attacking Gaza, New York City January 11, 2009
Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Obscene Calls for 'Wiping Out' Palestinians. Full story

The recent Zionist Rally in Copenhagen

Mr. B. Schwarz (Jewish) who took part in the demonstration, comments on an article from the Turkish blogger Gülay Kocbay:

'Islamophobia is an epidemic - especially in Denmark - which has to be eradicated, just like other racist hatred'

'The party I like least is the Danish People's Party - solely because of their treatment of immigrants, especially Muslims. When they admitted that they were anti-Muslim, I felt an anger I have rarely experienced. I now study at RUC [Liberal University], where solidarity and sticking together have the highest priority. I know about racism and therefore know about the struggle for Muslims to be treated justly in Danish Society. Anti Muslim expressions are equally reprehensive as other racist expressions.'

From the now deleted post: Del i Pro Israelsk demonstration på Rådhuspladsen | cached

The same old Jewish schizophrenia: demonstrating for the racist Zionist Jews-only State and it's right to unlimited violence, but fighting 'racism and islamophobia' in Denmark. Some things just never change.

  Israel admits: “No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire”
  Palestinian demonstration Townhal Square in Copenhagen January 10, 2009

It is easy to understand why there is not much sympathy for the Palestinians in Denmark: 'Down down Denmark, down down democracy.. etc.'

  Zionist demonstration in Copenhagen Townhal Square in Copenhagen January 10, 2009: 'A message of peace'!
  Gerald Kaufmann Jewish MP denounces Israel as warcriminals and fools.

But on this glorious occasion, their eventual differences meant less than their animosity towards the common Muslim enemy.

In contrast with the situation when Danish nationalists such as the (equally Zionist oriented SIAD) organizes a demonstration, the Palestinian demonstrators and their left wing supporters (the latter in much lower numbers than usual) were kept at a large distance from the Zionist demonstration, many of the Palestinian supporters were kept in 'preventive arrest', and posters they were carrying showing victims of the Israelis bombings were impounded by the police.

Danish nationalist manifestations

When the anti-immigration organization SIAD demonstrates against the islamization of Denmark, they are invariably called Nazis and extremists by the Jewish dominated multicultural press, though only defending Danish traditions and values and opposing more problematic and expensive muslim immigration. Not so for the admitted Zionists who demonstrated to show their support of the current attack on the Palestinians in Gaza.

While nationalist demonstrations are usually disrupted by left wing extremists and/or Muslims, and the police routinely ends legal and timely registered demonstrations prematurely 'for the protestors own safety', or 'because of the danger to the public order', stones and bottles fly through the air and speeches drown in the noise made by the 'counter demonstrators', the Israel supporters had all the peace in the world to hold their event. The Zionist demonstrators flew both Israeli and Danish flags, and I must admit it made me a little sick to hear them sing the Danish National Anthem under these circumstances.


Also the main part of the Danish political establishment demonstrated it's allegiance with the Israeli policies; the Danish foreign minister Per Stig Moeller as well as the Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen time and time again repeated that 'Iranian supported Hamas' was the main culprit, and that the Palestinians really had brought it all onto themselves. Of course the ritual but rather cheap and toothless appeals to 'all parties' to stop the fighting were not forgotten.

A world wide media conspiracy?

All in all it seems like the Danish media comply with some kind of global directive to treat this conflict differently than other similar conflicts. Criticism of Israel and the Danish government policies are not heard very much with any conviction in the main stream media. Often the trick of inviting poorly equipped defenders for the Palestinian cause is employed. I bet the Danish Zionists are absolutely satisfied with the representative of the Palestinians in Denmark; Mr. Fathi El Abed, an absolutely worthless Uncle Tom.

The formerly conservative, but recently more and more 'liberal' or left wing newspaper Berlingske Tidende has also noticed some anomalities in the media coverage, and declared that in the case of the special circumstances surrounding the Israeli policy of not allowing journalists into the Gaza strip they were bringing some reports from the Gaza strip, and linked to some images of Palestinian victims which were largely filtered out in the general media coverage. Even this article was apologetic and surrounded with excuses which apparently were necessary to take this great step towards freedom of the press, and reporting from the other side in the conflict.

Three new Jew centered films to come!

In addition to the many foreign and domestic Jewish voices which already appeared on TV in connection with this conflict, tonight the public broadcaster Denmark's Radio announced three new broadcasts centering about Jewish subjects; one of them is a film about a Jewish / Danish couple where the Jewish husband wants to have the couple's son circumcised much against the will of his secular Danish wife.

The film is produced by the Jewish husband, and probably a reaction to a recent proposal to forbid genital mutilation of boys, which caused great distress in the Jewish community, including another prominent Jewish journalist, who calls him self an atheist, yet fights ferociously against a ban on genital mutilation.

