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'Denmark extradites two for hate-music'

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Ex Justice minister Lene Espersen

Justice minister Lene Espersen, now Minister of Commerce, two years ago said the same things her British colleagues did, even though experts warned. A newspaper quoted: Lene Espersen: 'EU is not going to change our racism laws.' EU's first racism law is ready. But the Justice Ministry maintains that the law will have no effect on Danish practice. Politiken 18 april 2007

Also see my article dated april 18 2007 Denmark Justice Minister Lene Espersen accepts EU deal introducing censorship in Denmark / 'Ich bin ein Holocaust Denier'

....the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken wrote on October 7 2008.

This is a day which will be remembered as the day on which Denmark continued where it stopped in its tracks before at August 29 1943, the day where the Danish governments’ collaboration with the German occupiers during WWII made way for protest and the quizling government stepped down.

Now again the Danish justice department sacrificed Danish justice and practice, and delivered its own citizens into the hands of the heirs of the Third Reich and the mockery of justice in their kangaroo courts. No wonder: while some small time collaborators were executed after the war, the members of the quizling government continued to govern the country after the occupation ended.

While in Britain quit a public debate has been stirred up in the controversy following the arrest of Dr. Fredrick Töben, in which several main stream politicians such as Nigel Farage and Chris Huhne have expressed their concerns about the undermining of the British legal system and the civil rights of British citizens in favor of totalitarian EU dictates, the treacherous Danish justice department bends over backwards and extradites its own citizens in order to accommodate the demands of Germany's thought control judiciary.

While large parts of the British press express their concerns about the consequences of extraditing people from their own country for something which is not illegal there, the Danish press has done what it could in order not to debate the principles involved, and has maintained a virtual radio silence on the subject. Until today where two newspapers announced the decision of the Danish justice department, without any further discussion about the consequences.

No mention of the Toben case in Danish press!

The case in Britain involving Mr. Töben has not even been mentioned in the Danish press, and the release of a book shedding new light on an extradition case involving the 86 year old Danish Nazi Soren Kam, and other aspects of WWII which appeared on October 4 has not yet been reviewed or even mentioned. The press is deliberately letting things go down the memory hole.

Organized Danish promotors of free speech and civil rights absent

Also the private Danish free speech organizations and societies which claim to be acting for free speech, including the now world wide known heroes of the Muhammed Cartoon Crises have been conspicuous by their absence. Not one word, have I heard in public from these forces, who apparently think defamation of the islamic prophet muhammed should be allowed as a principle of free speech, but not so for defamers of 'the memory of the dead', or other Jewish interests.

That the new appeasement policies towards the German censors will have much greater implications seems lost on these advocates who for a large part are highly educated academics who can quote endlessly from the Koran the writings of Bat Yeor and a long range of philosophical works. All their energy is focused on the symptom of the problem, the muslims, while the other forces, those with the legislative powers are implementing the new laws and practices, which in time will be used against 'islamophobes' and other dissidents.

Politiken Oktober 7 2008

Denmark will comply with an extradition demand from Germany in a case concerning so called hate-music.

Two men have published music CDs with extremely right wing lyrics and symbols. These have been distributed to Germany, where it is illegal to publish such things. This has caused the Germans to demand the duo - German and a Danish citizen - to be extradited.

'The Justice department has now given the green light for the extradition. The conditions for an extradition have been met,' so the justice department maintained.

According to Morten N. Jakobsen, second in command at the Justice Department's International Office, the two defendant's hostages can dispute the extradition decision in a court of law, if they want to fight it.

The Berlingske Tidende newspaper printed a similar article, but added that the production of the material allegedly was executed with the cooperation of 'Australian neo-Nazis'.

The paper also mentions the fact that Denmark has delivered Danes to other EU countries by means of the European Arrest Warrant before, and also refers to a recent case where a demand from the US for the extradition of a Danish woman for having been accessory to the smuggling of ecstasy, was refused by a Lyngby court, which argued that this would be incompatible with humanitarian principles.

She could have faced a very long prison sentence, possibly life over there, while in Denmark the maximum punishment would have been eight years, and most probably much less; perhaps one to two years.

In comparison, the Danish alleged neo-Nazi's would probably have gotten off with a warning, a fine or a suspended sentence if convicted at all, were they brought to trial in Denmark, while in Germany they face up to five years in prison, under the special rules for political prisoners there, which means no parole, and limited rights while doing time, compared to real non political criminal convicts.


Update October 7, 21:00 2008

Brian Mikkelsen

Brian Mikkelsen the new Justice Minister (former Culture Minister Conservative) who succeeded Lene Espersen around September 9 2008. A man in whom I still have some confidence, having shown to be a man of principle and courage in the past. If he will involve himself in this case, as he now might have to, I have hopes that he will put an end to this intolerable charade.
He will not like to become the first Danish Justice minister to take the blame for sacrificing some of the most time tested principles of justice.

Neo-Nazis decide to fight extradition

The Justice Department wants to extradite two neo-Nazis, one Danish, and one German citizen, but both have decided to challenge the decision in court and fight the extradition order.

- I don't understand the decision made by the Justice Department, says Michael Skjodt (Skjødt), the solicitor who handles the case for the Danish citizen.

Solicitor: The case has expired

- Documents from the German prosecution show that the case has expired, which is an argument against extradition, and says that his client is willing to go all through the system to prevent extradition to Germany.

Also the German citizen's solicitor John Finderup states that his client wants to take his case to court.





Dansk Politiken 7 oktober 2008 - Danmark udleverer to for hademusik

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Update Translated from:

Dansk Berlingske Tidende October 7 2008 14:30 via Hodja - Nynazister
går rettens vej

Dansk Balder Blog 7 oktober 2008 - Tysk lov gælder nu også i Danmark - Musikalske Nynazister udleveres for tankeforbrydelser


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