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  Finn Rudaizky, a member of the Copenhagen City Council
  Finn Rudaizky - Councilor DPP
  Sikandar Malik Siddique - Social Democrat , took part in Hizb ut-Tahrir meeting
  Sikandar Malik Siddique

Finn Rudaizky, a former leader of the Jewish Community in Denmark, member of the Danish anti-Nazi league, member of the Danish Council for Refugees, and former member of International Network against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, joins the xenophobic, nationalist, anti-EU Danish People's Party (DPP).

Please note the irony in my description of the DPP.

No it is not a joke. Finn Rudaizky, a member of the Copenhagen City Council, announced yesterday (August 4 2008), that he has joined the anti-immigration Danish People's Party, and has become part of the DPP's Copenhagen City Council faction.

After having been a member of the Danish Labour Party (Socialdemokraterne) for 37 years, Rudaizky gave up his membership five years ago, when it became known that councilor Sikandar Malik Siddique had taken part in a Hizb ut-Tahrir meeting. Rudaizky remained on the Copenhagen City Council as an independent, until he officially joined the DDP yesterday.

In an interview in the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken Finn Rudaizky explains his move:

»I experience more and more that the Danish People's Party has taken up the old Labour Party's role, as the party which best and most sincerely defends the rights of the 'ordinary citizens'«

»That is the most important reason why I joined the Danish People's Party«

On his home page Finn Rudaizky, who is Jewish, lists some of the organizations of which he is, or has been a member.

Membership Organizations past and present

Danish Labour Party (Socialdemokraterne) City Councilor and substitute MP.

[ex] President of the Jewish Community in Denmark (Mosaisk Trossamfund), a religious and mainly Zionist organization, which usually lends support to multiculturalism, rights of muslim immigrants, etc. Some members are involved in Muslim / Jewish joined forces enterprises etc.

[ex] President of the Danish Anti-Nazi League Copenhagen Chapter (Folkebevaegelsen mod Nazisme) which is similar to the infamous left wing extremist Searchlight organization in Britain.

Member of the Board of Representatives of the Danish Refugee Aid Agency (dansk flygtningehjælp), which is a 'private' pro-immigration agency which is constantly attacking the Danish 'right wing' governments 'inhumane' and 'racist' policies, and a sworn ennemy of the DPP. Financed by the Ministry of Integration, the Foreign Ministry, the EU and the UN.

And for a number of years he was a member of as he puts it himself  'a Network against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism'.

He does not specify the network, but could it be anything else than 'The Political Council for Coexistence', founded by the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, Lord Janner of Braunstone?

Here he is in good company with Kamal Qureshi from the ultra left wing Socialist People's Party (SF) and Syrian born political opportunist (currently neo-con ally) Naser Khader.


Danish People's Party

Election campaign posters

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Israel's voice in Parliament [Folketinget]

Finn Rudaizky (North Sealand)| Jette Plesner Dali (East Jutland)| Søren Espersen (Copenhagen)| Yvette Espersen (Sealand)

At the United Nations General Assembly here in late September, Denmark is taking a U-turn of historical dimensions. They want to recognize a new Arabian state with the name Palestine - geographically uncertain, but consisting of the West Bank and Gaza and with Jerusalem as its capital. A disaster for all parts in the long lasting conflict, and a certain recipe for a new large scale war in the Mideast.

We think it is disgracefull that Denmark in this way is ready to let down Israel, which now more then ever will need good friends in parliament.

You can safely count on it that we will be Israel's voice in Parliament
Vote personally
[for the specific candidate]

Support WIZO's children i Israel
WIZO = 'Womens International Zionist Organisation

Danish comment + Link to article in which Wizo leader Dorrit Raiter feels offended by being presented as connected to the (supposedly) nationalist Danish People's Party.

Jøder og Israel er det eneste som for alvor optager de Zionistiske infiltranter i DF - WIZO - 'Womens International Zionist Organisation' - Dorrit Raiter er 'stødt' over at blive slået i hartkorn med DF

'Israels's voice in Parliament' (DPP poster)  

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vote Danish also locally

* No experiments with ISRAEL's security
* Permanent Government support for the Danish-Jewish Museum
* Moellegade's [Jewish] cemetary shall be renovated and opened for the public
(the Danish People's Party has just secured a million crowns for that purpose) [$ 200.000]
* Focus on the growing anti-Semitism
* Israel's Square shall NOT be 'renamed' Palestine Square


If you live in the Copenhagen area you will receive two ballots where you can vote for Finn. One for the City Council, and one for the Capital Region. If you live outside Copenhagen, you can 'only' vote for Finn personally on the Capital Region ballot.

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Some info in English about the DPP (4 years old)

The famous Danish Internet Radio host Kaj Wilhelmsen reported the former multicult promotor Finn Rudaizky's change of heart, and finished with the following words: 'One cannot help but wonder, but the Danish People's Party probably let itself be inspired by the old biblical saying, that there is more joy in Heaven over one redeemed sinner than over ten righteous men. '

'Man må unægtelig undre sig, men Dansk Folkeparti er formodentligt inspireret af det gamle udtryk, der er større glæde i himlen over én omvendt synder end over ti retfærdige!' Radio Holger 5 august 2008 | audio - Articles about Holocaust, Zionism, Judaism, Jewish Censorship, Israel Lobby, persecution, Revisionism, Holocaust-denial

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