Morten Messerschmidt - DPP Spokesman European Union Affairs February 23 2008

  Morten Messerschmidt - DPP
Morten Messerschmidt - DPP
DPP Spokesman European Union Affairs

DR Update reported from Copenhagen

The acceptance of the independence of Kosovo is against International Law, and against United Nations' declarations.

It is the culmination of a long range of injustices done to the Serbs.

Ten years ago Christianity was bombed out of part of the Balkans, and this is the grand finale.

This examplifies, that it is possible to invade a country by immigration and childbirth, and then claim sovereignty over it, when the indigenous population is outnumbered.

This is a dangerous precedence.


Balder Blog 22 feb 2008 - Declaration of solidarity with the people of Serbia - Sent to the Serbian Embassy in Denmark

DF protesterer mod Kosovos løsrivelse

23. februar 2008 kl. 13:28

Partiets EU-ordfører Morten Messerschmidt går med i serbisk demonstration mod Kosovos løsrivelse.

Vi forstår deres vrede, siger han.

Se interview på DR Update

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