[Update September 25 2007 - Red fascist thugs tried to block entrance to library in Svendborg on Tuesday September 24 where Erik Haaest (72) was delivering a lecture. 23 communists were handcuffed and arrested by the police. The lecture proceeded with some delay. Source (Danish only) Ekstra Bladet - Fyens Stiftstidende]

By the author Erik Haaest

Lies from extrem leftwing activists in the Danish left wing newspaper Information caused the Simon Wiesenthal Center to address the Danish Prime Minister with demands of pulling back a scholarship from the alleged 'holocaust denier'. [Comment Balder]

Thanks to the world media for all the attention that has been given to my person and my writings after a feature article appeared in the Danish newspaper Information in this summer's silly season.

Erik Haaest
Erik Haaest contact

Thanks also to all those who, without understanding what it was all about, mixed in the debate anyway.

Such camp followers always pop up without thinking, much less taking the trouble to investigate the facts. In this case ask themselves what interest two old socialist fundamentalists could have in writing something, that only one person - me - could uncover as a lie.

I rejoice in the knowledge that the feature article and the following debate has given my body of work a PR boost, the like of which I have not experienced during my almost 50 years as a writer. As an extra bonus that PR boost even grew to international proportions, thanks to an utterly foolish call from the Simon Wiesenthal Center in America.

But my greatest gratitude goes to those who after a few days of reading newspapers went to the bookstore in order to buy my new book 'Collaborators' [Hippofolk] - or to the library to borrow it, or borrowed one of the other more than 30 books I have written.

Doing that, they learned more about me as a writer. But they must also have been surprised to discover, that what they could read with their own eyes written by me, did not fit very well with what they had read about me, in the newspapers, had heard in the radio or had seen on TV.

Sour old men

The feature article in 'Information' published July 18, was written by to sour old men, whose sensitive red toes I have never spared during my many long years of journalistic work (I am not a historian) of shedding a more differentiated light on Danish history, before, during, and after the German occupation.

Erik Jensen

One of the two sour old men. Together with Poul Smidt he wrote the defaming article in Information. In it he says:

Erik Haaest is a pensioner and lives on the isle of Funen and he certainly is no dangerous man. Freedom of the press makes that we know where he lives..

Now that may sound innocent on face value, but when one knows the background of Erik Jensen, who is closely connected to the violent red fascist group AFA and their underground communist intelligence service REDOX, this statement takes on a different meaning. These groups have been known for years to terrorize political opponents by publishing their names and addresses on the Internet, often accompanied by suggestions to 'pay them a visit'. Since I, the author of this blog, has experienced such attacks in the past I perceive this statement about the whereabouts of Erik Haaest as a threat. Balder

There was a time when the two authors of the feature article in 'Information' Poul Smidt and Erik Jensen were Great Mandarins on the Holy Mountain of Righteous Convictions.

Before the change of government [from Socialist to centre-right] they belonged to the inner circles of pundits who could skim the cream off the milk with their political correct opinions and their party alliances.

Thanks to the dominance of the 'generation of 68', such conjurers benefited enormously from the generous sprinkling of tax payer money from kindred spirits who took good care that the right people received government subsidies.

The electorate got tired of this cultural radicalism and it's arbitry of taste, which created a chance for the centre right opposition.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his fresh troops came into power, and with the blink of an eye they changed the past's political arbitry of taste into something new: Support for planned projects, for new thoughts and ideas - and last but not least the requirement of results.

The feature article in Information was lined up as an attack on the Arts Council; the reason given was the fact that they on two separate occasions had awarded me a scholarship of 100.000 Danish Crowns.

Such 'subsidies' are not free gifts, but more like a state loan exempted from interest, earmarked for certain projects that have been applied for and are granted together with a demand that the applicant delivers a result and accounts for every penny that is used.

In my case the scholarship was awarded so I could finish the book 'Collaborators - Danish terrorists in the Nazi Era' [Hipofolk - Danske terrorister i Nazitiden], (published May 2007) and 'Anna - one of the 19th centuries woman in Denmark sentenced to death' [Anna - en af 1900-tallets to dødsdømte kvinder i Danmark]

These were subjects nobody before me had wanted or dared to touch with a barge pole.

