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Breaking Saturday January 2: Mohammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard attacked by Somali immigrant

Muhammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard threatens Wilders and others with legal action for alleged 'abuse' of 'his' drawing

Kurt Westergaard, now the most famous of the twelve original cartoon artists who made the now famous drawings of 'mohammed' as they saw him, has a problem.

The artist who created the famous Bomb in Turban cartoon has become world famous, not only for his cartoon, but also because he gave a large number of interviews in which he was completely unrepentant, and offered no excuses for producing the cartoon which upset millions of muslims around the world.

His cartoon of mohammed with a bomb in his turban has become a symbol, and can now be seen on thousands of websites all over the world.

Security Agency now part of Kurt's family

After a plot to kill the artist was uncovered by the Danish security agency (PET) he and his wife have been living in hiding at different locations.

But the brave artist kept giving interviews, contrary to the advice of the Danish Security Agency, in which he repeatedly expressed his anger against those muslims who threatened him and wanted to silence him, and was praised by many for his courage.

Death of a Viking ?

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Demonstration in Aalborg
  SIOE used this disguised mohammed in order to submit to the court order against using the cartoon. This was monitored by the special police officials who showed up to enforce the court order and accepted. But even that was not acceptable to Kurt Westergaard, who announced he will sue Anders Gravers anyway. And that is not enough for the now free styling self-righteous artist: He wants SIAO's home page closed as well!

When the Danish chapter of the Europe wide organization SIOE (Stop the Islamisation of Europe) announced they were going to use Westergaard's drawing at a demonstration against islamization at March 15 2008, in the city of Aalborg, Kurt Westergaard announced his opposition to the use of 'his' cartoon, and managed to get a court order designed to stop SIOE's use of the cartoon.

SIOE managed to circumvent the court order, by using what could look like the eyes of the mohammed cartoon, surrounded by some pieces of cloth supposed to symbolize a burka clad cartoon.

But Westergaard hadn't had enough, and is still pressing charges against SIOE, with help from eager lawyers from the Danish Association of Journalists.

In the mean time Kurt Westergaard kept giving interviews, and managed to praise Geert Wilders who was visiting Denmark, saying he should not let him self be silenced, and should come forward with his film.

When the film surfaced shortly afterwards, and it became known that Geert Wilders had used Westergaard's famous cartoon in the beginning and the end of the Fitna film, Westergaard proclaimed he wanted Wilders to retract his film, which of course was asking for the impossible, because the film has been spread to thousands of websites all over the world.

Kurt in attack mode against fellow victim of repression Geert Wilders

Now the former beacon of free speech Kurt Westergaard wants to initiate legal action against Geert Wilders, and has even taken steps to have the whole Danish website of SIAD (Danish chapter of SIOE) shut down.

Kurt Westergaard
Kurt Westergaard - When still defiant

The arguments from Kurt Westergaard against both Wilders and SIOE are the same; they are using the cartoon 'out of its context' intended by Kurt Westergaard. Kurt Westergaard says intended the cartoon as a protest against muslim extremists who were abusing the prophet mohammed as an excuse for their terrorist violence, and not in order to blame 'a whole ethnical group'.

In the Wilders film Fitna a number of extreme speeches from muslim extremists are shown side by side with Koran verses which form the religious basis for these actions and supposedly legalize them in an islamic context.

Another part of the film however shows how the accelerating rise in numbers of muslim immigrants and their descendents in Europe, and the threat this poses to free secular European societies.

Kurt's apparent hypocracy

Kurt Westergaard through his comments lately distanced him self from these rethorics.

And it is here Mr. Westergaard's hypocrisy or state of confusion becomes unbearable, and I will explain why.

First Kurt Westergaard’s own utterings about the impact muslims had on Danish society show clearly that his objections and anger were not only addressed to 'muslim terrorists' but also at muslims in Denmark who won't accept freedom of speech.

And then the problem is such that we have people from another culture who do not accept that we use religious elements in a drawing."

New cartoon by Westergaard documents hypocrisy

But most convincingly Mr. Westergaard proved that his criticism is not only directed at 'terrorism by a few muslim extremists', as he is now trying to convince the world that his own criticism of islam is of a more acceptable variety than that of alledged xenophobes like SIOE and Geert Wilders, who are 'abusing his drawing', is another one of his own new drawings.

  Kurt Westergaards new cartoon is very similar in its symbolic content to this cartoon above

'Luckily this country still has freedom fighters who do not bow to totalitarian thugs. One of them is Kurt Westergaard, and in order to prove that he in no way intends to bow to the (Danish) Islamic Council or its allies, has given Sappho the right to print this cartoon, which has not been published before.' Translated from page with the new cartoon

Kurt Westergaard recently published a cartoon depicting a burka clad muslim woman, with a pregnant belly shaped as a bomb fitted with a fuse.

