At least that is what I think, and told her on her blog. But first listen to the interview:

Margot Wallström on Newsnight (Treaty of Lisbon rejection)
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This is what I posted on Mrs. Wallströms blog: The Irish Vote:

June 23rd, 2008 at 2:55 am

After Margot Wallströms interview on the BBC there can be no other option for her but to resign.

Watch the interview here (English):

This is outrageous and scandalous; Mrs. Wallström is just blabbering on like a mindless robot, regardless of what questions she is asked by the interviewer; Gavin Esler.

This must be the end of a career; with this interview Mrs. Wallström has become a liability even for the EU system itself.

This is utterly shameless, Mrs. Wallström how dare you even pronounce the word democracy?

You clearly do not have the slightest idea what it means, and you refuse to even abide by your own (EU) rules, and don't even bother to hold up pretensions.

"The Leaders have invested so much time and energy"...

The leaders must decide, The Leaders... We must leave it to the Leaders!

No Mrs. Wallström, we don't have to understand why the Irish People voted NO!

We don't have to understand anything at all.

You are the one who has to understand that the Irish people voted NO, and that a great majority of the European population would have voted NO if they had had the chance.

But thank you, this interview gives a fantastic insight into the way of thinking which is common in EU circles. Only most of the other politicians are just a tiny bit more discrete!

Listen to the video, and hear voice of the current European Politburo served in a dispassionate Swedish tone.

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Margot Wallström on Newsnight (Treaty of Lisbon rejection)

I urge everybody to go to Margot Wallströms blog and pay their respects to Mrs. Wallstrom personally

Wallstrom - The Irish Vote -

Wallstrom - Front page

Hat tip Hodja via Snaphanen

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