Kurt Westergaard's Viking Spirit

Kurt Westergaard - Cartoonist

A murder plot involving two Tunesians and a Maroccan immigrant targetting Kurt Westergaard, was uncovered recently. Kurt Westergard has been living in a safe house under police surveilance for quite a while now.

He was forced to leave his hotel, because the director feared for his other guests.

A fugitive in his own country, threatened by muslim immigrants, Arabic TV stations and governments, Kurt Westergaard persists in his defiance, despite the screams of hundreds of thousands of raving mad mohamedanians who demand his head on a platter, he regrets nothing.

Seventy three years old Kurt Westergaard is the embodyment of the original Viking Spirit, a civilized and soft spoken Viking, but nevertheless a Viking, without fear of death, a Viking fighting for his people's age old freedom loving traditions which predate Christianity, the tradition which is The Spirit of The North.

Kurt Westergaard is a modern Hero of Free Speech

The Prophet Mohammad

Not because he drew 'mohammed as he envisioned him', but because he refused to apologize one bit, faced with tremendous pressure from far and nigh, and only strengthened his resolve to stand up like as a rare Viking in an age where wimps, sissy’s and dhimmi's and the slaves of commerce, seem to have become the rule.

In his own way, this modest peace loving man has given a valuable signal to our youth, about standing by, and defending one's principles even in the face of death and defamation.

The true value of his contribution may first become fully appreciated in years to come.


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