Se dette klip fra The Daily Show med Jon Stewart og se hvordan kandidaterne gør det på Koshometer skalaen.

YouTube comment: 'A very telling piece from Jon Stewart showing what Jimmy Carter said that ANY Presidential Candidate MUST be approved by AIPAC.
I am sure this would be treason in the UK, a prospective Prime Minister putting the interests of another Country ahead of his own. '

Of course you must be a Jew in order to be able to say the things Jon Steward (Jonathan Leibovitz) is saying in this video without loosing the job or being declared an anti-Semite.

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»Goethe notes... that when the Jews killed the Egyptians it was the reverse of the Sicilian Vespers. In the latter case the host murdered the guests, but in this case the guests murdered the host. But it is certainly the situation with respect to the Jews in our time.« - Soeren Kierkegaard