Danish Culture Minister invites Hirsi Ali to live in Denmark

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Brian Mikkelsen, Danish Culture Minister offers to pay for the protection of Hirsi Ali who lives under constant threat from Islamic fundamentalists. Update: the famous speech of Brian Mikkelsen at the Conservative Party's annual convention in 2005.

Danish invitation to Hirsi Ali


Brian Mikkelsen - Denmark Minister of Cultural Affairs
Brian Mikkelsen - Culture Minister

  Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Fredom Prize Denmark
Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Anders Fogh Rasmussen
  Hirsi Ali in Denmark on a former occasion when awarded a Freedom Prize by the Danish Centre right Party Venstre

Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen (conservatives) sends a direct request to Danish municipalities in which he urges them to invite the Somali born writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali to live in Denmark.

It would be logical to invite her in the context of the new free city arrangement for persecuted writers for which the Danish government is preparing a draft for a new law.

'Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be the first on the top of a list of writers that in my opinion ought to be invited to Denmark. She has been a prime fighter for freedom of expression, and she has also been exposed to direct personal threats against her own life', the Danish culture minister was quoted for saying.

Under protection since 2004

Hirsi Ali has lived under police protection since 2004, when she was the author of a manuscript for the controversial film 'Submission', the film for which the instructor Theo van Gogh was murdered by an Islamic fanatic. Last week the Dutch parliament decided that the Dutch government no longer wants to pay for her protection when she takes residence in the US.

According to Brian Mikkelsen the government will be prepared to pay for the expenses for her security that will be needed in connection with housing the author in a Danish free city.

'It is clear that Hirsi Ali will crave an extraordinary expense. We will look at that positively', said Brian Mikkelsen.

His invitation was met with broad support from the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg. The former Mayor of Odense, now counselor for cultural affairs the Social Democrat Anker Boye, is ready to discuss the matter with the government.

So far a report from the newspaper Jyllands Posten.

Source: Jyllands-Posten October 14 2007 - [1] Dansk invitation til Hirsi Ali

  [2] Alex Ahrendtsen Danish People's Party Odense
Alex Ahrendtsen
Vice Mayor DPP - DF

The idea of inviting Hirsi Ali to Odense was originally proposed by the city of Odense's Vice Mayor Alex Ahrendtsen from the anti-immigration Danish People's Party, who at that time did not get support from many of the local politicians.

But after the announcement by Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen a new situation has occurred.

Brian Mikkelsen has been criticized in the past by ‘politically correct voices’ for giving a speech in which he explicitly mentioned Islam as a threat to Danish culture. See further down.

Alex Ahrendtsens [2] homepage



Nederlands - Dutch -Hollandsk Jyllands-Posten October 15 October 2007 - [3] Hirsi Ali offered refuge in Denmark

Nederlands - Dutch -Hollandsk Trouw October 8 -
[4] Deense stad wil Hirsi Ali veilig onderdak bieden


From the Speech of Brian Mikkelsen at the Conservative / Liberal Party's Annual Convention September 24 2005.

[...] We have also begun fighting the multicultural ideology, which says that everything is equally good.

Because if everything is equally good, everything is trivial, and as Conservatives we can not accept that..

A medieval Muslim culture is never going to be just as good in this country as the Danish culture which as it happens has grown on the piece of land that lies between Skagen and Gedser and between Due Odde and Blaavandshuk.

In the middle of our country, our own country, a parallel society is emerging where minorities practice their medieval standards and anti-democratic way of thought. We neither can nor will accept that. It is here we have the new front in the cultural struggle.

It can be asked: which role does Conservative culture politics play in this cultural battle. I will then answer: a very big role. Because it is Conservative policy to strengthen knowledge of our cultural heritage, because what are we without knowledge of our past. We would become free floating atoms in a weightless universe not knowing where our home is and where we belong.

Our cultural heritage enriches us, and strengthens our identity as Danes as Danish citizens in a time marked by globalization and mass migration, and a cultural rearmament is the best vaccine against undemocratic currents in society.

We have also started a project which is to create a national culture canon. This will be a gift to all citizens in our country, which will tell about the most important, and the most interesting from our cultural history.

It is a gift to all citizens in this country, also to immigrants, who will have access to the common frame of reference Danish culture is built upon........

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