News about the secretive EU »Euromediterranean Project« hardly mentioned in reports about the rebellion of a group of postal workers .

In stead the media exploded with senstional headlines about a 'racist flyer' that immigrant postal worker(s?) refused to deliver.

Also a look at our liberal Danish society and permissive attitudes to left wing extremsts and islamists for comparison.

Folder Dansk Kultur Allerød Postomdeling
Cover of flyer from Dansk Kultur
It reads:
Free Muslim Immigration to Europe
Secret EU-deals with 10 Asian
and Northafrican countries

The folder, of which the front cover is depicted on the right, caused headlines in the Danish press, when a postal worker with immigrant background in the city of Alleroed [Allerød] 30 kilometers North West of the capital Copenhagen distributed the leaflet accompanied by a message of his own, in which he objected to the content of the flyer.

Others with similar backgrounds, as well as Danish workers with extreme left wing sympathies, showed their 'solidarity' with the offended immigrant objected to having to hand out the pamphlet during their daily task of delivering mail.

They were supported by the powerful Danish Union 3F, a unification of the largest traditional blue collar Danish workers Union formerly known as SID, and KAD, the latter formerly a union mainly for women.

These unions have long ago ceased to be true defenders of the rights of Danish workers, and now seem to be more concerned with aiding the islamic invasion of Denmark, affirmative action and numerous 'anti-discrimination' policies, as well as promoting foreign aid and the rest of the usual hybrid catalogue of globalizations, Marxism and multiculturalism.

The folder was depicted as 'racist' by spokesman of the unions, and the always very cooperative papers, and TV news paraded scores of people [who presumably hadn't even seen it!] who expressed their apprehensiveness of the content of the folder on TV and showed 'understanding' for the poor offended immigrant's hurt feelings and thought it was a terribly awful racist piece of propaganda.

The true content of the folder [where does 'racism' come in?] was not even disclosed!

Luckily The Danish public mail service; Post Danmark did not comply with the immigrant / Marxist protestors though, and stated that censorship was not their business.

Kurt Hansen - 3F
Kurt Hansen - 3F (Union)

TV interview: This is an expression of the stirring up of a hateful atmosphere, and that a fellow worker has been deeply hurt, and that his colleagues say; we understand very well that this colleague was deeply hurt....


Arne Kjærulf - Post Danmark
Arne Kjærulf - Post Danmark Press dept.

We think the postmen should take care of their job; they have been employed to deliver the mail.

Of course it is very well that they have an opinion, which they are entitled to, and which they are allowed to express, but we think that they just like the rest of us should wait to express that opinion until they return home.

Balder: I suppose that was how far Kurt Hansen of 3F could go defending his members actions without being in breech of the Unions agreement with the employer.

His statement is also another illustration of how deeply these Unions are embedded in the globalisation scheme, and abuse their central place in society as a platform for multiculturalism. It also helps explaining why these old unions are losing more ground every day.

The Danish Radio Station P4 Copenhagen reports that Alleroed Post Office has asked a lawyer to scrutinize the folder. The legal expert concluded that it did not collide with the infamous § 266b the so called 'racism paragraph'.

Balder: Already here the postal service has gone completely wrong. In our constitution preventive censorship is comletely outlawed, so if the folder would have been in any way 'illegal', that would have to be determened in a court of law after the folder was distributed, and after a formal complaint was made to the justice department.


Nyhedsavisen June 2 2007 reported that:

[...] A postal worker was sent home on Friday because he had attached a personal comment to an islam critical folder he was to deliver in the city of Alleroed.

His collegues decided to call a strike, but at a meeting Saturday morning they decided to call it off again; probably having realized the unconstitutional character of their action.

'It is with deep regret that I have to deliver this trashy text. Greetings from your daily mail man.'

The Danish Postal Services decide the flyer did not break any laws and later warned the immigrant worker that he would be fired if he decided to engage in similar actions in the future.

Arne Kjerulf from the Danish Postal service said that workers should leave their personal opinions home when on the job.

To put the fuzz about this flyer into context of Danish reality, which is quite liberal indeed, I will give you some examples here:

  Paint attack in Danish Parliament
  Anders Fogh Rasmussen
  Lars Grenaa Convicted left wing extremist and organizer
Lars Grenaa
Plenty of jobs for left wing extremists

The Danish union of kindergarten teachers BUPL and students Paedagogstuderendes Landssammenslutning have an extremist leftwing extremist and professional coordinator of demonstrations as a board member and secretary, the infamous Lars Grenaa, who got nation wide attention March 18. 2003 , when he sneaked his way into the parliament building Christiansborg, and together with another left wing extremist; Rune Eltard Soerensen (Sørensen) attacked PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller and soiled them with red paint.

