Ali Dizaei Iranian - Dual nationality Scotland Yard
  Ali Dizaei - Iranian - Dual nationality

Extra facts:

The Danish police intelligence agency PET each year collects reports about racist incidents from the countries police precincts. The purpose according to PET is ‘to find out if signs of more organized and systematic criminal actions resulting from racism and xenophobia can be detected’. In Britain, the (alleged) victim exclusively decides if a case is registered and investigated as a racist crime. Only after the police have investigated the case more closely the claim of racism can eventually be dismissed.In Denmark, it is the police who exclusively decide weather a case is labeled as racist or not. The police can dismiss a racism complaint before the case has been investigated.

Translated from an article in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet November 5 2007 - images and captions added by website.

Scotland Yard scorns Danish police

Scotland Yards assessment of Danish figures about racially motivated crime

Danish police are to a wide extent blind for the racism to which Danish citizens are subject. Such is the assessment from several experts from the British police unit Scotland Yard that has studied the Danish police intelligence agency PET latest report on racism.

The report shows that the police registered 85 episodes, which possibly could have been racially motivated. In London alone the police registered more than 10.000 cases during the same period.

- 85 registered racist incidents in a whole country is pure nonsense, says police inspector Ali Dizaei.

- This can only mean that a large number of Danes are victims of racism without any body taking care of that from the side of the authorities.

Your police absolutely misses something here, he points out.


Translated from:

Ekstra Bladet 5 november 2007 - Scotland Yard håner dansk politi &
Jyllands Posten 5 november 2007 - Scotland Yard: Danmark overser racisme


Comment Balder:

Well I suppose the honorable Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei who happens to be an Iranian-born muslim with dual nationality, probably does not know as much about Denmark, the way of life of the Danes, their mindset, or what happenes in Danish streets as he knows about the condition of camels and donkeys in the Iranian village where he was born.

First of all the population of London (7,5 million) is almost one and a half times the size of the size of the entire Danish population (5,5 millions).

Secondly, Danish police does not go about and murder innocent Brazilian tourists and exposes the public to great danger firing numerous shots in a public space densely packed with people in the process.

  4 year old Racist Rocky Smith

Young Rocky Smith, standing outside his school here, had been accused of racism after spitting at a black schoolmate. But Rocky’s parents Sarah and Iain Smith are angry that the matter was taken so far because they say son their son is too young to know what “racist” means. Fried brains

In Denmark, we still have not begun accusing 4-year-old white children of racism, and we also do not think it is worth prosecuting City Mayors nor do we sentence them to community service for comparing a Jewish journalist stalker to a nazi concentration camp guard.

But perhaps this is because we in Denmark still do not have that many 'Asians' (read muslims) in leading positions in the police force if any; and perhaps it is therefore we still make a distinction between serious crimes and the trivial.

The latest muslim cop that made headlines in Denmark was Mohamed (Mudi) Hassan and it was not becaust of Danish racism, but because his muslim brothers torched his car for siding with the wrong crowd!

We also do not have segregated police unions for black officers, muslim officers, jewish officers and homosexual officers for that matter!

A Paradise for Racists

How is it possible we have done without those wonderful institutions for so long, when they have shown to result in such great improvements in Britain? After all 10,000 racist incidents in London alone doesn't really compare to 85 in Denmark, even if we multiply that number with a factor 10, to catch some of those terrible cases of racism that might have been neglected. Britain must be a paradise for racists it seems.

According to the British reports, the streets must be crawling with racist nationalists ready for action! Perhaps a whole new wave of tourism can be expected. In the Danish streets, it is long an sad time waiting for racist incidents perpetrated by whites to happen, and it is not entirely without risk, since immigrant on native violence is actually not such a rare occurance as its opposite.

In Denmark, we still do not belief in apartheid the (new) British way, in spite of the fact that many muslim immigrant voices and their marxist supporters are actually calling for it.

  Muslim police 10 times as corrupt as real Brits
  Update September 4 2008
  Commander Shabir Hussain - Underarchieving ethnic police
Shabir Hussain, 45
  Commander Shabir Hussain, who is one of the highest-ranked ethnic minority officers in the country, blamed ‘racism’ for his inability to score better, and brought an employment tribunal case alleging he had been repeatedly overlooked for promotion because “my face did not fit and did not fit because I am not white.” Senior Asian Police Officer Scores Poorly on Test, Claims ‘Racism’

In Denmark Nick Griffin would never have stood trial for the remarks he made during a private party convention which were taped by an undercover BBC reporter, we can draw mohammed without the fear of repercussion by the government, and we can completely unafraid give our opinion about the so called prophet muhammed, call him a violent thug and a pedophile murderer if we wish to do so.

We can even make jokes about gays and lesbians, without being subject to the risk of seven years imprisonment.

There are many things we can still do in Denmark, without having to fear Big Brother or Big Brothers army of affirmative action employed Asian muslims who apparently are constantly scanning their surroundings for prophet defying remarks or anything else which to them might seems an obstacle to furter islamization of the country.