When the two sour men could not come up with factual criticism, they reverted to the usual methods often used in cases like this: mud throwing; defamation against people with different opinions; they presented a number of defamatory statements about me to create an atmosphere of hate so I would not be able to get more scholarships on future occasions.

From a 30 year old pamphlet, they claimed in spite of what they knew them selves to be true - that I had written as my own personal opinion that there existed no gas chambers in Hitler's Concentration camps', and that I had called The Diary of Anne Frank 'lies and swindle' and that I belonged to the so called 'holocaust deniers'.

The media's talk show hosts and several babbling editors danced the tail wags the dog tango to the defamatory duo's false whistle. I was not surprised by that. I had for a long time already got used to the role as the journalist they love to hate in these particular circles.

Claes Kastholm Hansen Spoke in Copenhagen synagoge wearing a yarmulka
Claes Kastholm Hansen

Claes Kastholm Hansen has come under attack and was subject to defamatory statements by enemies of free speech after his endorsement of the grant to Erik Haaest reached the front pages, and has since shown 'remorse' by announcing that he was not aware of Mr. Haaest's 'revisionist views'.

Interesting: Claes Kastholm Hansen delivered a speech in the synagoge in Krystalgade in Copenhagen dressed up in a Jewish kippa in 2006.

(I was disappointed that Claes Kastholm Hansen a journalist whom I respect very much jumped on the band wagon as well. That is, if his statement in 'Information' is quoted correctly.)

The late Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal's so called 'Documentation Center' in New York uncritically followed up with demands to the Danish Prime Minister to pull back the two scholarships.

All over sudden the 'Case Erik Haaest' and thus the name of the author had become a matter that concerned the whole world.

The defamatory statements had gone from the parish pump to the wild waves of the literary ocean.

Why the hell do you keep silent Erik?; why don't you fight back, my friends said with disbelief.

My answer since July 18: - I want to wait and see how far the press will go with their dirty smears!

Now I have seen it. They went further than I could have hoped for. I could win scores of libel cases if I wanted to.

But I am 72 years old. My last years are too valuable for me to waste in wearing court cases.

I therefore prefer to unveil both the two authors of the feature article, and their parrot's lies - with a silent hope that their readers, their TV audiences and their radio listeners will reward them as deserved.

Answer to accusation nr. 1

The two feature article writers 'forgot' to inform the public that the heading 'There were no gas chambers in Hitler's concentration camps' was not my opinion, but a quote from the attached journalistic news article, which is evident from the subheading reproduced photographically by 'Information': This sensational claim doesn't come from old Nazi's but from younger seriously working researchers'.

Answer to accusation nr.2

My heading 'Anne Frank's Diary is lies and swindle' does not refer either as claimed by the feature article writers - to my personal opinion, but to information in the attached news article the content of which is the following:
In 1961 the supreme court of the state of New York convicted a Swiss Jew Otto Franck to pay a compensation amounting to 50,000 US dollars to an American publisher Meyer Levin.

Otto Franck was convicted for having tricked the publisher to publish a novel fabricated by him about a young Dutch Jewish girl's sufferings as being his own daughters' true diary. Otto Franck had never had any daughter and the forgery was clear, since he could not produce the original diary in court.

A call from me to the American law firm that managed the court case for Meyer Levin resulted in an answer. The lawyer explained that they had made numerous but fruitless attempts to get the press to publish the verdict.

According to the lawyer no news paper wanted to bring that news, and not one of those publishing companies that continued publishing 'The Diary of Anne Frank' after the supreme court verdict, had been willing to print the word 'novel' in the colophon or in the sales text.

I think I am the only one in Denmark to have published the news, namely in my published pamphlet 'Nationaltidende', September 1977. The failure of the press to tell the truth is not changed by a verdict from the American Supreme Court. But there is no question that this contributed to lessening my trust in the integrity of the press.

Answer to accusation nr.3:

The persecution of the Jews during Hitler's dictatorship are witnessed facts, and I am not the kind of person who denies facts.