Their 'happening' resulted in a substantial tightening of the security procedures surrounding the parliament, and so aided to further degrade the relaxed and open form of Danish Democracy, where unlike in many other countries, there used to be no cordon of police and security personnel between politicians and the public.

The anti-democrats communists used a 'fake' invitation from Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, [now former] MP for the extreme left wing party Enhedslisten which functions as a front end for the red fascist AFA, ungdomshusets rioters and similar organizations, as a pretext for entering the building.

Lars Grenaa and Rune Eltard Soerensen got off with lenient sentences; 4 and 3 month in jail and a 50,000 kr. fine [approx. US $ 8500].

Now it seems the extremism of Enhedslisten was not enough for Lars Grenaa, it has come out into the open now that he is a member of the party 'Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne' (APK) a party that openly worships the former Bolshevist dictator Joseph Stalin.

His other buddy Rune Eltard Soerensen (Sørensen) was rewarded with a job as a journalist with the financially troubled free newspaper Nyhedsavisen which is run by the multiculturalist journalist David Trads. Here Eltard Soerensen is allowed to continue his attacks at political opponents 'by other means'; meaning black ink in stead of red paint, and is even getting paid for it. As long as the mysterious group of sudden Icelandic billionaires who fund the paper, which is handed out for free on Metro stations, keeps filling the wide and deep financial gaps, that is.

Rune Eltard Soerensen will amongst others be remembered for his article about Stop Islamification of Denmark a popular Danish civil rights movement. In his newspaper 'Nyhedsavisen' Rune Eltard Soerensen described the peaceful organization with a mild overweight of pensioners and even some WWII veterans amongst its members as a dangerous right wing extremist armed network with cross border support. SIAD's protest letter to editor in Chief David Trads.

Yes ladies and gentleman, this is the current state of parts of the Danish press. Journalists, convicted for political violence take it upon themselves to describe and define their personal political opponents as a dangerous gang ready for violent action.

The marxist party Enhedslisten has the headscarf wearing male handshake refusenik muslim fundamentalist Asmaa Abdol Hamid as a candidate, who's 'fame' was aided greatly by the Danish 'Public Service' broadcaster Danmark's Radio who gave her her own program and educated her on perfecting the art of Taquija in a Danish context.

Thorkild Lauesen convicted gang leader and suspected murderer

  Jesper Egtved Hansen
Jesper Egtved Hansen - Murder Victim

Jakob Scharf - PET

Another great example of Danish tolerance, as far as left wing extremists is concerned is the case of suspected murderer Thorkild Lauesen, the leader of the infamous Blekingegade gang; a militant communist PFLP support group that was caught with a giant weapons cache during the 1980's.

After serving jail time for robberies, since no one of the conspirators wanted to tell who it was that pulled the trigger of the gun that killed a the 22 year old police officer Jesper Egtved Hansen, he was awarded with a well paid job in the Copenhagen municipality.

The job vacancy was not publicly announced as is the usual procedure, but the job was handed to him directly by friendly forces in the Social Democrat Copenhagen Mayor Ritt Bjerregaards administration. Even after this became known, he kept the job.

After the communist bunker Ungdomshuset was demolished, more and more unsettling signals have come from the demoralized left. Use of violence and firearms is no longer out of the question and violent actions agains people and property, including kidnapping and extortion is being openly proposed and advocated in red fascist forums, where publication of political opponents names, addresses and prescribed methods of silencing the 'nazis' subsequently followed by triumphant reports of 'succesfull actions' has a long standing tradition. So far virtually unhindered by Danish law enforcement.

Cathrine Pedersen, chairman of the Marxist fraction DKU was quoted for saying:

There are no limits as to what instruments of power can be used.
As long as they are not weapons of mass destruction which crush the working-class itself.

Jacob Scharf, newly appointed chief of the Danish Police Security Service PET also recently warned about the rising danger of left extremist terrorism. (Not without the obligatory, but completely unfounded warning about violence from the right though.)

The Danish TV station DR has a short summary of violent actions against Danish politicians here, all of them committed by left wing extremists. The list only goes as far as 2003, and there have been plenty of attacks since!

All of those scandalous things can go by without much of a frown in Denmark, but when so people warn against the Euromediteranean Project Unions, TV stations and other media show their solidarity with an ungrateful anti-democratic mohammadanian postal worker and talk of 'racism'!

So much more reason to bring the content of this folder into the spotlight, since its true content, a legitimate criticism of secretive European Union policies was not referred to; we were led to believe that it was some despicable racist content which characterized the flyer from Dansk Kultur.

It probably won't be long before Europeanmediterranien deniers will be treated the same way they treat CO2 deniers and revisionists; don't listen to their arguments, just ignore them, discredit them, and finally criminalize their opinions.


Now judge for yourself the 'racist content' of the flyer from Dansk Kultur, which we present here in both English and German translations, together with Anders Bruun Laursen's correspondence with the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen about the secretive Euromediteranean project.


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