On the contrary; ourDanish government even publishes official statistics showing that muslim immigrants' and their offspring a highly over represented among perpetrators of serious violent crime such as robbery, murder and rape, and the racist Danish army still publishes the truth when a report shows that average third world immigrant intelligence is significantly lower than that of indigenous Danes!

Yes we had a few experiments with immigrants in the police force; the first one that came to the knowledge of the nation was a girl of Turkish descent who was hailed as an example for Asian youth in the usual politically correct TV channels pro multicult broadcasts, until she was sentenced for theft and fraud before she could even finish her police education!

Well perhaps af that and other episodes we are a little more careful in Denmark about how much 'affirmative action' we use in application procedures, so we do not yet see headlines common in Britain, such as:

  Brian Mikkelsen Conservatives
Minister of Cultural Affairs

Speech at Party Convention sep 24 2005
We have also begun fighting the multicultural ideology, which says that everything is equally good. Because if everything is equally good, everything is trivial, and as Conservatives we can not accept that..
A medieval Muslim culture is never going to be just as good in this country as the Danish culture which as it happens has grown on the piece of land. [..] In the middle of our country, our own country, a parallel society is emerging where minorities practice their medieval standards and anti-democratic way of thought. We neither can nor will accept that. It is here we have the new front in the cultural struggle. Read the rest

(!) No, we do not belief in rewarding minorities with a consistently high crime rate, by discriminating against the native population with the anti-white racism which is called by the eufemism 'affirmative action'. The multicultural multi-ethnic chaos is big enough even without recruiting more under achieving blacks and browns to the police force, just because they have the 'right color'.

How did this moon bat Iranian get the position he presently holds at Scotland Yard, while society as a whole probably would have been better off if he had stuck to driving a taxi or selling kebab? Interesting question..

Well, perhaps it is excusable that because of his background or his lack of education and European experience outside London, the Iranian Scotland Yard officer Ali Dizaei does not have fantasy enough to imagine that racism, at least racism from the side of the native Danes, is not a big problem in Denmark, and that thus the Danish statistiscs do not show the expected/desired results.

And that in spite of the fact that the police have been urged before by multicultural organizations to fix their results, so they would be more in line with the common conception among 'anti-racist' and pro multicult lobbies that (white) racism ought to be an enormous problem in Denmark, and have actually tried to do so. However, much to the demise of the brave 'anti-racists' not with the success these notorious liars and slanderers from the multicult lobby had hoped for.

No need to hassle immigrants; we still have some democracy

In Denmark we don't have to be abusive towards immigrants, even if we hope and work for their departure as hard as we can, because we still have something which resembles democracy; we have a dedicated anti immigration party, (15% of the vote) where people can promote their aims in a legal and organized democratic fashion. We also have people like Brian Mikkelsen, not even a member of the anti-immigration Danish People's Party, who still can say sensible things out loud once in a while, without having to step down afterwards like British realists such as Nigel Hastilow just a few days ago!

As a matter of fact the right wing Prime Minister and his Socialist opponent in the coming election just ensured the public, that the numbers do matter, and in fact a number of other remarks that would have been condemmened by the same crowd that forced Hastilow to resign. But here in Denmark we are so god damned racist that hardly anybody noticed.

Forget about repression, reinstall free speech

Perhaps also in Britain the number of (alleged) 'racist attacks' against immigrants, for it is of course just that Mr. Ali Dizaei is looking for, would drop if the British National Party, the only party in Britain that works for the interests of the native British people, was not slandered, villified and obstructed with the dubious methods that were used in the past.

Perhaps it is time for Britain to change direction, and move away from being a police state with tight laws aimed at silencing and controlling opposition to leading ideologists and their sick ideas, and think about returning to the principles of free speech, equal treatment for all, including white native Britons. In short; return to democracy as it was known before it was perverted by Marxist utilitarianism and Eurocrat dreams of a paradisiacal new world order.

Excerpt from Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood Speech

Enoch Powell’s speech was given to fellow Conservatives on 20th April 1968 at the Midland Hotel in Birmingham. His concern about 50,000 migrants should be seen in context of today’s estimated annual inflow of 480,000.

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population.

It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancées whom they have never seen".



We currently need skilled and semi-skilled workers of all kinds in Denmark, we offer high wages compared to Britain for lower middle class and middle class jobs, and the best free social security and unemployment system in the world. You'll like it here in spite of our own problems with immigrants. Racist Denmark is paradise for White Brits who are fed up with multicultural Britain. Still Lebensraum for whites. England is lost. The job part is serious. Build your new future in Denmark. Whites are welcome. Islamization is 20 years behind Britain and can still be countered.



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Racisme og kampen mod indvandringen

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For det første arbejder manden nemlig ikke ved Scotland Yard - han er en ganske almindelig politimester i Fulham og Hammersmith Burrough. For det andet er han ikke ansat som ekspert i racisme. Og for det tredie har manden en kontroversiel karriere, hvor beskyldninger om racisme er blevet brugt som redskab til at true sig til fremgang i karrieren.”

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