This post is an effort to combine some similar and simultanously unfolding cases relating to the European Arrest Warrant, concerning Britain, Denmark, Germany and explain some of it to a wider public.

I'm warning you; this could become a bit confusing.

At lot of related things seem to happen at virtually the same moment these days.

  Dr. Fredrick Töben
  Fredrick Töben 1999 arrest at Mannheim Germany | Download

'Holocaust denier' Fredrick Töben and two Nazi music producers face the same thing these days: Extradition to the currently reigning heirs of the Third Reich, commonly known as the Federal Republic of Germany.

A similar fate could await 86 year old former Danish Nazi collaborator alleged war criminal, and hero of the Eastern Front, Obersturmführer Soren Kam. The difference being that the highly improbable extradition this time would be going the other way; from Germany to Denmark.

The end of yet another Wiesenthal myth

One of the reasons I wrote 'highly improbable extradition', is the result another coincidence, the publication of a new book which appeared October 3 2008, by the Danish writer and historical researcher Erik Haaest, titled 'Soren Kam - Hitler’s Danish Favorite'.

This is a book in which the authors Erik and Gurli Haaest (pronounce Host) present new material, which definitely proves that another person than Soren Kam actually pulled the trigger in the murder case for which Kam was indicted originally. Now this is not the part which is really surprising; this I think has been known and accepted all along. The man who did it was executed for it, and Kam was at the most an accessory. But the details are in the book.

It also shows that the hysterical accusations from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre of Soren Kam's alleged involvement in the persecution of Danish Jews are not based on any facts.

The rumor about the alleged Nazi war criminal Soren Kam probably came from wishful thinking and the ever on going attempts to find more subjects for revenge by the local Danish Jewish department, always desperately in need of another chance remind the world of the ever lasting victim status of the Jews. The Wiesenthal Center’s need to justify its own existence and to present itself as an important institution ’seeking justice’ is just another expression of the same self centered disease.

The fact that Soren Kam is a Knight of the Iron Cross, [ Ritterkreuz
zum Eisernen Kreuz
] one of the highest decorations a military person could get in Nazi Germany for outstanding bravery, personally given to him by 'der Fuehrer' Adolf Hitler, less than two month before his final departure from this world, makes things even more spicy.

Wiesenthal and Co. going nuts ?

I could easily imagine that it must drive the Wiesenthal Center’s obsessed chief avenger Efraim Zuroff absolutely nuts, to know that 'Hitler's Favorite', as the Haaest's call him in their book, has lived a quit normal life with a wonderful professional career and a dedicated family, in stead of being found at the bottom of muddy trench in Poland or beneath some smoking rubble in the burned out city of Dresden. (I am not going to make Zuroff happy by listing
all the problems and hardships he also went through. He will have to have the book translated if he wants to know.)

The idea of the highly decorated Nazi, and accessory to a common murder of one person, living happily ever after, must be driving Zuroff and equally obsessed company out of their minds, to the extent of turning to otherwise despised revisionism in order to 'prove' their case.

Legal expert Ewalds take

As the Odense based solicitor Klaus Ewald, who contributed to the Haaest couple's book about Soren Kam with a chapter about the legal aspects of the case puts it dryly:

Soren Kam is on Zuroff's list because an organization which already long ago has fulfilled its mission, cannot get used to the idea of closing down and giving up its source of income.

Haaest writes the following about the involvement of the Wieselthal Centre, and the following deliberations of the Danish justice department:

Incredible how some people because of a certain background and distinguished letterheads, can make a country's government, it's justice department, it's parliament, it's police departments, and it's overburdened detectives waste their time and the taxpayer's money on such ridiculous nonsense.

Incredible how such idiocy can catch the attention of large international newspapers, even outside of the silly season.

