Special report from Vienna, jan. 11, 2008 - Update 15 January & 11 February 2008 further down

Dangerous development for European Law and Order

According to Israeli Media Reports today, a very dangerous Jewish group, applying terror and disregarding the courts and police, has established itself in Austria. It is headed by leaders of the IKG (Zionist Jewish Community).

Yeshiva Vienna
Comment Balder: I don't really know what to think of this; it could easily be photoshopped. Here there are no swastikas to be seen: Moshe Friedman's Kids Refused Into School..

Because the much larger Muslim community in Europe sees the authorities acting slowly, or not at all, against this behaviour, it wants to have the same right to violate European Law and Order. This, obviously, has very serious consequences for Europe.

The Israeli Media published photographs of the gang, wearing swastikas, headed by IKG General Secretary, Dr. Raimund Fasstenbauer, whom is the deputy of IKG President, Ariel Muzicant, as they attacked the children of anti-Zionist orthodox rabbi, Moishe Arye Friedman, when they appeared in front of their Public School, after a final ruling by the Austrian Supreme Court ordered the immediate and full schooling of the Friedman children to proceed.

Last year the Friedman children were violently expelled from the school by Israeli security agents of the Mossad, coming from the Israeli Embassy in Vienna.


The Austrian courts already have fined the established Jewish Community more than 2 million. Euro for contempt of court and the community's property will be scheduled today for public auction soon to enforce the penalties.

The incredible terror-tactics of this Jewish gang and the unheard-of contempt for Law and Order - which through the EU Community potentially endangers all Law and Order on this continent, has already escalated to a very dangerous point.

The horrifying and dangerous actions taking place in front of the childrens' school every day, terrorizing the children and the police officers has caused The Islamic Community in Austria - and Europe - to apply the principle of equal rights.

They want to also exercise their power against European Law and Order, arguing, that if the small Jewish minority can do so, they, being a much, much larger minority, should at least have the same rights.

Police units for fighting Islamic terror in Europe are very concerned about this dangerous and escalating situation of Jewish sects in Austria.

Knud Eriksen,

Vienna, jan. 11, 2008

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Comment Balder: I cannot completely see through exactly what the above is all about, seems we lack some information and cohesion. Somebody might have to explain this a little better.

Update 15 january 2008 - I received the following comment from Knud Eriksen:

New links to the pictures! And an explanation of the link by Chief Rabbi, Moishe Ayre Friedman:

Re: Article "Dangerous Development for European Law and Order" by Knud Eriksen

Moishe Arye Friedman
Moishe Aryeh Friedman     

As many people have asked about the swasticas on the arms of the Jewish Neo Nazi group members attacking the children of anti-Zionist Austrian chief rabbi, Moishe Aryeh Friedman, I asked him to explain something about the site, and its background. Obviously, the site has published the pictures, but I don't read Hebrew. I don't know who doctored them. The fact is, they are published by the site. A whole series of them, with obvious additions to original pictures. Here is his answer to that question, given to me by e-mail yesterday.

"The site is the Most published worldwide for main stream, and many israeli Journalist take from Hyde Park, Obviousely they are Zionist and very Negative Towards me, But gives the fact that they published them is of great Significance, and means that they are very much woried about the Bitter Stratigic Consequances out of this world Scandel with the Children."

He also notified me, that the pictures are no longer to be found with the original link given. The link is now (Dec. 15.2008).

Please correct:

http://hydepark.hevre.co.il/topic.asp?whichpage=2&topic_id=2335846, and he says that people should save the site and pictures, as they may be removed any time.

Knud Eriksen


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