Not only millitant Marxist groups take part actively in Middle East affairs, also the cream of the Danish business community personified by Radiometer CEO Johan Schroeder was involved in a secretive illegal arms deals with a Mossad agent.

  Martin Breum
Martin Breum with Oevig Knudsens book
  Peter Øvig Knudsen
Peter Oevig Knudsen - [Øvig]
  Blekinge Gade skilt
  Blekinge Street

To make things really spicy, the transnational Mossad arms dealer presents himself as a holocaust survivor, and the Danish white collar criminal gets away from at least three serious crimes with a suspended sentence. New information reveals astonishing policies in the Danish civil administration. It becomes clear that Schroeder has influential friends in high places.

Research of Danish Marxist terrorist group the Blekinge Street Gang who where active in the seventies and eighties, uncovers mysterious government practices in dealing with Johan Schroeder, a Danish top CEO of the company Radiometer, who was convicted for making an illegal arms deal with Israel.

Peter Oevig Knudsen has studied the infamous Marxist terrorist group known as Blekingegadebanden (the Blekinge Street Gang) for years, and written several books about the subject.

DR Deadline November 31 2007 22:30:

Peter Oevig Knudsen appeared in the Danish news program Deadline. The starting point of the debate this time being the admiration the Marxist terrorists had for Johan Schroeder, a well respected CEO of the large Danish company Radiometer, who had been convicted of setting up and carrying out an illegal arms deal with an Israeli agent, enjoying a lucrative tax fraud in the process.

I'll introduce the Blekingegade case just enough to give a basic understanding, but the focus of this article is on the new information about how the Danish government and the judicial system handled the case of Johan Schroeders illegal arms deal and other crimes.

The Blekinge Street gang

Blekinge Street (Blekingegade) was the name of a street in Copenhagen where a gigantic weapons cache and other material belonging to a Marxist group was found during the 1980's.

The marxist group that since then has been publicly known as the Blekinge Street Gang had pulled of several successful bank robberies, and had acquired substantial amounts of money to support the communist struggle and the PLFP; enough to buy a large cache of weapons supposedly meant to be sent to the Palestinian terrorists / freedom fighters organization PFLP.

The group was arrested more or less because of bad luck; they stood trial and were convicted to several years in prison.


The Murderer of police officer Jesper Egtved Hansen still running free

During one of their robberies the Marxist gangsters shot a young police officer, Jesper Egtved Hansen but none of the seven terrorists among whom the internationally known Swiss terrorist Marc Rudin could be convicted of the murder.

  Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik
Queen Margrethe of Denmark and her Royal companion
Schroeder apparently had good connections with the Royals

They all refused to tell who had actually pulled the trigger, so nobody was ever convicted for this heinous crime.

Some of the gang members are still politically active, and some are heroes and role models for the contemporary Danish red-fascist movement around the organizations DEMOS, REDOX, Ungdomshuset, ARN, AFA and a large numbers of similar groups. 1)

After serving their rather lenient sentences, one of the murderers Thorkil Lauesen was rewarded with a high post in the municipality of Copenhagen where a sympathetic contact; Bo Asmus Keldgaard member of the Socialist Party SF, helped secure the ex con a well paid job apparently in good understanding with the dominating Social Democrat fraction and their Mayor, and without repercussions when it became public knowledge that the perpetrator of a highly politically motivated crime got the job.

Back to the interview with Peter Oevig Knudsen

The Danish historian and journalist Peter Oevig Knudsen has just published nr. two of his two bind work BLEKINGE GADE BANDEN and in the interview in Deadline November 31 2007 the host Martin Breum focused on events described about half way into book Nr. 2.

Knudsen has had access to privileged information in the course of his research and has also acquainted a person either from inside or from very close to the group that supplied him with valuable information.

The Cream of Danish Commerce: Johan Schroeder

  Johan Schrøder - Schroeder - Radiometer Wejra - Convicted Arms Deal

Johan Schroeder had been director of the Danish company Radiometer, one of the world's largest producers of medical industry measuring equipment, for eleven years. The company was co-founded by his father Karl Schroeder. In 2003 after thirty years as director of the company, Johan Schroeder now one of the highest ranging profiles in Danish industry leaves his life long work and steps down as director of Radiometer.

But that was not exactly the end of his career; Johan Schroeder is still a board member of 18 companies and until only two years ago he also was chairman of Dansk Industri, an extremely influential and powerful organization. He is chairman of the Danish department of The World Wildlife Fund, and Consul General for New Zealand. He also has close contacts within the Danish Royal Family. Johan Schroeder is Knight of Dannebro of the first Degree.
(The Elephant Order is reserved for real celebrities such as Saddam Hussein and Nicolae Ceausescu.)

