Danish 9/11 conspiracy theoretician candidates for European Parliament

180grader 15 August 2008

  Morten Loekkegaard (Løkkegaard)
  Morten Loekkegaard (Løkkegaard)
Presenting the news some years ago

The coming Liberal candidate to the EU Parliament, Morten Loekkegaard, sees it as his main project to convince voters that, 'the EU is interesting and cool'.

The plan is to make the EU into something hyped, more cool, he proclaimed last Friday on a press conference.

I have been wondering why the EU project, which I think is brilliant, has been marketed so badly. There is EU skepticism all the way in the liberal party's ranks, and we have to do something about that... (DR Online - Uriasposten)

  David Ray Griffin
  David Ray Griffin

By Ole Birk Olesen

Well known conspiracy theoretician wants to join EU Parliament for the Liberal party

Well known TV personality and conspiracy theoretician Morten Loekkegaard wants to represent Denmark in the EU for the Liberal Party of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, (at this time the largest party in Denmark), the newspaper Berlingske Tidende reports.

Confessed to the Crime!

Morten Loekkegaard has so far not been very forthcoming about his political views, but on one occasion, he made a notable exception: In a column in MetroXpress two years ago he wrote that he belongs to those who belief that it really was the American government which was behind the September 9/11 terror attacks, and not Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network.

Was it perhaps the US which was responsible for the September 9/11 attacks) This was written two years ago by the former DR TV host Morten Loekkegaard (DR = Danish main Public Service Radio & TV station).

Now the popular TV host is running as a candidate for a seat in the European Parliament for Denmark’s Liberal (as in liberalistic!) Party (Venstre).

The former anchor man for the public service broadcaster Denmark’s Radio (DR) daily news is to stand as a candidate for the EU parliament for the liberal party 'Venstre'.

No excuses - Hasta La Vista Baby

The article which Morten Loekkegaard neither has retracted nor excused, was printed August 1 2006 under the headline 'The truth is somewhere out there' (Sandheden er et sted derude).

In it Loekkegaard writes amongst other things about the American professor of philosophy David Ray Griffins book 'The New Pearl Habour', that it 'seriously and effectively undermines the official explanation of 9/11 terror attacks', and Morten Loekkegaard continues:

'And confirms, that the Pentagon was not hit by an airplane (which could not have hit the Pentagon without being shot down by an advanced missile defense system), but by 'a friendly missile' - in other words, one of the US' own.'

The article ends with the following statement by Morten Loekkegaard:

'The truth is somewhere out there'.

But it takes an open mind to accept it.'


  Ole Birk Olesen - Liberal 180grader

Source - The Internet newspaper 180grader; (details, headlines, captions, comments, formatting and images added by Balder.org) - 180grader (180degrees) August 17 2008 - Kendt 9/11-konspirationsteoretiker vil til EU for Venstre

Morten Loekkegaard's 'criminal column': Læs Morten Løkkegaards klumme på sitet 11september.dk, som videreformidler konspirationsteorier om terrorangrebet på USA den 11. september 2001

The pedagogic Ole Birk Olesen included a link to a conspiracy debunking antidote - Klik her og læs en tilbagevisning af de mest udbredte konspirationsteorier om terrorangrebet

Ruining the fun

Of course Ole Birk Olesen the author of the article above, immediately ruins the fun by linking to another article titled ‘Loekkegaard on Conspiracy Retreat’. At least that is what one would expect.

I have not yet read that one..


  George Double Speak Bush

Bush on yohimbe?
Outrageous conspiracy theories not allowed


  Total Recall - Perfekt hukommelse - Dansk titel 'Sidste Udkaldt'
  Total Recall - Perfekt hukommelse

Well it goes without saying. The ceremonial Grand Wizzard of the New World Order, or at least candidate to that title, George Double You Bush, has clearly stated that ‘outrageous conspiracies will not be allowed’, and ‘you are either with us or against us’.

And although there is no jurisdiction in any of the European countries which make the Great Leader’s words more than what they seem; toads from the mouth of a bad actor repeating some scary lines from a bad movie script, with an expression which seems to indicate that he must have watched many of the Christian Zionist John Hagee’s impressive TV appearances, it seems that they have some mysterious power of some kind anyway.

A doubter! Oh no! We certainly can't have that!

Being a complete ‘conspiracy nut’ myself, I would of course welcome the election of a sensible and logically thinking human being to the EU parliament, even if he was coerced into pleading temporary insanity.

But then again; the EU is one of the biggest, most visible and tangible conspiracies which are around. It has documented the conspiracy without a doubt; in fact the conspirators are proud of their project, and do nothing to obscure it. Could a sensible human being really have failed to have noticed that obvious fact?

But wait! What if Lucky Morten is one of the ‘good guys’, who infiltrates the Dark Order, comes out exposing the conspirators, and wins the Pulitzer Prize?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I would be more optimistic, if I hadn’t already for years been waiting in vain for actor and Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger waking up from his vacation to Mars, to jump out of the closet, and declare himself on the side of the good guys.

For those who my wonder: many of you may connect Arnold Schwarzenegger with a whole score of movies. Not so for me. Although of course I have seen more of his films, and God knows perhaps most of them, none remained stuck in my mind as the film 'Total Recall'.

And although, the movie at it’s time also was quite innovative with concern to special effects, it really is the plot that did it for me.

So, no friends I’ve kind of given up hoping for such miracles.

The New World Order always wins in the end.

Certainly in Hollywood.

Morten Loekkegaard (Løkkegaard)

In the film Arnold finally wakes up and takes side with the people. In real life Schwarzenegger still believes his New World Order bosses are the good guys..


Missing Links 9/11

Very nice conspiracy:

MISSING LINKS is the first movie to expose the identity of the criminals responsible for 9/11.

Officially released in rough format on August 18 2008 - Missing Links

Public figures in Germany such as Andreas Hauss (historian) Jochen Scholz (Lieutenant-Colonel German Air Force), Andreas von Bülow (Minister of Education and Research1980-1982), Mathias Bröckers (journalist), Mannfred Petritsch (finance expert) speak up:
German 9/11 theory
, False Flag - In the Spring of 2003 the USA declares war on Iraq (German Documentary - English subtitles)


Nano-termit (thermit) fundet. En ny analyse sandsynliggør, at der var sprængstoffer i World Trade Center den 11. september 2001. Forskerteam bl.a. danske professor Niels Harrit fra Københavns Universitet fandt stoffet nano-termit (thermit) i støv fra World Trade Center i New York.
Politiken 4 april 2009
- Konspirationsteorier om 9/11 får nyt liv

Videnskab.dk 3 april 2009 - Dansk forsker: Eksplosivt nanomateriale fundet i støvet fra World Trade Center

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