To the people of Serbia

Madeleine Korbel Albright - Hashim-Thaci

UCK- Kosovo Liberation Army Leader 1999
M. Albright, alias Marie Jana Korbelová
General Wesley Clark (Kanne, Nemerovsky)
  Republikken Serbiens Ambassade
Svanevænget 36
2100 København Ø
Tlf.: 39 29 71 61
Fax: 39 29 79 19

I think I may speak in the name of a large number of Danes and other Europeans, when I tell you how disgusted we are by the policies and actions of Nato, the European Union, USA, and not least our own Danish government.

Speaking for myself, I almost feel as if a part of my self is being amputated, and I share the emotions of the Serbian people, who have been cheated out of their own house, by the sinister manipulations of destructive international forces.

The same forces which are trying to demolish our own states, in order to replace them with the European Union dictatorship to which national identity means nothing, and is no more than an obstacle to its revolutionary antidemocratic schemes.

You must know, that even with the loss of your beloved Kosovo, you are still better off than most other EU nations, because you still enjoy your sovereignty and independence; you still make your own laws, while we are being subjected more and more to the whims of faceless utopists and international power brokers, slaves to the directives from Brussels, and even participants in their wars of aggression.

And although the main part of our populations may enjoy much more wealth and prosperity than our Serbian brothers and sisters, we no longer have our pride.

Many of us would rather share your country's population's relative poverty, than hand over the fate of our long fought for nation states, but of course the large parts of our brainwashed population is satisfied with the mindless entertainment and relative luxury with which their souls are bought.

I urge the people of Serbia not to give up their struggle for justice, but to have faith and to be patient.

You are not alone, we too will keep on fighting the dictatorship which threatens to crush and swallow all of us, and perhaps some day we may join forces and reverse what is happening in this age of falsehood, dictatorship, repression and theft.

And meanwhile please do not judge all Danes and other Europeans for the criminal actions of their governments, and the one sided reports of our manipulating press, which is no more free, objective, and independant, than the press in many countries our governments love to criticize, but know that many of us are with you in our hearts and minds, and feel deeply ashamed for what our governments have been accomplice to.



Navn og adresse

Ps. I have been trying to connect with Serbian organizations in Denmark in order to tell them what I have told you, but I have not been able to find any websites, mail addresses or telephone numbers which were relevant. Perhaps you have some suggestions?

Opdatering 27 februar 2008:

Fik et pænt takkebrev fra den serbiske ambassade + følgende adresser på serbiske foreninger i Danmark:

Formand Djordje Stojanović
Krudtværksallé 10
3300 Frederiksværk
Klub TIMOK 98
Formand Ljubomir Gušatović
Hillerødsholmsallé 67, st th
3400 Hillerød
Formand Dragan Mikulović
Grønnegade 10
4700 Næstved
Formand Rade Jovanović
Post Box 133
3400 Hillerød
Formand Prvoslav Pavlović
Strunøgade 5,
5000 Odense C
Embassy Of The Republic Of Serbia
Svanevænget 36, 2100 København
Phone +45 3929-7161; 3929-7784


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