Another film is to center around all the' beautiful things which are contained in the Jewish tradition', which we all should learn to appreciate. I forgot what the third one was about, but I expect all three of them to be Jewish produced propaganda for Jews and Judaism. They are to be broadcast in the near future, probably warming up for the annual event of 'Auschwitz Day', which is to remind all of us of our supposed collected guilt (Germans were white just as we are) of the fate of many Jews during WWII January 27.

The short version

The short version is, that the Danish media and therefore not surprisingly, public opinion, are all safely in line with the Zionist supremacist rules; all of the media go out of their way in order not to hurt Jewish and Zionist sensitivities.

My opinion on this matter is, that if this brand new 'neutral' media policy were applied evenly to all programs dealing with the subject of multiculturalism, Muslim immigration and related subjects, I would very much welcome it.

Who pays the price?

But I am also sure that we will see even more biased pro-multicult broadcasts in the near future, to compensate for this moment of weakness / moment of fear, for the aggressive reactions of the well organized Zionists and their Shabbaz Goys. We the people of Denmark, will not receive the benefit of unbiased reporting, but will probably be prepared / brainwashed to receive even more refugees from the Mideast, and will thus pay the price for the Israeli attack.

Jewish and Zionist interests will as always be protected, and on top of that we will be forced to share the responsibility for the bloody Zionist policies, as we already share responsibility for the American adventures in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As I suggested before; the Danish anti-immigration movement and bloggers dealing with this subject are almost all unanimously and extremely aggressive in their support of the Zionists. So great is the all dominating love of the Jewish people for some, that I have already been cursed by a fellow traveller, just for having produced an article about the Rosenblat holocaust scam during the Gaza conflict. [Another angry comment was so funny, I must mention it. I had reported something critical of something Israeli or Jewish, perhaps sex abuse or something similar; Angry comment from fellow patriot blogger saying how anti-Semitic it was to 'to publish such an article on Israels birthday' - Honestly, I'm sorry, really didn't have a clue! I think his/her anger has passed now though.]

The Palestinians are seen as animals, (I must admit that many of them actually behave like that in Denmark). The fact that Israel has stolen the land of the Palestinian people is cast aside with the usual Zionist rhetorics, Zionist revisionism or excused with Darwinism or received gratefully as the start of a long awaited violent clash of civilizations on a global scale. I will not point my finger at others though, without admitting that I played around with similar thoughts before the Iraq war. It is true that the present immigration situation induces despair among those who can see the the problems growing ever faster, and that regrettably may cloud better judgement.

Zionists defending Muslim immigration - Our friends?

But the fact that nor the Zionist entity, nor the main Danish or international Jewish organizations have ever been allies in the fight for free speech and the fight against multiculturalism, and in fact have been actively defending Muslim immigration and special rights for Muslims, and have been villifying and condemning the 'racist' Danish People's Party and other anti-immigration voices for years, apparently does not mean a thing.

Like well trained puppies they expect, or hope, to be rewarded after dilligently following the Zionist 'party line'. I very much doubt that they will, unless acceptance by the Ziocon mobsters and their allies is considered to be a reward in itself.

What did we get from the Iraq war?

The lessons which could have been learned from the war against Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, which only brought us hundreds if not thousands new refugees 'for which we have responsibility because of our engagement' in these Anglo / Zionist ventures, are cast aside in order to please the Zionists. That is if these lessons are considered at all.

That the whole charade, apart from its negative practical consequences for the Danish people in the form of more refugees, immigrants and growing foreign support budget, it also is a moral and intellectual defeat, does not seem to bother a large number of people in the anti-immigration circuit.

Despair makes strange bedfellows

Apparently the lack of power to do anything real at all about the ever increasing number of Muslim immigrants in this country is compensated by the short time satisfaction of seeing the blood of Muslims being shed somewhere else in the world. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, no matter what the quality or the lack of the same in this friend, seems to be the all pervading train of thought.

As much as I dislike Muslim immigrants in general, the Danish based Palestinians in special, and the often rude, uncharming and for a westerner unsympathetic and inarticulate ways in which many Palestinians and other Muslims in the Mideast express themeselves, I am appalled by this lack of compassion for a people who have not like the Nazi persecuted Jews endured six month, a year, two, three, or four years in cattle wagons, concentration camps and the Warsaw Ghetto, but who have been constantly robbed, imprisoned, killed, tortured, harassed, humiliated and locked up in the world's largest concentration camps for more than sixty years.

If the white European world is ever to survive the onslaught of mass immigration, I think more honesty, righteousness, moral and consequence are highly needed.

Right now we witness the beginning of the end of World Zionism

We should remember that just as the inhumane actions of the Nazis cost the German people [and ourselves] more dearly than the firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg or the starvation of a million German prisoners of War in the Allied prisoner of war camps all together, we too will have to live with the consequences of our moral judgements.

To keep the moral high ground ought be a major objective for every nationalist. If on the other hand we adopt the law of the Talmud/ jungle into our thinking, and thus show we already have been colonized by a foreign power, we will be punished together with the criminal heirs of the Pharisees whose uninhibited lust for blood, power and world domination will bring about their own demise, perhaps a lot sooner, than anyone may imagine right at this moment.


