Somali immigrants spread fear among taxi drivers

Taxi driver with 25 years experience: 'We don't want to risk life and limb'

Transcript of TV news broadcast TV2 Tuesday December 16, 2008

Danish cab drivers refuse Somalis
Dutch cab driver complains

Jes Dorph Pedersen TV2: Taxi drivers in the Danish city of Kolding have started a boycott of a special group of customers. The chauffeurs say that during the last six month they have been harassed by a group of Somalis, who perpetrate violence, theft and assault in their taxis.

So the drivers no longer wish to have Somalis in their cars.

Mikkel Eisenhardt TV2: Jens Solvold works for Krone Taxi in Kolding, he likes his job, but lately a certain group of citizens have caused problems.

Jens Solvold - cab driver: I was sent to Skovparken [area] for a ride and was supposed to have about three or four Somalis in my car. I simply wouldn't do that, I simply wouldn't.. That, that, that, No!

No reason to subject one self to that risk, which we know is there at the moment.

Speak: Since last summer several cab drivers have experienced violent attacks or theft perpetrated by Somalis.. Last Thursday a driver had a gun put to his head. After well over 25 years behind the wheel Jens Solvold has never experienced anything like this before.

Wild West

Jens Solvold - taxachauffør: It is rather nasty, because eh, one can't help but think that it seems as if we are going back to, to the lawless conditions we read about in cowboy novels, 25 years ago while still a young man.

Speak: At the taxi central we meet Bruno Bech. Last summer he was robbed of more than 3.000 kroner [400 Euro] by a group of Somalis, now he too has reached his limits.

Bruno Bech: If there is only one, I'll take him along, but if there are more, I drive around them.

Speak: If one refuses to service a certain group of citizens, the drivers are tempting the law about discrimination, which can result in fines..

I know it is illegal; it is discrimination, but yes, there is no other way around it.

Hans Jørgen Aarøe, Foreman, Krone Taxi: We have chosen to say from the side of the company, that if the drivers refuse, that is their own choice. It is not our policy, we don't want to punish a whole group, but we don't want to force them.

A small group of criminals from Skovparken...

  Mahamed Tawahne Sabriye

Speak: This afternoon the chairman of the Board of Deputies of Somalis in Kolding attended a meeting with the authorities and representatives of the taxi company. Here they agreed that 'a small group of criminals from Skovparken is causing problems', which will have to be addressed..

Mahamed Tawahne Sabriye, Chaiman of the Board of Deputies of Somalis in Kolding:

I didn't feel good about it in the beginning, but now we have talked about things and understood each other.

Jens Solovold will still be vigilant though...

Jens Solvold: Yes but we shall not risk life and limb, because...

  Niels Erik Hansen - DRC


At another TV station we already saw suit and tie clad blacks, most likely some who make a living as 'chairmen' and 'leaders' of the 'Somali Community' boiling with rage about the horrible case of 'discrimination'.

Niels Erik-Hansen a leader of DRC a 'private' but government financed institution for taking away the rights of indigenous people of Denmark and handing them over to muslims and other invaders with the right skin color, also appeared on the screen and predictably complained loudly about the racism of the Danes.

Yes I see, it is really too much that the cowardly cab drivers don't voluntarily give them selves up for slaughter by Somali pirates

A clear case of racism!


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