Assault on heroic girl by four knife wielding neo-Nazis complete hoax

  Rebecca Katzschmann
  Rebecca Katzschmann
Wanted to be a real Nazi Victim
  Observation: On the German German nationalist sites where the case is being commented, surprisingly almost nobody blames Rebecca Katzschmann personally. She is seen as the victim of a brain washing and psychologically crippling education system, government policies, and cowardly journalists. Pity, seems to be the reaction rather than complaints about the rediculously light sentence.

A commentator at remarks:

She has probably been inspired by Elie Wiesel, who put it this way:

"Things are not so simple, Rabbi. Many things happen but are not true. Others are true, but do not happen."

  Mittweida - Gerningsmand -  Täter
alleged perpetrator
  The above police drawing of the alleged neo-Nazi perpetrator was spread all around the world...
Danish TV crew in Mittweida

Citizen: 'Why are people just standing and watching without doing anything or calling the police?' Watching the interview on Danish TV it was quit clear that the interviewed citizens knew what they were supposed to answer. Showing signs of doubt about the incident would have been just another proof of guilt.

Danish TV2 also made a pilgrimage to the German city of Mittweida where the juicy story of the terrible Nazi threat brought new hope to thousands of brave anti-fascist journalists and other activists thirsty for real Nazi-blood.

Last year in November an appalling case made headlines in Germany, and in fact, the story went all around the world:

A 17 year old girl; Rebecca Katzschmann, at the time only identified as Rebecca K. had heroically defended a small immigrant child against a group of four neo-Nazis dressed in leather jackets with the initials of Hitler's old Nazi party NSDAP on them. Not happy with the brave girl's efforts, the Nazi brutes with a razor blade carved a swastika in the skin of her hip.

According to the testimony of the 'victim' the incident had been watched by several people from houses nearby, without anybody reacting or calling the police.. Clearly Nazism was rooted deeply in this German city. Several local suspects' premises were searched and thousands of citizens were interviewed by police without any result.

A wave of protest over the heinous deed emerged, marches were organized, speeches were made by prominent people, TV crews interviewed local citizens and the [apparently Jewish dominated] 'League for Democracy and Tolerance - Against Right Wing Violence' proclaimed 17 year old Rebecca Katzschmann a true heroine and awarded her a prize.

League for Democracy and Tolerance - Against Right Wing Violence

[Bündnis für Demokratie und Toleranz – gegen rechte Gewalt]
Cornelie Sonntag-Wolast hands over the prize to Rebecca Katzschmann ! Even though at that time most people already realized that the whole thing was a hoax, after doctors had concluded that the girl most likely had done the swastika carving her self! Die heldin von Mittweida.

Very soon after the initial media hype including the nation wide and international sensational headlines about the 'neo-Nazi attack', doubts began to creep up about the incident, and not long after it became pretty clear to most sensible people that the whole thing had only happened in Miss Katzschmann's rather overheated fantasy.

Miss Katzschmann stuck to her story though, and despite warnings from the investigating authorities, the League for Democracy and Tolerance, went ahead and in a ceremony the heroine was given the award by Cornelie Sonntag-Wolast [Green Party] on February 1.

40 days of community service for causing a word wide stir!

Hainichen Court, November 14 2008 Judge Anne Mertens sentenced Rebecca Katzschmann to 40 hours of community service for having made the whole thing up and for having lied to the police. A very mild sentence, taken into account that the law in Germany allows for up to 3 years imprisonment for cases such as this. [Defaming the memory of the dead on the other hand carries a punishment of 5 years!]

But despite the leniency of the verdict, defendant Katzschmann's lawyer Axel Schweppes announced an appeal and demanded acquittal.

Rebecca Katzschmann showed no remorse, and stuck to her version of the story, even though it had been proven that the immigrant child she allegedly helped had not even been near the alleged site of the crime that day.

The German blogger 'Nonkonfirmist' writes the following:

Chief Prosecutor Bernd Vogel on the other hand, showed his bias, since he called Katzschmann's conviction 'a defeat for everybody', because this judgment would be 'welcomed with glee in certain circles'.

He also did not want to make this case of falsely pretending a crime an example, since the situation in Mittweida was so 'tense', and he defended the very light sentence by saying that there had not been any witnesses.


Der Nonkonfirmist 15 november 2008 - Möchtegern-Naziopfer Rebecca Katzschmann verurteilt [möchtegern = wannabee]

Radio Freiheit 14 November 2008 - Lügnerin von Mittweida: Rebecca Katzschmann zu 40 Arbeitsstunden verurteilt

Altermedia 15 november 2008 - Hakenkreuz-Rebecca verurteilt!

"Her story made headlines across Germany at the time, prompting soul-searching about a rise in neo-Nazi violence."
BBC 14 November 2008 -
Girl sentenced for swastika lie


TV2: den gang man bragte de sensationelle overskrifter, var der udsendelser i TV nyhederne, og udsendte rapportere til 'nazireden' i Tyskland. Nu hvor historien er demonteret, bruger man 106 ord i telegramstil, på dårligt dansk på sagen!
Danish TV2 had massive coverage of the case, and had even sent a live reporter to Mittweida, the Nazi city! Now that it is a confirmed hoax, this same lying sensationalist TV station used 106 printed words on the true story! None of the more juicy details were revealed.
TV2 17 november 2008 - Pige dømt for hagekors-løgn (106 ord, med undladelse af alle de interessante detaljer)

Balder Blog 26 december 2007 - Tyskland, Mittweida - Nynazister ridsede et hagekors i huden på deres offer (Med sensations-video fra TV2)

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