Soren Kam - Hitler's Danish favorite

Soren Kam - Hitlers Danish Favorite
From Knight of the Iron Cross to the top of Simon Wiesenthal's list

Published by Bogans Forlag, 228 pages illustrated with hitherto unknown photographs and documents, hardback, ISBN 978 87 7466 494 9 - Can be ordered in advance from bookstores or here.

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Dem SS Obersturmführer Sören Kam
anlässlich der Verleihung des Ritterkreuzes
zum Eisernen Kreuz - Kopenhagen den 7 März 1945 SS Hauptsturmführer

  Soren Kam (left) and Erik Haaest
German made gas chambers in Iraq
  Above: Just one example of the many lies from the Zionist Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Jewish supremacy and misinformation. big

For sale in Danish bookstores from October 3.

This book contains material which has never been published before.

About the murder of Erik Clemmensen in 1943, the wanted war criminal, how we found him and interviewed him.

Why Soren Kam has been the subject of Danish and international interest since, amongst others in connection with the Jewish Simon Wiesenthal Centre's ongoing 'Nazi hunt'. Now Soren Kam is on top of the list!

Here you will find what the authorities have been hiding from the Danish public.

The 86 year old Dane Soren Kam [now a German citizen] has been placed at the top of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's international most wanted Nazi war criminals list.

The world wide active Jewish Centre has addressed the Danish government twice since 2007:

The first time with the accusation against Soren Kam of 'crimes against humanity', by having contributed to the Nazi's Jew hunt in occupied Denmark 1943.

The second time with accusations against the writer Erik Haaest for being a 'holocaust denier', and with demands to the Danish government to stop government funding of his many years lasting project of historical research.

In this book, the challenge is answered, and the writer’s couple Gurli and Erik Haaest document that the accusations from the Wiesenthal Centre are false.

An answer to the first accusation has been sent to the Wiesenthal Centre September 2008, according to state prosecutor Liselotte Nilas.

The answer to the other accusation, the Wiesenthal Centre's representatives can read in this book.

Gurli and Erik Haaest's book is based on 33 years of joint research, photographs and documents.

It contains the story of Soren Kam's effort on the Eastern Front, for which he was personally rewarded the Iron Cross by Adolf Hitler in the spring of 1945, and the murder of newspaper editor C.H. Clemmensen, in which Soren Kam took part August 30, 1943.

Gurli and Erik Haaest have collected information which has been repressed by the Danish authorities for decades.

It is known that there were four men who took part in the murder. But only the names of three of them have been mentioned. Not the name of the fourth!

He is always spoken of as 'an anonymous German Wehrmacht [regular army] soldier!

But in fact he was a Danish Gestapo man; Walther-Carl Rasmussen.

Flemming Helweg-Larsen - was executed for the murder in 1946. We recorded his story.

Soren Kam, Jens Jorgen Valdemar Bitsch and the for the first time uncovered Gestapo man Walther-Carl Rasmussen, went more or less into hiding.

In the run of the last 33 years, Gurli and Erik Haaest have tracked down all three of them, and have interviewed them extensively.

In the book it is also unveiled, who of these four men atually was the murderer.

The police know it, and has known this since 1945.

When you have read this dramatic and exciting book, you will also know.

After that you can judge the quality of law and order [lit. civil rights] in Denmark.

The well known solicitor Klaus Ewald from Odense, has contributed to the book with a judicial assessment of the murder case.

The book contains a lot of new documentation first released by the Danish authorities in 2008.

Gurli and Erik Haaest have been the first to have access to the not commonly accessible archives from the judicial dealings concerning collaborators during the German occupation of Denmark from 1945 to 1950.

The Jewish weekly "The Jewish Press" (New York) revealed on Feb. 15, 1991 that Iraq's president Saddam Hussein had gas chambers for all Jews. "Iraqis have gas chambers for all Jews".

Lene Espersen
Lene Espersen ex Justice, now minister of Commerce, new
Conservative Party Leader

Zuroff's Letter

Justice Minister Lene Espersen February 7, 2007
Ministry of Justice - Slotsholmsgade 10

DK - 1216 Copenhagen K - DENMARK

Dear Justice Minister Espersen,

Allow me to first of all express our admiration for Denmark's perseve-
rance in seeking the extradition of Nazi war criminal Soeren Kam and
our frustration with this week's decision by a Munich court to refuse that request.

In that context, I am turning to you to suggest a different tactic in the
efforts to hold Soeren Kam responsible for his crimes. Just this week I
learned that Soeren Kam was one of the persons who stole the registry
of the names and addresses of the members of the Jewish community
of Denmark shortly before the roundup of the Jews to deport them to
Nazi concentration camps was to begin. This criminal act, which under
the historical circumstances of World War II clearly constituted accessory
to murder, should serve as the basis for a renewed attempt to bring Kam
to justice in Copenhagen. it was this theft which directly facilitated the
deportation of 472 Jews from Denmark to Nazi concentration camps,
where 55 of them were murdered or died of the inhuman conditions.

The evidence regarding the rote played by Kam in stealing the Jewish
community registry from the community office at Nybrogade 7 in Copenhagen appears in the November 1, 1946 interrogation of Danish Nazi
collaborator Paul Hennig by the Danish Investigative Police (Opdagelses-
politiet). Kam's role is also referred to in the book Hvem Var Hvem 1940-
1945. Both documents are enclosed.

I urge you to carefully consider this serious crime, which ultimately led
to the murder of dozens of innocent Danish citizens, as a basis for a re-
newed effort by Denmark to seek the extradition of Soeren Kam, whose
success hereto in eluding punishment is a travesty of justice.

Sincerely yours, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Director


Translated from Erik Haaest's homepage: 3. oktober udkommer endelig næste Haaest-bog: Søren Kam Hitlers danske yndling (formatting, images, and captions by website)



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