Danish freedom, liberal values and national sovereignty put to the test


Denmark has become a symbol of freedom of speech in Europe. Perhaps the last country in Western Europe, which has not yet succumbed to political correctness and the whims of the New World Order, when it comes to censorship and severe restrictions on free speech.

The pressure of islamists world wide, including burning of embassy's and death threats towards those involved in the publication of the so called Muhammed Cartoons, did not make Denmark stray from its course. Pressure from Jewish organizations, the EU and the Jewish / German justice minister to deploy the same totalitarian legislation which made Germany, past and present infamous, so far was to no avail.

Legal to discuss WWI history and the holocaust

In Denmark one can still discuss WWII history and the holocaust, without risking going to jail. There is no ban on Nazi symbols or National Socialist literature, and there is even a tiny but entirely legal Nazi party. Serious incidents involving these Nazi's are very rare in Denmark, contrary to the situation in Sweden and Germany, where strict laws prohibit most displays of National Socialist symbols and literature.

Police report: Most violence from the left

In fact, in the newly published report (2006 - 2007) from the Danish secret police (PET), it is stated, that most political violence in Denmark is committed by left wing extremists, who often initiate clashes, by attacking demonstrations etc. organized by Nazi, right wing, and anti-islamic / anti-immigration organizations, activists, politicians and political parties. Racist violence towards immigrants is extremely rare in Denmark, compared to many other places in Europe.

Now this freedom loving Nordic spirit will once again be put to the test.

Arrested on German orders

On demand from the German justice ministry, the Danish police has arrested a German and a Danish citizen accused of distributing Nazi music to Germany. A few days ago the Danish police searched a house north of the capital Copenhagen, and found loads of CDs and other material, which allegedly contain Nazi propaganda.

Now this is not necessarily a crime in Denmark, but it is in Germany, where there is a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment for what is commonly known as 'thought crimes'. In Denmark there is legislation, carrying a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment for grave discriminating utterances directed at ethnic and religious groups. So far these laws have been used with restraint, and where convictions have resulted, the punishment has been limited to suspended prison sentences, fines, and in a few cases imprisonment up to 30 days. [This is from memory]

Now the demands from the German justice department are threatening to undermine traditional Danish freedom of speech, and could result in a historical new area of dissident persecution, if the call from the German police (BKA) would be heeded.

In this process no doubt using the various tactics designed by the European Union such as the European Arrest Warrant under which Europeans will be obliged to extradite their own citizens on demand of other European countries will be exploited. Under the European Arrest Warrant, citizens could be extradited to member states, without having their case tried before a Danish judge, as an informal bureaucratic procedure. I have no time here to get into the intricacies of these laws here.

Denmark has several (4) exceptions from general EU rules, amongst which judicial policies (covering e.g. immigration), military cooperation (EU army), the Euro currency, and 'EU citizenship'.

The Danish Constitution explicitly forbids that censorship will ever be introduced again.

Down here I'll post a translation of a transcript of a news program which announced the arrest of the offenders

Transcript of news clip from TV2 News August 27 - 22:00

TV2's Natasja Crone (reporter):

  Stephan G.
Stephan G.
  Stephan G. was one of the speakers at NSF's demonstration for Ernst Zundel and more freedom of speech July 7 2007 Watch interview in English with Stephan G. at the Danish page
  Arne Stevns Public Prosecuter
  Arne Stevns Public Prosecutor
North Sealand's Police
  Uffe Østergaard
  Uffe Oestergaard
  The holocaust industry beneficiary Uffe Oestergaard has been waiting for this chance for years. He has often displayed his 'democratic attitudes' by posing as one who is against the suppression of his ideological and historian opponents. Now it is easy to see that he really was only waiting for a good chance to have critics and dissidents silenced since he now welcomes German thought and speech suppressing rule over Denmark once again!
Mr. 'Human Rights' Østergaard who calls himself a historian, apparently has not learned all that much from history after all. Should we learn from the Germans, or should we figure that the Danes after all have been quite a bit more succesfull at averting totalitarianism ?

Two men were arrested today in Denmark, accused of spreading racist so called 'hate music' in Germany. According to German law it is forbidden to sell Nazi propaganda, and the question is, if Denmark will extradite the two men to be prosecuted in Germany.

It would be the beginning of a whole new policy if the Minister of Justice chooses to extradite the two men.

Voice: Several boxes containing right wing extremist material were impounded, when Danish police today arrested the two men, a Dane and a German citizen in the North Sealand district. German police suspects the two men of spreading Nazi materials in Germany.

Uffe Oestergaard (Jean Monnet professor and leader of a holocaust propaganda institute):

Denmark has served as a postoffice, eh expedition center for eh, forbidden nazi and racist writings, especially to Germany, but also to Sweden, but also what we call 'hate music'.