Of course this cartoon depicts exactly the same warning Geert Wilders wanted to give in his film Fitna where he illustrates the exponential rise in muslim numbers in Europe by ways of statistic diagrams. In other words; the other islamic bomb symbolizes the high fertility rate of muslim immigrants and / or muslims world wide.

The cartoon in question was allegedly offered for publication to his main employer; the newspaper Jyllands Posten, but was deemed too politically incorrect, and the paper decided not to print it. (As far as I'm informed)

But Kurt Westergaard explicitly allowed another anti-muslim group in Denmark to use it. The group in question is the Danish Trykkerifriheds Selskab (Free Press Society) headed by the Islam critical journalist Lars Hedegaard, Helle Merete Brix and a number of other prominent people, who also publish the magazine and their website Sappho | English.

The new Westergaard cartoon depicting the islamic demographic bomb can be seen at the website Snaphanen whose owner also belongs to the Free Press Society / Sappho's inner circles. Jyllands Postens Flemming Rose the initiator of the mohammed cartoon business of Jyllands Posten also has close connections to this group.

The ideology behind this society does not differ much from what SIOE represents, (although it uses a more academic style) and certainly, the society's ideological background does not differ much from that of Geert Wilders.

Is Kurt Westergaard a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome?

Equipped with this knowledge, it becomes clear that there is something inconsistent in Kurt Westergaard's attempts to depict him self as an abused artist with a much higher moral standing than those who 'abused his drawing', and either his latest words and actions are of a purely hypocritical nature, or there must be other reasons.

As to what those 'other reasons' could be I can only guess.

One of them could be the following.

The Danish Security Service (PET) has been around Kurt Westergaard and his wife on a 24/7 basis.

As we have learned from previous experience with this organization and similar 'secret services' in other parts of Europe, these organizations are not only working at trying to uncover criminal activity, but also as a means to control and subdue protests against the processes which are favored by the European Union; denationalization, the establishment of multiethnic / multicultural societies, unification of Europe with North Africa, Turkish EU membership etc.


Elderly woman, one of the victims who were beat up with iron pipes by left wing extremists at a SIOE demonstration against Saudi delegation's participation in human rights conference.

  The police were present in great numbers, but still left wing anarchists managed to find SIOE demonstrators in a parking garage, and attacked them with iron pipes and knifes. The incident was first denied in the press, went unreported by most major TV stations and newspapers, and the police never seriously investigated. The attackers went free. Only a few weeks ago an 82 year old female demonstrator in Hobro was attacked and brutally thrown off her feet by a muslim youth.

How the coming dictatorship uses the secret service to control opposition

Under previous chiefs the Danish PET agency have made public politicizing statements warning people not to take part in demonstrations by initiatives such as SIOE / SIAD, and have been trying to tie these organizations to 'right wing extremists' and even Nazism. Often they let left wing extremist lend a helping hand in making the manifestations look suspect, in order to discourage people from supporting them. The media as always helped to execute this strategy the very best they could.

Similar developments have materialized in Britain, Holland and Germany, where policing and monitoring national movements as well as infiltration with the intent of dissolving groups like this, have been attempted.

Judicial and police chicanery has been a steady part of the repertoire, and has also been partly successful in containing expressions of the widespread opposition to mass immigration and have helped hiding reality of the failed multicultural society from view.

The 'terrorists' are the danger, not the immigrants

They have all dealt with this problem by shifting the focus of attention from the real daily problems with immigrants on many levels, and directing it towards 'islamic extremists' in or from the Mideast.

By doing this they have partly satisfied the needs of the people to project their anger, by shifting it towards 'a very small group of extremists', obtaining more judicial powers in the process.

These same powers will come in handy in the process of enforcing the multicultural super state, controlling the ever growing despised nationalist tendencies of the indigenous populations, and controlling the local islamists and plain muslim criminals who also could be a factor in jeopardizing the project. Also the aggressive US led policies of attack on muslim countries which are dilligently followed by most of the larger political parties, but unpopular in large parts of the population, are being legitimized this way.

It has become clear from many statements by Kurt Westergaard that he relies to a very high degree on these security people who are protecting him from possible attacks by home grown islamist terrorists, and that he has great confidence in them.

Part of the family

Very understandable of course; Kurt has contact with these agents on a daily basis, and I suppose their relations have evolved through the last few months so they have effectively become 'part of the family'.