According to Haaest the Soren Kam case has actually been dropped definitively by the justice department, but the Simon Wiesenthal Centre will have to wait until a little later this month, to hear the indecent anti-Semitic answer. (my choice of words, and my interpretation)

Back to the Nazi music distributors:

  Stephan G.
Stephan G.
  Stephan G. was one of the speakers at NSF's demonstration for Ernst Zundel and more freedom of speech July 7 2007 Watch interview in English with Stephan G. at the Danish page
  Zypries - Hitler
  Lene Espersen
Lene Espersen ex Justice Minister, now Commerce, new
Conservative Party Leader

The Danish Opt-outs
from EU legislation

  Ernst Zündel - Det nye forbedrede Amnesty International
The New Improved
Amnesty International

Long lasting silence after arrest of nazi-music distributors, in spite of this being a very important case with possible far reaching consequences for Danish citizens and future visitors including those completely outside of the 'right wing extremist' league.

Strange bedfellows, shady deals and human trafficking

It is even stranger that this possible coming breach with decades of solid Danish judicial practice in favor of EU rulings and the treacherously abused Schengen agreement, might happen with the help of the anti EU Danish People's Party's candidate for the EU parliament Morten Messerschmidt's assistance.

Morten Messerschmidt of the DDP [usually referred to as 'right wing', but notoriously Zionist frie

ndly] has given his support to a proposal from a former (communist) resistance fighter Frede Klitgaard to make the extradition of the Nazi music distributors to Germany depend on Germany's willingness to extradite the alleged Nazi war criminal Soren Kam from Germany.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has been trying to push the Danish government for a long time again to demand the extradition of Soren Kam, while the German government has refused to do on several occasions.

The chief of the International office of the Danish justice Department Jens-Christian Bülow, denied this possibility.

"It is impossible to act this way. The two cases must be handled separately," he said.

The rumors that such a deal might be considered come to life, after it became known that the two cases are both handled by the same state prosecutor, Arne Stevns.

So what happened to the two alleged neo-Nazis?

Since I grew more and more dissatisfied over the fact that no further news about the fate of the two prisoners was announced in the press, even thought what we were first told, that within a 14 day deadline the justice department had to decide whether to comply with the German demands or not, had passed I decided to phone the police for further inquiries.

I got to speak with the press spokesman of the local North Zealand police department where the detainees are held, who told me that the suspects had voluntarily agreed to have their detainment prolonged. I asked if I could talk to the accused, but he said this was not possible. He also advised me that if I called the prosecutor Arne Stevns' office, he would most probably tell me no more, and that he was on vacation anyway.

Suddenly Danish civil rights and judicial practice are suspended!

So that's all I know so far. Seems strange to me, for the police would never have had the right to keep the two alleged neo-Nazis in custody for so long, had they been accused of anything like making racist statements or the like, according to Danish law and practice. They would have had to let them go after a few days, awaiting further proceedings if any at all.

So now the situation is, that had they at all been indicted in Denmark, they would have been back on the streets more than a month ago, risking a warning, a fine, a suspended jail sentence, or possibly an apology and a financial compensation for groundless arrest!

But since the German Justice ministry headed by Brigitte Zypries demands their extradition, and suddenly they have no rights, are jailed for a prolonged period, and the public is kept in the dark about what is going on!

Wonderfull improvements of Civil Rights in the EUSSR!

Democracy and Civil Rights were wonderful things isn't it, before the European Union turned it all into a farce.

What a mess all of this is, and what a chance to demonstrate it to the world.

  Euro Gendarmerie Exercise


Also these days a rather shocking article about the New World EUorder police state intentions was distributed widely for the first time.

A rather shocking insight to the building of a new EUSS controlled 'Gendarmerie' with the purpose of choking possible resistance to the EU dictatorship by means of heavily armed foreign troops. As also the EUSSR realizes, it is always harder to make a country’s own soldiers use deadly force against their own population.

The current legal proceedings against dissidents are perhaps but a prelude and a warning of what we can expect to come sooner than we'd like to imagine.


Nazi music distributors extradition case & Kidnapping and persecution of Fredrick Töben

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Erik Haaest and details about the Soren Kam case

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