Dhimmi Municipality plays into the hands of Islamists

Aarhus February 27 2008

The Blindfolded Prophet Mohammad
One of the original Jyllands Posten Cartoons

The beleaguered Mohammad Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard's wife Gitte Westergaard was told yesterday to stay away from her work place, a municipal kindergarten.

Death threats from Islamists and cowardly behavior from her superiors made regional chief Jette Noerrevang and municipal chief of the youth and children’s department Ole Kiil Jacobsen decide Gitte Westergaard should stay away from her job as a kindergarten teacher.

According to Ole Kiil Jacobsen, pressure from ‘a number of nervous parents’ has led to the decision from the municipality.

Gitte Westergaard:

I am angry, disappointed and sad. The threats were only directed towards my husband.
There is no danger surrounding my person.

Gitte Westergaard has worked as a kindergarten teacher in the city of Aarhus for 25 years.

When the Mohammad Crises was at its peak in the year 2006, Gitte Westergaard was the leader of another day-care institution.

Here the Institutions Board members and she agreed, that she could keep on working, in spite of her husband being the target of murder threats.

Decision taken by municipality

Gitte Westergaard finds the decision from the municipality incomprehensible

The Prophet Mohammad

Gitte Westergaard:

I understand that some parents are uneasy. But I would never go to work in the kindergarten, if I had the slightest knowledge or suspicion of that being a risk for the children or my colleagues.

According to Gitte Westergaard the municipality has asked her to stay away from the kindergarten for a period of time until the renewed Mohammed Crises settles.

The threat against Kurt will never end, says Gitte Westergaard, who fears that she will never be able to return to the daycare center, and the children she loves so much.

Departmental Chief Jette Noerrevang did not want to comment on the matter.


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