Lise-Lotte Nilas
Public Prosecutor
  Efraim Zuroff

The self appointed avenger Efraim Zuroff from the disgraced Simon Wiesenthal Center was shocked to hear that the Danish Justice Department has given up its attempts to have 86 year old wartime collaborator SS Obersturmführer Soren Kam extradited from Germany and put on trial.

I’ll translate from the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken:

Kam acquitted of the Nazi accusation

It can not be proved that Soeren Kam played a role in the effort to send the Danish Jews in German death camps, the State Prosecutor decided.

There has been found no reason to investigate Soren Kam's importance for the Germans’ efforts to send the Danish Jews to the concentration camps, Public Prosecutor Lise-Lotte Nilas, who has looked at the aging war criminal's role in the extermination of Jews, concluded.

Can not find new evidence against Soren Kam

He has been accused of having helped to rob the church books from the Jewish religious community (Mosaisk Trossamfund) 31 August 1943 - a robbery that made it significantly easier for the Germans to try to get the Danish Jews that the Germans would have exterminated.

"There is no information in the case which gave reason to believe that Soren Kam was involved, and therefore there no longer are reasons to proceed with an investigation, ' explains Lise-Lotte Nilas.

"The police have reviewed all information pertaining to the old case in which a person was convicted" she adds.

Well, that pretty much sums it up, and it is exactly what historical researcher Erik Haaest told us what the answer from the Justice Department would be, about a month ago when he presented his latest book ‘Soren Kam - Hitler’s Danish favorite’.

The self appointed Talmudic avenger Efraim Zuroff might as well turn his attention to the rest of the dubious cases he no doubt has in reserve, in order to be able to continue in his well paid job at the Zionist propaganda institute.

The same newspaper also quotes Stefan Isaak, a leading figure in the Danish Jewish Congregation:

Jewish President will take no further action

From the side of the Jewish Congregation councilor Stefan Isaak takes the decision to abandon the investigations to note. He does not expect that society will push any further to continue the case."He has been a problem in a human lifetime now. And nothing has been achieved. Nothing ', he notes.

'A few years ago we wrote a letter to (now ex) Justice Minister Lene Espersen and asked that we not let the matter drop to the floor. We got a nice response to that - and then nothing more happened, " said Stefan Isaak.

The Politiken newspaper could not withstand the urge to manipulate; e.g. 'Public Prosecutor Lise-Lotte Nilas, who has looked at the aging war criminal's role...' Soeren Kam has been accessory to a common murder, and has never been convicted of any 'war crimes', for which we now have the word of the Danish prosecutor. In Denmark strangely enough, a person is still considered innocent unless proven guilty. But I suppose 83 year old Nazi's are a good starting point for changing such outdated traditions.

Beside stating the obvious facts, the article refers to articles from ill informed British sources such as the BBC and the Jewish historian David Cesarani who recently earned 'fame' by saying that giving up freedom of speech would be a small price to pay for being able to keep political parties he doesn't like out of parliament. An opinion the newspapers editor Toger Seidenfaden doubtlessly would subscribe to as well, if the general public opinion in Denmark would allow for such statements. Interestingly the new and thoroughly researched and detailed book about the Søren Kam case by Erik Haaest has neither been mentioned nor reviewed...

Erik Haaest the historic researcher wrote the following comment (rephrased and shortened):

State Prosecutor Liselotte Nilas, was clever as a fox when after 1 ½ years of waiting she finally decided to answer the two Jewish organizations [Wiesenthal Center and Mosaisk Trossamfund], which in early 2007 came up with the accusation that Soren Kam had been involved in a burglary on the premises of the Danish Jews in the summer of 1943.

She used the old spin doctor-trick: To make a decision and announce this on the very day of the U.S. presidential election, when everything drowned in the mayhem about Obama and McCain.

She sent a 5-line letter to the parties which reported the alleged crime in 2007, Mosaisk Trossamfund in Denmark and the Jewish Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem.

It contained this short message

"The police in the Kingdom of Denmark has investigated your accusation against Søren Kam, who according to you during a burglary in the summer of 1943 stole member lists of the Danish Jews for use in raids against the Jews thereby being complicit in the arrest of these Jews. We have not found any basis for the allegations and have suspended the investigation on Søren Kam."

The press went into the trap.

After for years on end having written both short and long stories (containing whole and half-truths) about Soren Kam, Denmark's Public Service Radio's Text-TV only wrote 'Burglary case against Kam dropped' and Ekstra Bladet wrote "Nazi Soren escapes punishment" EB



Politiken 5 november 2008 - Kam slipper for nazi-anklage

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Balder comments:

  German made Iraqi gaschambers for Jews
  The Wiesenthal Center World Report

The concept of forgiveness may be as foreign to Mr. Zuroff's mindset as his obsession with eternal revenge comes natural to him, but perhaps he should give it a try, before the cycle of hate and revenge once again reverses the order of persecutors and persecuted.

Try Jews for Jesus Zuroff, it seems a shame that so many people belonging to an otherwise intelligent group such as the Jews apparently have skipped an important step in their spiritual evolution.

I must also remind Mr. Zuroff of the fact that the Iraqi people at some time in the future also might demand compensation, more specifically for the defamation of the Iraqi people by means of the vicious propaganda lies spread by the Wiesenthal Center, about the alleged 'German made gaschambers for Jews' in Iraq. Perhaps they'll even demand the persons responsible for the hoax extradited and sentenced.

The rest of the Gentile world may have some other differences to settle with the Wiesenthal Center, so I hope the contributions keep coming in. Some Jewish organisations and individuals which are a little more serious than this Holocaust Industry commercial enterprise, are also not all that convinced of the merits of the notorious liar and falsifier Simon Wiesenthal (who unjustly credited himself for having tracked down Adolf Eichmann), and the center that bears his name and continues his tradition.


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