Amsterdam, Holland demonstration Saturday February 25 in support of Denmark and Free Speech - Saturday February 25

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Update! After the demonstration. [1] Reports, impressions, comments and images

Call for demonstration at Dam Square on Holland’s Remembrance Day
Compiled and translated from the weblog Nekklachten

Monument for fallen Dutch Resistance Fighters during the Nazi occupation of Holland.
Situated in the centre of Amsterdam a ten minutes walk from the main railroad station Centraal Station. In the sixties a rendez vous point for flower power hippies, later a favourite spot for African and Arab drugdealers and hustlers.

Everybody who wants to support Freedom of Speech:

Come to Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam on Saturday February 25 at 13:00 o'clock.

The purpose of the demonstration is to show the politicians that the Dutch are sick and tired of the religious frenzy around the famous Jyllands Posten Cartoons, and even more tired of the demands for restrictions of our Freedom of Speech.

We shall not tolerate as much as 1 millimeter of restrictions of our rights to free speech.

The demonstration will be a signal of solidarity with the people of Denmark, and is also a message to Xavier Solana that we will not accept that the EU top bowes down to Middle Eastern dictatorships in a so called 'dialog' about freedom of speech. We have that freedom, and it we will keep it. That's final.

Demonstrators are being urged to bring Danish flags, and it is being discussed if books from H.C Andersen, the famous Danish storyteller, as well as the newly composed Danish / Dutch Solidarity flag in order to emphasize the support for Denmark and Jyllands Posten.

It also appears from posts at the blogs that the mere showing of a Dutch flag has been demonized by the government and the islam appeasers as a sign of extreme right wing Nationalism. In contrast, the Danes proudly wave their Danish flag everywhere. At birthday parties the cake is decorated with Danish flags, and letters are routinely decorated with a Danish flag sticker.

At almost every Danish celebration Danish flags are present in numbers. To the Danes the flag which displays the Christian Cross has a very special meaning. According to mythology 'Dannebro' as it is called in Denmark came down from heaven at the Danish King Valdemar's victory at Lyndanisse (Tallin) in Estland. It was used by the Crusaders as well, and God willing, it will once more be a symbol in a battle against the same heathens once more.

Dutchmark - Nedermarken Danish Dutch solidarity against islam

The Dutch demonstration initiative so it seems has been initiated by Michiel Mans who writes at the Dutch weblog 'Nekklachten' (neck complaints) but so far nobody has officially claimed to organize the event. Thread about the demonstration at[2] Nekklachten | Thread about the demonstration at [3] Ayaan Hirsi Ali Weblog. Don't be shy to post comments in English there.

| Thread about the demonstration at . Don't be shy to post comments in English there. | Thread about the demonstration at . Don't be shy to post comments in English there.

The day February 25 is not just another day in Holland’s history.

The day February 25 1941 was the day a general strike was proclaimed in Holland in protest of the more and more visible signs of the persecution of Jews by the Nazi occupiers. The strike developed the next few days, until the railroads were included as well. As a result of this protest by the people of Holland a large number of people were executed by the Nazi occupiers. This day is known in Holland as the February Strike (Februaristaking), and is remembered with ceremonies and manifestations each year.

Update 14/2:Hello Denmarkers, Permit to demonstrate applied for. We try to do it legal, but we go anyway. cu the 25th !

Short report in English of [4] demonstration for Free Speech in Odense 12-02-06

Update! After the Amsterdam demonstration. [1] Reports, impressions, comments and images

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