Rime Allaf sums it up pretty well:

Part 1 Rime Allaf comments media policy concerning Gaza

(First Introduction in Danish)

Syrian born researcher Rime Allaf (Chatham house) discusses the exceptionally cautious
media coverage of the Israeli attack on Gaza with
Danish public Service TV's Nynne Bjerre Christensen - Deadline January 11 2009 | YouTube

Part 2 Deadline January 11 2009
Interview med Sune Haugbølle fra Københavns Universitet
| YouTube


Emotional images on Al Jazeera

After this clip with the Syrian researcher Rime Allaf (Chatham House London) the 'balance' is restored with a very 'neutral' appearing new 'expert' Sune Haugboelle (University of Copenhagen) who explains Al Jazeera's use of 'emotional loaded images', 'crying woman and dying children' and 'very emotional background music'.

Actually the same way I would describe many 'holocaust drama documentaries'.

And it is so true.

But it is also true, that both Danish TV stations use emotional pictures every single day; weeping rejected asylum seekers, children suffering from the 'unbearable conditions' in the Danish refugee centers, poor lesbian wannabee mothers who can not yet get government funds for having an artificially inseminated baby between the newly church married lesbian couple, poor immigrants who are rejected by a disco, and loads of other tear jerking stuff.

It is there every day, from dusk to dawn. Danish 'news programs' often start with a ten minute long story about an elderly person who suffered from somewhat less than perfect conditions at an old folks home, or similar stuff. Not to speak of every time a 'racist pamphlet' has been discovered, or an alleged neo-Nazi crime has happened in Germany. Piles of dead Jews, Hitler in frenzy, concentration camps. Loads of the finest violins and musical atmosphere, and perfectly dressed prototype blue eyed blonde Aryan Nazi officers accompany such stories.

Save the emotional pictures for the Jewish holocaust

DR introduces author Erik Haaest
  Warning: Emotional pictures...

It is quit funny the TV journalists suddenly start to talk about 'cutting out emotional content', precisely in the case of a thousand dead, and four thousand maimed Palestinians, mowed down by a super modern and effective high tech killing machine.

We'll save the emotional music and the dead bodies, and the mourning and the crying for the next time a swastika is discovered on a wall in a railway station, or a (usually completely legal) 'racist' flyer has been discovered in some self appointed humanitarian's mailbox.

When a writer who was accused of 'revisionism' was portrayed in a program on the same channel, the public service TV-station Denmark's Radio superimposed the poor fellow's picture over a cavalcade of concentration camp images, complete with howling cattle wagon trains, piles of corpses and smoking chimneys. And this poor fellow, Erik Haaest had only committed a limited 'offense'; writing slightly different about WWII from the way which would have made the Simon Wiesenthal Centre happy.

In both cases there are Jews involved, and the message is clear. The poor Jews can only be victims. The bare thought that there is anything which could remotely compete with the atrocities committed by the all time greatest and unsurpassable genocidal offenders; the Nazis, is simply too much to bear.

Brainwashed with the holocaust

The whole perception of the world of these blind morons depends on the image of the Jew as a victim, the incomparable evils of the Nazi, the German, and in the end, all the rest of the white world, since we 'all share a common culture'.

They have all been brainwashed by years of conditioning, being taught over and over again about all the qualities and the exquisite sufferings of the Jews, vaguely remembering some things which point in another direction perhaps, but so frightened to 'stir up anti-Semitism' that even if they realized only one fifth of what goes down on account of the Jews, they wouldn't dare talking about it. The constant presence of many Jews at the TV stations and in editors' offices, probably could also make it difficult for them to take any kind of stand against the chosen. It could also easily cost a job in these insecure times, to speak to openly against prevailing winds and Zionist chief editors.

Take your pick. Put on the shoe that fits, Mr. and Mrs. Journalist.




So now it has been shown that even Al Jazeera bent to American pressure, censoring certain articles, and the worst images of victims of atrocities committed by the Zionist controlled American invaders:

Wadah Khanfar the senior executive of the Middle East’s most recognizable news television network has resigned following revelations that he met with American intelligence officials and complied with their requests to alter the content of news reports.

But he did not mention the incident that might have led to his resignation: namely the recent revelation that he was in constant contact with US intelligence officials during much of his executive career, and that he agreed to alter the content of some Al Jazeera news reports at their request. According to American diplomatic cables leaked by whistleblower website WikiLeaks, Khanfar came in contact with officials from the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA, the Pentagon’s premier spy organization) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar —the Gulf country that owns and operates Al Jazeera. The leaked cables mention that the Palestinian-born executive attended several meetings with DIA personnel in Doha, Qatar, and even agreed to “remove” news content when requested to do so. In one instance, he reportedly directed his editorial staff to remove strong images of injured Iraqi children lying on hospital beds and of a woman with extensive facial injuries. More at IntelNews

IntelNews 21 september 2011 - Al Jazeera director resigns amidst ‘US intelligence links’ row

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