The Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard urges Dutch Politicians to show anti-Koran film.


The Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard said this in an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

Westergaard says he doesn't understand that Dutch politicians say Wilders should not show his film.

No Danish politicians would act this way.

It would mean political suicide.

Every Danish politician knows, that freedom of speech should never be limited, Kurt Westergaard says.

Westergaard in no way regrets having made his caricature of the prophet muhammed:

It began as, and still is a free speech issue.

Westergaard considers the debate to be a duty for newspapers and cartoonists.

Muslims must accept that

Source: Ekstra Bladet March 20 2008

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant wrote:

The Danish cartoonist loathes the role of members of the muslim elite, because they compare him with ‘an extremist like Osama bin Laden’.


After the nazis, fascists and communists there is a new totalitarian force threatening Europe, of course not muslims as a group, but a number of extremist’.

Westergaard considers his cartoons completely acceptable and thinks ‘everything’ should be able to be said in democracies as Denmark and the Netherlands.

If muslims feel offended by that, they should ‘learn’ to cope with that.
We live in a tolerant society. This is the way we do this here.

Excerpts from the Dutch version of the interview which differs from De Volkskrant's shortened English version of the interview:

A totalitarian power threatens us

Aarhus - His hasty departure from his house in an Aarhus suburb recalls memories of World War II.

Also at that time we saw people on their way, fleeing.

Kurt Westergaard (72), the Danish cartoonist who drew muhammed with a bomb in his turban, lives in hiding since the intelligence service told him that an attempt on his life was being planned. Halfway into February three men were arrested.

This second cartoon Crises confirms that he was right at what he wanted to say with his drawing two years ago, he says determined.

Terrorists get their spiritual ammunition from parts of islam. A muslim would probably choose a more positive explanation: terrorists have hijacked Muhammed. But that muslims do not accept that explanation is clear to him.

Westergaard is unapologetic.

It was and is about freedom of speech. Only last week the Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said at a United Nations conference: There will be no compromise.

'I do not want to add to the polarization which is being stimulated by a small group of radicals.

But as a humble artist, I must defend the Danish democratic traditions.

We value our democracy so much, that we export it to Afghanistan. To avoid wasting the lives of those young boys we send there, we must stand up for our democracy before looking any further'.

He has no regrets. In Denmark we criticize everything. The Queen, politicians and religion. Ten years ago I was accused of blasphemy, because I had Jesus step down from the cross in an Armani suit. But I wasn't threatened. To stimulate debate is the newspapers' job and the job of a cartoonist as well. Muslims must accept that.


Westergaard tells his story in the Jyllands Posten library.

Outside there are large stones protecting the building. The cartoonist supports him self with a stick when walking.

I slipped in the bathtub. The first two three nights in a new house are the worst.
One has to get used to the bed and the bath.

Westergaard drives a car which is not his. The latest from a number of different cars he has been driving lately.

It does not frighten him, but makes him angry instead.

Fear is passive, I am active. I have transformed my fear into anger.' He gestures. I strike back. Not physically, but spiritually. I am still here! Of course it would have been more difficult if I still had been thirty and had small children.

As if his life is not surrealistically enough, Westergaard says that he had wanted to meet the men who plotted to kill him. The laugh disappears.

I had wanted to ask them: does your religion allow you to murder an old man who has grandchildren?

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