Copenhagen burning

September 2 2007

Last night, Saturday September 2 after a demonstration by the militant activists who are organized around the now demolished Red Fascist Commando Central Ungdomshuset [House for young people] violent riots broke out, 64 Communists were so far arrested. Immigrant thugs also joined the battle.

Desperate citizens say they will fight back
  Copenhagen burning - Desperate citizens fight back

Desperate citizens, victims of the communist rioters have begun defending themselves. This man laughing almost insanely in despair and clenching a hammer, warned that next time around they would be ready to take matters into their own hands, since the police had proved itself unable to protect their property and guarantee their safety. The group that had armed itself with fire extinguishers went down to the streets ready to take matters into their own hands.


  Copen hagen riots Police car torched
Red Fascists torching police car

After the first part of the event, a demonstration to 'commemorate' the riots that erupted six month ago in connection with the street battles around the now flattened Ungdomshuset that had begun in the afternoon, developed into a violent Intifada.

Supermarkets and other shops were looted for carpets, furniture and other flammable items subsequently used to erect barricades in the streets that were set alight.

A yellow gloom lighted the plagued Copenhagen precinct of Noerrebro [Nørrebro / Nørrebronx] and mixed with blue flashes from police cars.

Glass scattered across the pavement and on the driveway, burning vehicles, trash containers and inventory of looted shops and warehouses on fire blended together with sirens from police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. The smell of bonfires stacked with synthetic materials poisoned the air.

Black clad hooded communist thugs fled or attacked like dark shadows clinging to what is the most popular basic weapon for communist street fighting in Copenhagen; the 'brosten'; a more or less cubic brick of solid granite from which many of the older streets of Copenhagen are made.

The whole misery started last year when the Christian Church Faderhuset [The Fathers House] acquired the property at Jagtvej 69 in the Noerrebro quarter that is part of the inner city of Copenhagen a 20 minute walk from the glamorous 'Walking Street known as 'Stroeget / Strøget'.

The quarter has a large number of immigrants and communists and squatters, among whom there is a substantial number of people who can be described in no other terms than genuinely violent red fascists who enjoy the dangerous game they have exploited for a longer number of years, culminating in the violent riots that broke out six month ago, lasted several days, and left the whole quarter looking like a battle zone, with burned out cars, broken windows, and barricade materials scattered all across the streets.

International Communism

The Communist army that had substantial foreign support managed to mobilize other riots and attacks in other cities, and amongst other burned several trucks and busses belonging to a firm that had been hired to help to transport rubble from the flattened communist bunker.

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Looking back six months' (Image right )

  The Avenging Angel

Jugement Day for Ungdomshuset
Six Month ago...

The Avenging Angel to the left represents Ruth Evensen, leader of the Church Faderhuset who acted balanced and bravely by not caving in to the many serious threats and assaults from the violent communists through an extremely long period of time the end of which has not yet come.

The decapitated figure lying next to the grave stone for Ungdomshuset (Ungeren) is a depiction of the spokesman for the Ungdomshuset, Adam Kortzen, and to the right a politician from the Marxist fringe party Enhedslisten [Unity List] Brian Skov Nielsen who makes a habit of disguising himself with a hood when assisting personally and physically in bringing about the demise of the reactionary and racist society in real life like in public libraries where meetings of political opponents take place..

Not only did she withstand the physical attacks and death threats from left wing radicals and muslim immigrants, she also withstood the horrific attempts from the press and some politicians who largely sided with the extremists and their consistent policy of blackmail to paint her and Church of The Fatherhouse as the evil villains in this conflict. Not the incredible violence exerted by these left wing extremists, but Ruth Evensen's rejection of accepting enforced compliance with the code of the radical left and the just as radical multicultural lobby, as the real problem at stake. This criminal movement is one that seems to choose Islam over Christianity, and left wing extremism over age old customs and hard won constitutional rights.

The Church's much criticized known rejection of homosexuality, same sex marriages and pre-marital sex, was routinely used as an argument to excuse the extreme actions explain them away and then continue to act as a political front end of the violent mob in question and repeat the demand to comply with the demands of the hijackers and deliver the goods for free, and no strings attached.

A new house where Red Fascists can continue to plot and organize among a civilian cover of sincere and innocent young people who use the house for the purposes that such houses usually are used for in western societies, listening and producing music, painting, using Internet facilities, play ping pong, chess and other normal activities. Not a house run behind the scenes by an ethnically Danish version of Hamas.


Embassies outside Denmark were occupied by supporters from the international communist movement, which is a most simple but truthful way to describe the combined force of the hundreds of larger and smaller groups often with apparently harmless or even sympathetic creative names.

They also managed to organize extremely forceful Internet attacks, known as Dos or dDos attacks that managed to silence websites that were reporting the riots or seen as hostile to the International Communist movement for month' on end. This website was one of the victims, although it was the one most successful in surviving the attacks never to have been offline in sustained periods, but others were not so lucky.

I consulted a number of expert hosting companies, and they all reported that the attacks were of an unusual great strength.

The above details are only to give some impression of how well coordinated and professionally organized the communist army managed to disrupt large parts of society and force the mobilization of police in great numbers for weeks at a time.

After a number of intermezzo's of a smaller magnitude, now once again Red Fascists have shown their willingness to set out on gerilla warfare and try to reach their goals with the most extreme of methods.

I could probably fill you in on many more details about the current developments, but for now I will leave that to others, and concentrate on an issue I find even more alarming than the violent actions themselves: the treatment of the problem by the media and the politicians, not least the language used to report and discuss these problems, the solutions or non solutions offered by public figures and the astonishing ways in which some people who are publicly condemning the Red Fascist actions are voicing their opinions.

Come back later to read more about the Danish reactions and opinions on these events that I think will prove even more interesting than watching the burning streets or listening to on the spot descriptions of the situation, that most of us have heard sufficiently to be able to imagine ourselves.

I myself am shocked by the reactions to these events by politicians of all directions, some civilians sharing the beleaguered quarter, and even police officials.

To me this is the real scandal, to which I will try to return before long.

Photo's from Copenhagen riots September 2 2007 at Jyllands Posten

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