Videoclip: Clip from music video on the Internet where the German government imposed obligatory views on history and the statistics involved are being mocked is shown. [To my ears in a detestable style, but as far as I have heard no incitement to violence, as can be found quite often in gangsta rap music distributed by main stream media, which has made a number of people rich and famous in stead of sending them to jail!]

Voice: It is video's such as this one the two men are accused of spreading.

Arne Stevns Chief Prosecutor of the North Sealand police:

In Germany they are suspected of spreading racist material, which is a criminal offence according to German law, and perhaps also according to Danish law.

But it is because of an extradition request from Germanny, that they were detained.

Voice: Now the Germans demand the extradition of the men, but that would be a new practice in Denmark.

Uffe Oestergaard: Basically we have the very sympathetic and probably also wise political attitude in Denmark that, ehm, that it is better not to forbid things, but to let them appear in the open, and then counter that with arguments.

That is why Nazi propaganda, Mein Kampf and other things are not forbidden in Denmark.

Voice: Nazi Propaganda is forbidden in germany and Sweden, and the question is, if Denmark should change policy to please neighboring countries..

Uffe Oestergaard: Personally I would think that would be eh, a wise thing to do, because the countries are so close to each other, and it is not showing much solidarity, one could say that we have been a expedition centre, or a fencing center (sic!) for others, for something which is forbidden in neighboring countries.

Natasja Crone: And the Minister of Justice now has ten days to decide if these two men will be extradited.


End of transcipt TV2 News 27 august 2008

Extra information: The two men; the German citizen Stephan G. (32) and a Dane named Flemming C. (33) were supposedly organizing the distribution of the Nazi music through a company named Celtic Moon.

The broadcast can be seen in Danish here or here.

Danish version of this transcript here:
Balder Blog 27 august 2008 - Dansker og tysker risikerer at blive udleveret til Tyskland for udspredelse af nazimusik

Ernst Zündel - Det nye forbedrede Amnesty International
The New Improved
Amnesty International
Lene Espersen
Lene Espersen - Justice (?)

Arne Stevns apparently is the same prosecutor who is instrumental in fulfilling the wishes of a certain group og people who wish for the extradition from Germany of the Danish Nazi collaborator Soeren Kam (89), now a German citizen living in Germany.

Soeren Kam has been involved in the murder of a Danish citizen during the war, but one of his Nazi associates has already confessed to the murder. In spite of Kams irrelevance as 'a Nazi war criminal' (the murder has been classified as a personal vendetta, not a war crime), Kam is number five on the list of most wanted by the Zionist propaganda Centre founded by Simon Wiesenthal. The German government has refused to extradite the old man on several occasions; Germany does not extradite its own citizens.

Human trafficking

Now there are speculations going on, if Denmark and Germany are going to engage in some kind of dirty deal. Human trafficking for political purposes.

After the publication of the world famous Muhammed Cartoons and the Danish nations fierce stance against censorship from islamist quarters, it is going to be very interesting to see, if pressure from the present oppressive censorship crazed German regime is going to do what death threats, burning embassy’s and lost business revenues could not accomplish.

This topic has been touched in another TV broadcast from TV2 on the current topic. It can be seen here. (Danish)

I have already explained the differences between the German and the Danish 'hate speech laws'.

Of course I am not suggesting that the alleged Nazi offenders not be prosecuted in Denmark, if they are found to have broken Danish law.

Crossing that fine line

But if Minister of Justice Lene Espersen will sink so low as to extradite Danish citizens to the repressive Federal Republic of the Germany, or as I expect will try to introduce new and more restrictive legislation, a fine but immensely important line will be crossed.

No extradition in the light of recent events

I do not actually expect the German extradition demand will be complied with in the first instance.

Zypries - Hitler

This would be an act difficult to justify after the Muhammed Cartoon Crisis, and several other recent court cases, such as the case against Hizbut Tahrir, and the current case against the two Tunisians who plotted to kill Muhammed cartoon artist Kurt Westergaard. In another recent criminal case involving extradition, a decision by the Danish Justice department to extradite a 41 year old woman accused of being involved in
the smugling of ecstasy pills to the US was overturned in court.

But the forces calling for control and censorship become stronger and stronger every day.

Just a few days ago, the AJC, the American Jewish Comittee demanded the popular CNN anchor man Lou Dobbs and others stopped from what they call spreading racist anti-immigrant propaganda, and their German counterparts the German Jewish Council (Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland) has demanded even stricter laws in Germany after a few swastikas appeared on the gigantic holocaust monument in Berlin.

This is not just about some crummy Nazi videos ...

If anyone should think this case is just about some crummy, stupid and detestable Nazi music videos, think again.

This is only a much wished for opportunity to further the efforts to criminalize the much broader non Nazi opposition to the islamification of Europe, Zionism and the globalist agenda of the New World Order.



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