Peter Oevig Knudsen explains that his contact from the beginning talked about Johan Schroeder and seemed fascinated by the way Johan Schroeder had conducted the illegal arms deal with the Marxists declared enemies; the Israelis, and compared his achievements with the way the Marxist group worked or would like to work.

As a more of less secondary result of his investigation of the red fascist Blekingegade Gang, he uncovered some interesting material connected to Johan Schroeders illegal arms deal as well.

As part of their work for the PFLP, the Danish red fascists were set to find out if there was anybody in Denmark who was dealing with the Israeli side. They then found out, that their actually was an arms factory in the city of Aalborg called Wejra that supplied weapons to the Israelis, and that there had been efforts to sell the whole factory to the Israelis.

It was Johan Schroeder who owned this factory, and tried to sell the plant to an Israeli arms dealer who lived in Switzerland.

Danish law prohibits selling arms factories to foreigners, which Johan Schroeder was very well aware of. He then masterminded and executed a complicated plot involving straw men / proxies, so on the surface it seemed as if he was selling to a Danish National (P. Bilgart) , while in truth dealing with the Jewish agent Shlomo Zabludowicz from the Israeli weapons agency Salgad (later KOOR).

The Israelis were interested in the factory because they would be able to use it as a cover for export to countries where Israeli weapons are not welcome and other covert operations.

The Danish intelligence agency PET taped the conversations between the director of the arms factory Wejra, Bent Weibel and Johan Schroeder.


Money exchange on street corners, destroying evidence

From the transcripts of the phone tap evidence it became obvious that Johan Schroeder knowingly and cynically had broken the law, had exchanged large amounts of money on street corners, had maculated all incriminating papers pertaining to the case, and urging the others to keep silent.

Schroeder is on his way to a business trip to Tokio 5. June 1976, when he is arrested in Copenhagen Airport.
After having been charged with breaking arms laws, currency legislation and serious tax evasion he is released two days later.

I am researching this story as I'm writing, and more and more information shows up involving a larger and larger number of people, offices and related affairs.

Surprisingly lenient sentence - No Jailtime for top CEO

Johan Schroeder - Wejra - Radiometer Denmark
Johan Schrøder

Johan Schroeder was given a very lenient sentence for his crimes: a suspended sentence of eight month in jail. His conviction was public knowledge, but the grounds on which he was convicted were never published before now, after 27 years.

The reason for this very light sentence was according to the court, that the crime had been committed 'a long time ago'; the truth being that the case came to court four years after the at least three separate crimes were successfully committed, which by all standards is not a very long time.

The case was executed behind as Peter Oevig Knudsen says: 'very tightly closed doors'.

Just a few weeks ago another Danish marxist group was standing trial for having sent a comparatively small amount of money to the South American guerilla organization FARC, potentially facing severe punishment.

Exclusive knowledge revealed after 27 years

Journalists were not even allowed to study the Court Protocols which usually are open to the public. While studying documents that have been release for the very first time exclusively to Peter Oevig Knudsen, he found out that previous applications from journalists to see the case files had been rejected, supposedly referring to some paragraph in Danish law regulating security and the countries relations to foreign powers.

  Shlomo Zabludowicz
The Auschwitz Arms Dealer

The Israeli arms dealer Shlomo Zabludowicz presents himself as an Auschwitz survivor who ended in Finland and obtained Finnish citizenship.
The Finnish / Jewish connection is important in more that one way, because the Wejra arms factory obtained a license to produce Finnish Tampella grenades and mortar rounds.

The Israelis used Wejra to export Israeli grenades to Franco Spain, to the Chilean military dictatorship, and later to Iran after Khomeiny. That deal is said to have been worth no less than 4 billion Dkr.

P. Bilgart is the name of the Danish straw man that was used to transfer the company to the Israelis. He was employed by Salgad the Israeli Arms Company (Later KOOR).

Shlomo's son Poju Zabludowicz now plays a part in Britains Israel Lobby both Conseravtive as well as Labour friends of Israel, he also is a member of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). Tamares Real Estate Investments is a Zabludowicz subsidiary based in Britain. Occidental Observer December 8 2009. | Inside Britains Israel Lobby video

According to Peter Oevig Knudsen this excuse is not at all applicable to this case, where there only was action between private individuals with no involvement of any kind from the Danish government. Through all the 27 years that passed no argument has ever surfaced that could give any reason why this case was surrounded with so much secrecy for so long.

TV host Martin Breum and Peter Oevig Knudsen chit chat about the reasons; Johan Schroeder was a fine gentleman, a high profile figure in society and the business world, he had close relations to the Royal Family, fear that foreign countries might think that the Danish government, or that the Royal Family was implicated in the plot. (Other 'friends' of the Royal Family are currently standing trial in an ecstasy smuggling case.)

