Update 14 february 2008: Stole exam paper from fellow students and presented it as his own (further down)

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported February 6 2008:

Kamal Qureshi

Kamal Qureshi, a controversial politician of the left wing Socialist party SF who is an immigrant from Pakistan, has become subject of a police investigation for allegedly having forged signatures on a tenancy agreement.

He supposedly abused the name of his landlord.

The owner of Kamal Qureshi’s luxury apartment Bahner in Fiol Street in Copenhagen has reported the Pakistani immigrant to the police.

Oliver Bahner, the owner of the property, says he can prove that Qureshi has used his name on a tenancy agreement used to rent out rooms in his rented 202 square meters two floor luxury flat.

Signed ‘Oliver’

The matter caught public attention after a former tenant, a student at the University of Copenhagen by the name of Spela Zajec, complained to the public tenancy commission in the belief that she rented the apartment from Oliver Bahner, and not from the Pakistani politician.

The plaintiff Zajec had got that impression, because Kamal Qureshi consequently signed e-mails to Zajec with the name Oliver.

In his complaint to the police Oliver Bahner states that ‘Kamal Qureshi wrongfully has given himself out as the undersigned, has signed documents with my name and accepted money in my name’.

With the complaint several e-mails and a copy of the complaint to the tenancy commission which proves that Kamal Qureshi has signed the documents with the name ‘Oliver’, and none with his own name.

Kamal’s actions are exceptional according to landlord Oliver Bahner.

He has also refused to move out of the apartment even though he was supposed to have moved six month ago. We have tried to expel him with the help of the bailiff, but he then started legal procedures against us. We have been waiting for the outcome since. I have also understood that he has cheated his tenants by keeping deposits he was due to return.

Unbelievable that a publicly elected politician can act in such a way, says the owner of the property Oliver Bahner.

Ekstra Bladet February 6 2008 - Kamal Qureshi meldt for bedrageri

Update 14 february 2008:

Stole exam paper from fellow students and presented it as his own

It has now emerged that Kamal Quereshi, in Denmark also known as Kamelen (The Camel) has cheated during his studies at medical school. In 1990 when he was a medical student, he was punished by the University for having stolen a physics paper written by another student, which he presented as his own at an exam. The punishment meant he had to repeat a semester, which put him six month' back.

The real authors of the paper were duped, because the paper which they had submitted had disappeared. Accidently the paper was found with Quereshi's name on it, and they forced him to confess to the faculty Dean, so their exam could proceed. He has been subject to severe criticism both by his former fellew students and later his colleques at the hospital where he worked. Kamal doesn't know right from wrong, he suffers from a personality defect, so a doctor and former fellow student said.

Ekstra Bladet february 13 2008 - Kamal snød til lægeeksamen

Nyhedsavisen february 13 2008 - Kamal Qureshi stjal opgave på lægestudiet

The news paper Ekstra Bladet has anounced there will be more revelations about Quereshi to come soon.

The Kamal case is symptomatic. A disproportional number of immigrant politicians have been removed from their positions or fired by their parties for various lies, double speak, deceptions and crimes. Lately the formerly hughely popular Syrian born muslim Naser Khader has been under heavy fire because of accusations of tax fraud and lies. Money in a fund which supposedly was meant for poor Palestinians never reached it's intended destination, and in his latest bid for power as the chairman of the now almost completely disemboweled New Alliance he has been accused of lying about a number of other politicians.

Controversial politician

The Pakistani born socialist has stirred up controversy before. At one occasion a few years ago he mixed in the affairs of the people of the Faro Islands who officially are part of Denmark, but who enjoy a high degree of self governance.

In Denmark Kamal Q is often mockingly called 'The Camel'

Free abortion for Faroese woman, headscarves and traditional values for Pakistani immigrant woman.

In the Faro Islands there is strong opposition to free abortion, which brought about protests from the immigrant politician, who then threatened to found an organization that would pay for Faroese woman’s trips to Danish abortion clinics.

While thus positioning himself as supporter of left wing and feminist policies, at the same time he defended the right of Muslim woman to wear the islamic headscarf.

Critics accused him of being extraordinarily concerned with controlling Faroese birth rates, while being completely indifferent about the many muslim woman who are subject to forced marriages, and who most certainly have no access to any abortion rights, because of the social control in muslim immigrant circles, and the severe punishments in the name of ‘honor’ that awaits mohamedan woman who would attempt to make use of their rights in Denmark.

Kamal Qureshi also is a member of the 'The Political Council for Coexistence', founded by the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, Lord Janner of Braunstone.

The Political Council for Coexistence is an organization which is to unite Jewish and muslim forces against the suppressive forces of the indigenous xenophobic racist antisemitic majorities that still populate European countries.

Previous interesting headlines concerning Kamal Qureshi are his proposal to abolish the Christian holydays Easter and Prayer Day. The supposedly secular Pakistani immigrant suggests we close our schools during the muslim holyday Ramadan. TV2 13 jubi 2003: Måske muslimske skolefridage

February 5 2004 The Danish paper BT: Kamal Qureshi defends immigrant taxi drivers who function as an intelligence agency to inform muslim husbands if and where their run away manhandled wives or daughters are spotted. Boycot of muslim drivers by institution = discrimination says Qureshi..

The latest news as of February 19 2008 is that Qureshi has been stripped of all his posts by the socialist party chief Villy Soevndal..


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