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No you'll find no naked girls on this page.

  Fáil Slaínte! Erin go brágh!
Ireland Rules
  Ireland Rules
  No to degenerate rule!
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Just wanted an opportunity to ask every Irish woman, man, boy, girl to go to the polling station and vote NO at the EU referendum on the Lisbon Treaty Thursday the 12 of June.

If for no other reason, because the Danes, the French, the Dutch, the Brits, the Germans, the Spaniards, Italians, Poles, Lithuanians, Romanians, the Flemish, the Walloons and the rest of the European peoples were denied the right to vote and to decide on their own future.

The Irish bring optimism

Patriots in Denmark are becoming euphoric as the good news is going from mouth to mouth and from blog to blog. Just a few days ago, people were already mourning their lost freedom, but now a spark of hope comes from Ireland.

The news that the Irish may vote NO to the proposed elite dictatorship, no to becoming a region in stead of a country, no to the European Super State, with its own police force, and its own army.

No to military adventures, where Europeans have to die, for reasons given to us by liars, fraudsters, the financiers, and the war mongers.

We don't want to risk to get Tony B.Liar as a president, nor Sarkozy, Merkel or Anders Fogh Rasmussen or Mr. Napoleon Barosso, Bertie Ahern, or any of the other extremists who mercilessly force their senseless and destructive globalist ideology down our throats.

Although we may not always be happy for the way national politics are being run, we always have the choice to fire them at the next election.

That option would be gone if not the treacherous madness of the Lisbon constitution is stopped.

Last stop before dictatorship..

Ireland, we will be forever grateful, if you stop this nightmare before it gets worse.

The EU has already failed at the simplest of things, such as ensuring that our precious natural resources such as fish stocks are not being depleted. On the easiest to deal with, and at the same time the most important issues, the EU failed disastrously. In stead it brought us mass immigration, problems, unrest, registration, surveillance and bureaucracy. Ever new laws and regulations on each and every detail of our way of life.

The only ones who profit are the money makers and the Ideologists; the Utopianists, the Bilderbergers, the Rockefellers, the One Worlders.

Say no to this madness on Thursday 12!


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