Many years ago I went through the court transcripts of the great Nuremberg trial of 1945-46 against the surviving top criminals. I read scores of testimonies from former concentration camp commanders, who told about their appalling trade.

As a journalist and documentarist I put an honor in being a skeptic. I am like that in all aspects of life. Also concerning the holocaust, where my skepticism amongst others is directed towards the magical number of 6 million murdered Jews. Whether the true number is 100,000 or 50 millions, to me it seems equally evil.
By the way 'the magic number' is the title of a documentary booklet written by me.

The booklet can be borrowed at libraries. In it, I also let 'holocaust deniers' speak.

I don't belong to that category myself, and the outrageous allegations towards me by the authors of the feature article are not found in my body of work. I agree with many that freedom of speech is worth defending. Hence we shall neither forbid one group nor the other, but let them speak their information lies - so the rest of us can uncover them. Just as I uncover the two lying feature article authors.   

I have only rarely dealt with this subject, since I am mainly concerned with Danish conditions.

One exception is my book published in 2003 'The forgotten Army' [Arméen der blev glemt], which is available in large numbers at public libraries; See the chapter 'The Exodus Tragedy' [Exodus Tragedien] for example.
Ps. When the two feature article authors have had my 30 year old pamphlet in their hands, it is strange that they do not mention the headings on the front page.

One is about the great helmsman: 'Gert Petersen is a former Nazi Führer' (it created a sensation at that time). [Comment Balder Gert Petersen is a former chairman for Socialistisk Folkeparti short SF - A party that grew out of the Communist party]

The other headline is a 70 years jubilee article about the author Flemming B. Muus: 'At last rehabilitation for the leader of the resistance after 32 years of humiliation'.

Translated by Balder from Erik Haaest's his original article Kronik var Løgn
Formatting images, comments and captions added by Balder



Left to right: Jacques Blum, Adam Holm and Bent Blüdnikow

Transcript and translation of a Danish TV debate among three Danish Jews:
Government Money For 'Holocaust Denier' Erik Haaest - Protests from the Wiesenthal Center (Includes online version of the program with English subtitles)


Simon Wiesenthal Center 18 Juli 2007:

July 18, 2007

Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister
Prins Jorgens Gard 17
1218 Copenhagen K

Mr. Prime Minister,

On behalf of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s over 400,000 members, we strenuously protest today’s award of 100,000 kronor to Erik Haaest, dubbed “The Holocaust Sceptic” in the Danish media.

Read the rest of the letter from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Eternal Jewish Revenge, signed by Shimon Samuels, rabbi Marvin Hier, rabbi Abraham Cooper, and 'Taskforce Commander' Karen Fracapane here



Original photograph showing new arrivals in May 1944.
From Auschwitz Album 1978 (1st edition, Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York, 1978), photo No. 165.

More about the faked photographs from the Simon Wiesenthal Center here

More Lies from the Simon Wiesenthal Center spring 1991 'Iraq used German built gaschambers tro kill Jews with German produced Zyklon B gas.

Suddenly there is smoke in the background behind the fence, poles and new arrivals.

Caption at the Simon Wiesenthal Center home page:

As these prisoners were being processed for slave labor, many of their friends and families were being gassed and burned in the ovens in the crematoria. The smoke can be seen in the background. June 1944".

Wiesenthal's drawing plagiarized from Life Magazine
Norsk: Simon Wiesenthal tegning af henrettede fanger som han 'selv bevidnede det' i en koncentrations lejr; plagiat fra Life Magazine! Wiesenthals svindelnummer

Front page of the Jewish weekly 'The Jewish Press' reveals on Feb. 15, 1991 that Saddam Hussein had gas chambers for all Jews.
Iraqi German made gaschambers - Wiesenthal 'Iraqis have gas chambers for all Jews'

Update September 2007 - Red fascist thugs tried to block entrance to library in Svendborg where Erik Haaest (72) was delivering a lecture. 23 communists were handcuffed and arrested by the police. The lecture proceeded with some delay.

Source (Danish only) Ekstra Bladet - Fyens Stiftstidende

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