It does not take a great deal of fantasy, to imagine that PET may have helped move Kurt Westergaard towards his current statements and actions.

For the greatest fear of these organizations of course is, that respected public figures such as Kurt Westergaard start expressing the same ideas as Geert Wilders and other opponents of the present officially decided European Union course of action and ideology.

Presidential ambitions of PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Secretive agreements with 10
Asian and North African Countries

The Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s ambitions to become president of the European Union or to obtain another high ranking post in the European super state in the very near future, make it even more imperative, that Denmark does not become an even stronger center of dissent against the enforced multiculturalism which is at the heart of the ambitions of the EU.

The latest developments connected with the publication of Geert Wilders' film Fitna clearly show, that there is a coordinated strategy from European politicians, EU institutions and the European Press, aimed at subduing any developments which could endanger the multicultural project.

The architects of this undeclared informal, but very real 'new world order' won't allow individuals like Geert Wilders to endanger their project, and are taking any action they deems necessary to prevent this.

Secret services are almost always used more to control the population, and further the existing political establishments agenda, than to fend off real outside threats, or even investigate and prevent criminal activity.

Perhaps their main importance lies in the possibility to through these agencies disseminate unverifiable information as facts to the public for manipulative purposes, and providing ways to cover up unpopular truth's.

Other angles

If the 'conspiracy theory' above is not the reason for Kurt Westergaard’s new back stabbing policies, there is another reason I can suggest.

Kurt Westergaard is vastly overestimating his own importance. In spite of the danger and the inconvenience of living in hiding, he has enjoyed his new heroic status as an uncompromising defender of free speech. He does not seems to understand, that once a work of art has come to the attention of the public, it starts to lead its own life, and that it is entirely unreasonable to demand that other people adhere their interpretations of it to the exact intention its creator intended, especially as all visual art leaves an enormous range for free interpretation.

But he is of course also part of the Danish media world, where the dominating paradigm is more or less a copy of the European Unions and multiculturalist school of thought is dominating to a very high extent.

Caving in to social pressure

  Pernille Bramming
Pernille Bramming
  Pernille Bramming; a left wing journalist who is married to an Arab, on nation wide TV called Kurt Westergaard's muhammed cartoon 'racist' . Similar and more carefully voiced statements of this kind may have made an impact on 72 year old Kurt Westergaard. LNK

Now Kurt may be caving in to social pressure from his colleagues and friends, who perhaps could live with Kurt's defense of free speech, but who certainly will condemn any real opposition to the multicultural project almost all of them seem to favor so much.

Apart from that, Kurt seems to see him self in the self righteous way which is common among artists of various kinds: 'artistic' provocations are 'elevated expressions from geniuses', while more down to the ground political protests are mere expressions from 'uninformed conservative reactionaries'. Artists as such have a long history of seeing them selves as a paralel to royalty or being the sole representatives of enlightenment. Elitarianism is a common disease in this class.

Provokation an artistic monopoly?

In Denmark this became clear when Danish objectors to the Jyllands Posten cartoons, showed they had a completely different attitude towards the 'highly esteemed 'work of art' such as Salman Rusdie's Satanic Verses, compared to the not so artisticly brilliant Jyllands Posten Cartoons.

It may also be a combination of Kurt’s wish not to become seen as contributing to th 'reactionary racist agenda' of the Danish People's Party, who are generally despised by the generally extremely left wing and / or multiculture favoring journalists (which means almost all), and the influence of his being softly coached by the security service PET.

Stuffing the Jinnee back into the bottle

Social pressure, the wear and tear of his present unvolontary gypsy life, manipulation by the secret service, and his own vanity, may all be part the cause of Kurt’s tragicomic attempts at stuffing the Jinnee back into the bottle.

A new stick to hit the dog: Copyright Law

From being a rare icon for freedom, Kurt seems to have chosen to become an assistant of the repressors of free speech.

Where the usual suspects; the politically correct journalists and politicians use laws and regulations, 'unwritten rules of conduct' social exclusion and condemnation in order to repress protests from lower echelons, and the islamists are using the image of being victimized and threat, are fighting free speech and furthering the coming of either the multicultural European Superstate or the Caliphate, Kurt Westergaard has now has helped adding yet another weapon to the arsenal of repression: Copyright Law.


Understanding for Kurt's situation and problems

While I have great understanding for any reaction Kurt Westergaard may show faced with his confusing circumstance of living, the very real death threats, months on end of media and psychological pressure, I can not be silent just for that reason, for there is much more at stake her than the pride or fate of one man.


Sorry Kurt


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