Nick Griffin på BBC - Debat om indvandrer-problemer efter artikel fra minister Margaret Hodge

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Englands Beskæftigelsesminister og parlamentsmedlem Margaret Hodge (Labour) siger at nytilkomne immigranter ikke kan gå forud for dem der er født i Storbritanien. En del Labourpolitikere og i endnu højere grad den jævne befolkning begynder at lyde som British National Party, mener indvandrerledere og hardcore multikultfanatikerne.

Nick Griffin  BNP BBC
Nick Griffin
Chairman British National Party

Keith Vas
Chairman Labour's Ethnic Minority Taskforce

Margaret Hodges now acknowledges what the BNP has been saying the whole time because she wants to keep her seat.

Racism was a concept created by Leon Trotsky, a communist mass murderer to demonize his opponents, and stop people talking about certain issues.

Mr. Vas and his Labour Party who had no democratic mandate whatsover to swamp our country with immigrants, and sooner or later the English are going to kick him out for it! [1] 26th May 2007 Nick Griffin on BBC Newsnight

Margaret Hodge is a friend of mine and a great champion of equality... [untill now?]

It is wonderful that this country has been transformed, and people like your previous speaker over there, sits there looking at his magazines from the far right, trying to create problems and trouble for our country..

[Yes Mr. Vas, wonderful but for who?]


Nick Griffin og indvandrerleder Keith Vas

Margaret Eve Hodge - Labour

.. was born Margaret Oppenheimer 59 years ago in Cairo, the daughter of a millionaire German Jewish high-Tory steel trader and his Austrian wife. [2] The Guardian Profile

The Guardian Sunday May 20, 2007

A message to my fellow immigrants
Industry Minister Margaret Hodge argues that newcomers' rights cannot come before those born here.

In our open, tolerant country, there are, thankfully, few issues that remain taboo. But, motivated by the fear of both legitimising racism and encouraging the extreme right, migration is one. Yet for many voters, it continues to be a top issue.

My constituency of Barking in east London has experienced rapid change, moving from predominantly white neighbourhoods to many multiracial neighbourhoods. At the same time, my constituents are facing other challenges. Young families on low wages cannot afford to buy a home and the council house stock has shrunk with tenants exercising their right to buy. These young families enjoy few choices.

Despite the actual fall in crime, people's fear of crime remains strong. [3] more

...på BBC kommenterer Beskæftigelsesminister Margaret Hodges udtalelser om forskelsbehandling

[4] YouTube jXdVZ2uGcOI


Socialist Worker Online: [5] Fears that Margaret Hodge’s BNP myths will help the Nazis by Anindya Bhattacharyya

[...] When employment minister Margaret Hodge said eight out of ten white voters might vote BNP in Barking, [...]

Af lidt ældre dato, men meget underholdende; en dampende Kilroy Silk protesterer mod politisk forfølgelse i BBC debat og koger over, og er i processen så politisk ukorrekt at han i forbifarten forvarer BNP's Nick Griffins ytringsfrihed [wow].

Robert Kilroy Silk går amok på BBC - 2006


Læs også på Balder.Org

Robert Kilroy Silk: [7] Vi skylder ikke araberne noget.

Robert Kilroy Silk

I was charged with the exactly same charge that Nick Griffin went to court for. And it was ridiculous!

Robert Kilroy Silk kender vi som en af dem der startede det EU og i mindre grad indvandrer-kritiske parti UKIP efter den populære studievært blev fyret fra BBC som på grund af nogle kontroversielle bemærkninger angående arabere.

I've been fired by the BBC largely because of a campaign run by the Muslim Council of Britain..


Enoch Powell radio interview fra 1968

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell advarede for længe siden bl.a. i sin nu berømt speech 'Rivers of Blood'.

I denne video et radio interview fra 1968, da opløsningen allerede var i fuld gang.

Militant Muslims on the march


[9] BNP Article Source

This afternoon West Midlands Regional Organiser sent a letter to West Midlands police complaining about the anti-British posters calling for Muslims to join a planned protest in central London next month.

PC K ********
West Midlands Police
Belgrave Rd
B5 7BP

Ref: Muslims Rise Against British Oppression Posters

Dear PC ********,

With reference to our recent telephone conversation I wish to submit a formal complaint with regards the nature of the "British Oppression" posters increasingly appearing across Birmingham.

To encourage members of the Muslim community to "rise" is clearly either an incitement to violence or to open rebellion. As such these posters calling for a demonstration outside the offices of the Prime Minister are clearly an act of sedition.

I am attaching both posters, drawing your attention in particular to the [10] colour version which, together with inflammatory wording, contains irresponsible images of violence which could easily and very dangerously be misconstrued.

If the British National Party distributed posters encouraging the British community to "rise" against their Islamic oppressors together with graphic images of Islamic violence against non-Muslims one needs little imagination to predict what the reaction of the police would be.

Below you will find the link to the report you wished for which was contained in yesterday's edition of the Birmingham Post.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Darby
West Midlands Organiser, British National Party

Anger over anti-British hate posters May 24 2007
By Poppy Brady, [11] Birmingham Mail

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