Wiener Zeitung - Jan. 24, 2008:

School Denies Access to Four Children for a Year

  Moishe Friedman Daughter
Friedman's children

by Werner Grotte

  • Father took part in 'Holocaust Conference'
  • City School Council presses charges against parents
  • Court enforces payment of 'a large sum'

Wien. When Frieda (14), Rezi (13), Esther (10) and Gitti (8) go to school together with their father, Moishe Ayre Friedman, in the mornings, they have now for one year experienced the same scene.

They stand in front of a closed door.

The orthodox School Association 'Machsike Hadass' in Malzgasse, 2. District deny them access to the school and the teaching of the school..

The father has complained because of this, and the courts have agreed. The schoolassociation, behind which is the IKG (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde), has been sentenced through all the levels of the courts, and has furthermore been, because they refused to let the children in, been sentenced to heavy financial punishments.

As these have not been paid, it is now threatened with public auction of its properties.

  Moishe Friedman Daughter
Friedman daughter Rezi

The disagreement between Friedman and IKG has been going on for years, and culminated several times in mutual criminal indictments and courtcases, in which the very seriously religious Friedman also won.

'They do’t want anything to do with me because I represent the anti-Zionist fraction. We refuse to accept the State of Israel just as we refuse to accept the materialistic power politics of the Zionist dominated 'Kultusgemeinde',

the US-citizen Friedman declares.

While the IKG-General Secretary Raimund Fastenbauer characterizes him as a 'swindler' to the 'Wiener Zeitung, Friedman tells, that he is the head of the circa 150 members strong ''Orthodoxen Antizionistischen Gemeinde Wiens' (the anti-Zionist orthodox group of Vienna).

Friedman had gone so far in his refusal of Zionism, that, at the end of 2006, he participated in the worldwide critizised 'Holocaust Conference' in Teheran, where he had let himself be photographed laughing together with the Iranian President Ahmadinejad – which had closely coincided with the refusal of admittance of his children to the school in January 2007.


IKG [Israelitische Kultusgemeinde] -President Ariel Muzikant had further argued to the 'Wiener Zeitung' that Friedman 'had not paid school money for years'.

This had been constantly denied by Friedman. Director of the school, Eleonore Pollack, could not, when asked about this, give any specifics about type or size of this schooldebt to the 'Mchsike Hadass'.

Research done at the City School-council has divulged, that the orthodox private school is subjected to Public Law and also is financed by public means – through payment of teachers salaries.

Pollack, on the other hand, underlines that 'the Friedman-children regularly caused trouble by making political statements about the rights of Palestinians', which is the reason why the school has terminated the school contract unilaterally,' the school director explains.

Court sentence disregarded

Friedman talks of 'children as hostages' and he brought a complaint to the 'Landesgerecht für Zivilrechtssachen Wien' (ZRS) [Higher Civil Court in Vienna], where he is supported by an intermediate court-decision to allow the children into the school for class.

The main issue in the case is faith:

'My children have been brought up with strict orthodox religious (Jewish) orthodox teaching, with all the daily prescribed prayers and kosher meals. This is only possible to have continued in this form in the Mahlgasse school, there is unfortunately no alternative',

Friedman answered the City School Council at their suggestion to send the children to another school.

Whereas the (ZRF) initially refused Friedmans request, the 'Oberlandesgericht Wien' (OLG) [Superior Civil Court of Vienna] made a judgement in Friedmans favour on March 9, and furthered the intermediate court-decision against Machsike Hadass. The Court machine was now running at full speed.

Friedman's children - Yeshiva entrance

On March 23, the School-association (Machsike Hadass) tried to counter the court-decision through the lawfirm Lansky, Ganzger & Partner, by placing a request for revision of the decision at the Superior Court in Austria. But this request was turned down by the court on May 3.

The ZRS [Higher Civil Court in Vienna] now, after the Superior Court intervention, had to enforce the earlier intermediate decision as legally binding for the court.

A new attempt by the school to have the decision reversed, has been refused by the OLG on September 28. And another attempt to have the intermediate order to allow the children into the school overruled, failed too, even if the school again tried to have recourse for this on September 14.

'The case is for the second time with the Superior Court' says spokeswoman for the ZRS, Ingeborg Hawlicek.


Esther, Gitti, Frieda Friedman

Which does not influence the validity of a chain of fines against the school: Because the court decision is not followed by the school, the local court of Leopoldstadt ('Bezirksgericht Leopoldstadt', BG) is charged by the father with enforcing the continual fines/financial enforcements against the school.

Friedmans lawyer, Johannes Hübner, says the punishment 'is already now around one million euros, of which more than half can be collected at this time'.

'Exhausting all means'

At the ZRS a continual enforcement of 'a large amount' is confirmed, as the school association has not obliged.

BG-spokeswoman, Alice Prutsch:

'Now the duty to pay goes on to the Enforcement section of the Office of the Oberlandesgericht, and it decides then, how the money is to be paid, possibly by having the properties of the school association auctioned away'.

Chairman of the school association, Erwin Steiner, tells the 'Wiener Zeitung', through the lawfirm Lansky, & Partner, that 'we are exhausting all legal means, until then we certainly pay nothing'.

To the question of: What about the schoolchildren? they say 'No comment'.

The school board of Vienna is in the meantime taking the father, Friedman to court for 'neglect of duty to school' his children.'


Wiener Zeitung, Janurary. 24, 2008 - Schule sperrt vier Kinder ein Jahr aus

Translated by Knud Eriksen from the original German article.

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Update: The conflict between Zionist and anti-Zionist Jewish groups in Austria continues, but the newly elected 'right wong populist parties' promise that the Law will be upholded and Friedmans children will be granted their rights.
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