High Court in Copenhagen December 19, 2008

Lawyer fights hard against the extradition of two young men to Germany, which wants both on trial for the alleged distribution of 'Nazi-music' to German customers.

  Arne Stevns -Anklager Nord-Sjællands politi
Arne Stevns -Prosecutor
Mikael Skjødt - Lawyer

'Extradition is compulsory'.

So simply did the North Zealand public prosecutor Arne Stevns present his case, when pleading for a go ahead and hand over the two men over to the whims of the judicial madhouse in Germany.

His conclusion was contradicted strongly by the two defendants' lawyers, who argue that extradition should not take place without evidence.

No need for evidence in extradition cases

Prosecutor Arne Stevns denied that it was not for the court to validate the contents of the case.

The court only is to take into account if the Germans have presented the arrest warrant correctly, he said.

If that is the case, the Danish authorities cannot decline extraditing the two men; Danish and a German citizen who lives in Denmark.

'We are not to judge the evidence in this case. We only have to ascertain, if the conditions for the extradition are present', he stated in court, and stressed that the court could only decline to extradite, if the warrant does not live up to the 'common European rules'.

The defense warned against extradition on such loose grounds

The Danes' defense lawyer Mr. Mikael Skjoedt [Skjødt], argued that the court was to look at the case, instead of fulfilling the German demands without further thought.

'One has to be very sure, that there is enough ground for such far-reaching actions as extraditing a Danish citizen. There should be no unanswered questions. We don't have enough information', he stated.

'A case such as this one is no different from other court cases; one looks at evidence. The case is to be handled alone on the background of the European Arrest Warrant. Therefore it is imperative that it contains the necessary information', he stressed.

Sweden has declined extradition in the same case

  Since 2005 Liberté pour l’Histoire has fought against the initiatives of legislative authorities to criminalize the past, thus putting more and more obstacles in the way of historical research. In April 2007, a framework decision of the European Council of Ministers has given an international dimension to a problem that had until then been exclusively French. In the name of the indisputable and necessary suppression of racism and anti-Semitism, this decision established throughout the European Union new crimes that threaten to place on historians prohibitions that are incompatible with their profession. In the context of the Historical Encounters of Blois in 2008 dedicated to “The Europeans”, Liberté pour l’Histoire invites the approval of the following resolution

The two men are together with a Dane living in Sweden accused of having produced music CDs containing 'Nazi music' and having sold them by mail order to customers all over the world, amongst which Germany, where these publications are forbidden.

According to the German prosecutors the Dane living in Sweden is the main man of the music company. The Swedish authorities have declined to serve the extradition warrant with reference to free speech.

'If my client has assisted with acts which are not punishable, then his own actions are not punishable either', said the defense lawyer and pointed out the absurdity that while the main suspect is protected from prosecution, who judged by the material in the arrest warrant supposedly only has played a minor role, could be extradited.

He finds the German policy towards Nazi material natural.

Mikael Skjoedt:

'It is understandable that Germany has this need to put up this show. But it shouldn't happen at the expense of Danish citizens and their rights.'

Mikael Skjoedt criticized the German Arrest warrant for being inaccurate and not specific. The crime scene is said to be 'Scandinavia' - even though the CDs were distributed from Sweden, and there are great doubts about the dates of the publications. The latter is important in order to determine if a case is statute-barred according to Danish law.

Insufficient information behind extradition warrant

Mikael Skjoedt: 'It is not specified how, when and where this has taken place'.

He referred to a British verdict in a similar case, where the German arrest warrant was ruled invalid by the Judge.

According to Skjoedt the Judge based her ruling on the fact that the charges were not specific enough.

'The Judge will firstly have to be convinced that the arrest warrant is valid, the British judge had concluded. This shows, that if there is not the necessary information, the warrant can be denied.' Skjoedt concluded.

Present term of imprisonment goes far beyond Danish practice

The Dane and the German citizen have been on remand since August

Which means that they have been in jail much longer already, than would have been the case, if they had been taken before a court and sentenced according to similar Danish laws.

And if they will be extradited, even more time will come to pass, because no indictment has been made against them yet.

Charges changes during imprisonment

It turned out that the charges against them have changed since they were arrested, which according to Mikael Skjoedt goes against the criteria for the European Arrest Warrant.

'The Arrest Warrant has to be correct. So this is not good enough, he said about the accusations against the two which were changed since their imprisonment. Exactly this practice, the drip wise 'repair' of the original warrant was the reason the British Judge denied the extradition of the man the Germans wanted.

Mikael Skjoedt also pointed out that the two men are being demanded extradited according to laws which were introduced after they had closed their music company.

Oestre Landsret; the High Court, passes judgment on whether to honor or reject the extradition order on Monday December 22.


Politiken 19 december 2008 - Sælgere af nazirock kæmper mod udlevering

The article above is based mainly on the story of the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken

The article forgets to mention that both the two accused in Denmark deny any involvement in the production and the distribution of the music CDs at all. The CDs which were impounded by the police in the apartment of the Dane, were stored for a friend, according to the accused. He said he had not listened to the CDs.

Interview with Flemming in prison: European Arrest Warrant extradition victim Flemming - TV interview

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