A cry of despair from Greece - Criminal muslims from Albania destroy society

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'I am scared. God save us all'.

Such was the last line in a general response from Menandros to articles featured at Balder.org. We hear so little from Greece probably because of language problems. So I decided to publish this response as an independent article in its own right. Balder

I come from a land that fights the hordes of Asia and Africa for 25 centuries now.

We are the only European country to have been attacked by an African country (late 1820’s Egypt the attacker) in the recent history and we totter in our miserable existance, but still there. If you haven’t guessed yet i’ll help you it’s Greece.

I saw the list of crimes you have and suddenly came to my mind the situation here.In the 90’s our 9 million country had an influx of immigrants most of whom were from neighbooring muslim Albania. Officially they are 700.000 of them (1/4 of the Albanian population in Albania) staying and working here.

The orgy of crimes that started here was not seen since the Egyptian army destroyed Messolongi in 1827.

Old ladies raped, young women raped, killings, robberies etc. My house has been robbed by them too.

I know that in every group of people exist bad and good members, sometimes you are lucky to meet a good one and others unlucky to meet a bad one. I tried to understand the immigrants since my family are immigrants as well, to USA, Switzerland and Germany. But these guys that came to Greece are wild savages.

And they take advantage our poor system of social welfare. They work in the summer in tourism and in the winter in the building constructions. In the winter although they work, they declare unemployed and get a check too and full health insurance. They also come to give birth for free.

I am really sad of what happens and i don’t know what to do. my world has collapsed to be honest.

I remember my grandmother used to have the key on her door in case someone of us passes by to not ring a bell. Before she died even in the early years of immigration she replaced her door with a fortified one out of fear.

I see kids getting beaten up by immigrant kids and i wonder how should i protect mine. I am the last generation that experienced a homogeneous school and this new experience for me is strange and beyond comprehension.

Not only in Greece but throughout Europe I see people frightened alone with no protection and the police to be the protectors of the criminals. I really hope that we should unite the nations of Europe to withstand the threat that is already here.

My country has a population of almost 11 million. 700.000 albanians + 150.000 Turks + 200.000 Asian Muslims it makes almost 10% muslims consist the population of Greece.

And people on tv talk about David Beckham.

I am scared. God save us all.


Comment Balder:

Thank you so very much for your reaction Menandros, I and thousands of other Danes and European in General share your sentiments and your sadness.

I am sure that many people would like to know more about the situation in Greece of which our controlled media tell us virtually nothing, just as they told us nothing about the on going mohammedanian riots in Slotervaart in Holland, that have been going on for nine days i a row.

The media were too busy celebrating their victory for their media campaign about some poor poor rejected asylum seekers who refuse to go home, and now thanks to the treacherous media have been promised more or less that is, that they can live outside the asylum centers thus mocking the already much too lenient Asylum laws.

They are also celebrating that their campaign for the admittance of 20 Iraqi interpreters who assisted the Danish army in Iraq, resulted in bringing them and their families, including several wives in all together 600 hundred new muslims in this already muslim infested country. The Media are the real government in this country, they are a menace to its people who are being effectively brainwashed every day, and every night.

From the numbers you gave us I can see that the situation in Greece is even worse than in Denmark.
We have a population of 5 million and somewhere between 300.000 and 500.000 third world immigrants, mostly mohammedanians.

If you could tell us more stories about the desperate situation in Greece, I would be happy to publish them here, and if for some reason (like censorship) you would like to publish articles in the Greek language, I would publish them as well.

Perhaps you could tell us something more about Greek politics. Is there an anti-immigration movement, any active resistance, and what are their chances, how about censorship and repression in Greece and so on.


Don't forget to read Menandros' detailed and extremely interesting story about the situation in Greeece, politics, immigration, history.

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