The Danish People's Party goes from a total of 11 % of the Danish vote during the latest elections to 17.8 % if elections were to be held today, according to a poll by the Ramboell institute.

The Social Democrats stand to lose nine seats in parliament and now has support from only 21.6 % of the voters. A complete disaster for the Social democrat party, despite all the completely grotesque manipulation by Denmark’s two TV stations DR and TV2, which both seem to have decided to support left wing and muslim positions, and broadcast a wide range of propaganda day and night.

Media bias

Nowhere could I find any mention of the demonstration in Odense today in the Internet edition of Odense and Funen's biggest local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, while there were numerous articles about God knows which obscure 'initiative' from muslim organizations (there must be one organization for every four muslims) and left wing / muslim alliances.

Free Speech supporters in Holland have designed this flag, which combines the colors of the Danish and the Dutch flags, Dutchmark or Nedermarken as an expression of solidarity with the freedom loving people of Denmark. Via Hirsi Ali blog

I can mention that even the most obscure manifestations from muslims 'towards peace' are being hailed as great initiatives, such as a miniscule 'website' where some anonymous person states to apologize for the violence and threats on behalf of a group of muslims (but in the end still holds Jyllands Posten responsible!). This news and similar insignificant 'action' is being broadcasted and advertised on a regular basis.

Some of the so called 'initiatives for peace and understanding' or 'building bridges' are being arranged with the participation of muslim fundamentalists, such as Asmaa Abdol Hamid. The latter is among other things known for refusing to shake hands with men, and other extreme islamist ideas, and is always completely covered up by a headscarf. So fundamentalist muslim initiatives are being advertised by the TV media as 'great signs of integration' and a proof that 'all muslims are not like the violent crowds burning ambassies in the Middle East. It's a laugh!

The extreme left party Enhedslisten has forgotten it's atheist communist philosophy and basic causes like 'equal rights for woman' and freedom of speech, and is now nominates fundamentalist muslims like Asmaa Abdol Hamid to the Odense city council.

Asmaa Abdol Hamid 'socialist' fundamentalist muslim

Karsten Hoenge Socialist against islamofascism

Another of this extreme left wing party's candidates is a Danish born convert to islam by the name of Anna Rytter who was elected to the Odense city council. The love for islam (or the longing for dictatorship?) and the promise of support from the muslim community, has obviously led this supposedly marxist party pretty far away from it's ideological roots. This party by the way is the political front end of the redfascist gangs who are always ready to disrupt free speech and similar manifestations with violent actions. In Copenhagen more than 150 of these thugs were arrested last week when trying to disrupt a quiet demonstration by about 70 right wingers in Hilleroed. So AFA violence and muslim violence goes hand in hand, politically as well as in the streets. A fundamentalist muslim / fundamentalist Marxist alliance, against which more moderate left wingers such as the socialist (SF) Karsten Hoenge have warned as being treason towards basic and traditional socialist and humanist ideas.

Now a demonstration supporting Jyllands Posten and free speech is not mentioned in the same media. Had there been any proof of participation by so called right wing extremists, the media would not have hesitated for a second to demonize the arrangement, now that this is not the case, the popular initiative is not being mentioned at all.

The above mentioned demonstration will take place today at 14:00 o'clock in the centre of Denmark on the island of Funen (Fyn) in the city of Odense. Speakers will be Anders Gravers, Michael Ellegaard, Aase Clausen Bjerg and the born again Christian fundamentalist Moses Hansen. There are no common ideological bonds between any of the speakers apart from their resistance to muslim immigration and the islamification of Danish society.

At the latest elections the Anders Fogh Rasmussen government block of Venstre and Konservative, the two traditional liberal parties,  supported by Pia Kjaersgaards Danish People's Party had a  majority of 13 seats in Parliament. Now this distance has grown to 25 seats.

Note that the Social Democrat opposition has adopted many of the Danish People's Parties policies already, and supported the 24 years law and other key points of the Danish People's Party's policies, and that main part of current Danish  policies on immigration and integration has been brought into effect with the votes of the Social Democrats.

Danish redfascists and others who might be planning to disturb this lawful demonstration are asked to consult the writings of one of their own Godfathers, the left wing intellectual Nils Bredsdorff before taking action. Some reason has even trickled into the brains of some left wing icons. Syng de Sataniske Vers

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