Although the connection to the Jewish Arab conflict in the context of discussing the arms deal affair; the Marxist PLFLP friendly Blekinge Street Gang seems obvious, neither of the two, host nor guest talked about the possibility that somehow illegal dealings with the Jewish side was looked upon as a rather innocent breech of conduct, by the Danish administration, or the possibility of other possible dealings involving Danish officials and Israeli government / Mossad involvements, favors or deals.
[The rumours says that the Mossad doen't have a very high esteem of their Danish collegues!]

As a matter of fact the wiretapping of the communications between Johan Schroeder and Bent Weibel were conducted, not out of interest for Johan Schroeder's affairs, but because of Weibel's dealings with the Soviet Union.

In contrast to Schroeder, who gets off with a suspended sentence and low exposure, Weibel gets eight years in jail for espionage for the Sovjet Union.

Well there seems a whole lot more to tell about this case, but I will stop here for now.


Så sent som den 26 maj optræder Johan Schröder som den gode giver, da han uddeler 100.000 kr. til bekæmpelse af cykeltyverier. På et billede i artiklen ses Johan Schrøder, formand for Alexander Foss’ Industrifond,overrække en pris til DTU-studerende Sebastian Sztuk (Thomas Berg var forhindret i at være til stede ved overrækkelsen) samt to øvrige prismodtagere, Jeppe Resen Amossen og Henrik Seibæk.
DTU 26 maj 2009 - To DTU-studerende har modtaget 100.000 kr. til bekæmpelse af cykeltyverier

TV Broadcast Deadline 31 October 2007 - Martin Breum, Peter Øvig Knudsen Blekingegadebanden

Danish Arms Manufacturer - Wejra A/S

Information 23 oktober 2007 - Det er bare et spørgsmål om at holde kæft

DR Orientering 22. oktober 2007 - Blekingegadebanden del 1


1) Footnote

Growing problems with the extreme left in Denmark

Nazi Imagery with added
Communist symbols

Latest trend with the extreme left

The last few years there has been a strong upsurge in violence from the extreme left, including paint attacks aganst the Prime Minister as well as death threats, culminating in an arson attack on the house of the Minister of Interior last year. Several attacks by hundreds of thugs on a Christian congregation, their Church and their Kindergarten were among the heroic deeds of the neofascist communists.

Citizens who want to express their opinions in public, writers and speakers have been systematically attacked for decades, and just about one month ago, three protestors including a woman in her twenties and a lady aged 73, who wanted to protest against the visit from a Saudi sharia delegation to a Danish 'Human Rights' agency were admitted to a hospital, after having been attacked by a large gang of (red) fascists armed with iron pipes.

The same crowd was active around the most giantic scenes of destruction the City of Copenhagen has seen the last few years, streets on fire, burning cars and desperate citizens.


In spite of that, the media still invite people who represent these extremists on TV where they are invited to comment. So freat is the love of the Danish Media for these fascists that the national TV Station Danmarks Radio's Director Kenneth Plummer, allowed himself to be photographed in what in fact was a 'support your local left wing extremist' T-shirt. The Ungdomshuset logo has become a symbol of terror for people from many walks of life, from shop owners to families with children and the elderly.

Notably Erik Jensen from DEMOS, René Karpanchof, his old buddy now with academic title, and a person who calls himself Jonas Jensen from the red fascist group REDOX. This Jonas Jensen has never been seen in person as far as I know, but he is quoted frequently by newspapers as though he is a real person.

Copenhagen Burning
Desperate Citizens resist
2 September 2007 Copenhagen Burning English

Another extremist, convicted for launching a paint bomb attack on PM Fogh Rasmussen in the Parliament building; Lars Grenaa holds a position in a Danish Childcare Workers Union, and works as a free lance expert in organizing anti-government demonstrations when an opportunity arises. But the Danish press has a long record of offering a platform to criminals of the right (left wing) persuasion and protecting their identity.

The brownshirts of the extreme and violent left in Denmark join seamlessly with the echelons of the Marxist party Enhedslisten and it all spills over somewhere in the more moderate Socialist People's Party (SF).

Enhedslisten effectively is the parlamentary front end of the street fighting fascist thugs, but also members and supporters of the Socialist Party have been known to take part in harressment of politicians and civilians. The party leader Villy Soevndal refused to make any excuses, and in fact denied the matter.

Lately the fascist left has tried to convince the public and the media of alleged assaults on their members supposedly perpetrated by 'Nazi's', but without any evidence at all for their claims.

Police officer: Left wingers complaints publicity stunt

A police officer publicly called attempts from a member of the City Council for the extreme Enhedslisten party in Aarhus to blame 'Nazi's' for supposed unprovoked attacks for 'an attempt to get media attention', and a 'publicity stunt'. The latest red fascist riots in Copenhagen caused ordinary citizens to contemplate forming of vigilante groups in order to protect their houses and other property from the looting arsonists.

More about the Danish red fascist movement halfway down in this post at Balder Blog English


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