Holland - MP Geert Wilders wants to ban the koran

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Geert Wilders  - PVV Partij Voor Vrijheid
Geert Wilders

Party leader Geert Wilders from the Party For Freedom [PVV - Partij Voor de Vrijheid] wants to ban the koran.

He wrote this in a letter to De Volkskrant [nation wide Dutch PC newspaper].

According to Wilders the koran is a fascist book that incites to violence.

He calls the muslim holy book for 'the islamic Mein Kampf'.

The aforementioned book is not allowed to be sold anymore in Holland since the end of WWII.

Wilders thinks that the Koran just like Mein Kampf should be forbidden.

Ehsan Jami
Ehsan Jami
apostate of islam

Use of the Koran in the home and in the mosque should be punished, Wilders says in De Volkskrant.

He is defending the recently manhandled chairman of the committee for ex muslims Ehsan Jami.

The chairman should have been placed under protection a long time ago, said Wilders.

According to the Member of Parliament a ban on the koran is a clear signal to the islamists who use the koran as an excuse to legitimize violence.

Enough is enough, says the party chairman.

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