Balder follows in John F. Kennedy’s footsteps: Ich bin ein Holocaust Denier.

Update October 14 2010 - Arabic Newspapers, sheik Ahmed Tayeb, The Egyptian Gazette, and others say that Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen apologized for the Mohamed Cartoons, and stressed 'Denmark's efforts to criminalize offending religions'. But Lene Espersen vehemently denies any such apologies or efforts to criminalize offending religions. On the contrary; Denmark wants to abolish all laws regulating freedom of speech, blasphemy and racism. Lene Espersen, former justice minister, then Minister of economic and business affairs, now Foreign Minister, leader of the liberalistic party 'Konservative' and Denmark's vice Prime Minister, said in an interview that 'the Muslim threat is worse than our climate problems '', according to one of the country's largest newspapers 'Ekstra Bladet'. Related: Denmark apologises to Muslims for cartoons.

Update October 27, 2008 - Lene Espersen lied: Alleged Nazi-music producers to be extradited

According to a Ritzau article in Jyllands Posten published today April 18 Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen (Conservatives) has accepted coming restriction of free speech in Denmark preceding a EU ministerial meeting on Thursday where the 27 countries prepare to accept the European Unions framework agreement against racism and xenophobia.

Lene Espersen - Justice Denmark; Conservative Minister for Censorship and eavesdropping
Lene Espersen - Justice (Conservatives)
Minister for Censorship and eavesdropping

According to a centrally placed diplomat in Brussels, Denmark is one of the few countries that are directly affected by the EU framework agreement about combating racism and xenophobia.

- This is a substantial change. If one spreads holocaust-denying material from Denmark, this will become a crime in Denmark as well, says the diplomat.

In a note to the Danish Parliament Lene Espersen had denied that the EU 'framework agreement' would change Danish legislation.

In the agreement the EU member states commit themselves to punishing people, who like the Danish Nazi leader Jonni Hansen deny or tone down the Holocaust with a prison sentence of between one and three years imprisonment.


Translated from Jyllands Posten April 18 - 'EU-aftale begrænser dansk ytringsfrihed'.

Update: Mysteriously the article from which I translated this morning is (now evening) no longer available at the location above:

A longer and more detailed article in the same vain as the above is available at the website of Politiken (Danish)

Lene E: EU vil ikke ændre vores racismelov.
EU's første racismelov er klar. Den gør det kriminelt at benægte holocaust. Men Justitsministeriet holder fast i, at loven ikke vil ændre ved dansk lovgivning. Politiken 18 april 2007

Se også Politiken 15 februar 2007 Danmark under pres i EU's kamp mod holocaust-benægtere

English Financial Times, April 17 2007,
EU aims to criminalise Holocaust denial,
By Tobias Buck in Brussels.
Dirty political compromises are part of this shady plan to partake in a crime against humanity and a consciously executed violation of basic human rights. read (after you finish here)
English Harald Tribune April 19, 2007 - EU adopts measure outlawing Holocaust denial By Dan Bilefsky

The sickening announcement above from the Ritzau news agency is clearly trying to promote the Jewish agenda by suggesting that only Nazis question the Jewish version of 'The Holocaust', was relayed uncommented to the public by the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, known for ‘standing up for free speech’ during the Mohammed Cartoon Crisis that started violent protests from Muslims all around the world.

Muhammad as seen by Jyllands Posten Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

So far this newspaper has not shown any interest in discussing the subject of the proposed horrendous gagging laws, and it seems as if the allegations that were launched by several parties, among them investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn of being nothing but a Zionist run anti Muslim publication out to attack the enemies of Israel, slowly seem to become more credible.

No real protests from Jyllands Posten & co.
[Nothing beyond polite whispers in quiet corners.]

The paper could have shown an interest in this far further reaching attack on free speech, even without actively concerning itself with this matter.

I personally put my head on the block risking defamation, ridicule and anti-Semitism charges, by writing a short letter to the newspaper January 6 th asking: 'Is Jewish censorship more acceptable than Muslim censorship?'

The letter was refused by the newspaper, that is certainly not shy when it comes to criticizing Islam and its prophet. In Denmark, we have certainly been able to express our opinions about Islam. The local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende published an article of mine in which I called the so called prophet Mohammed 'a robber chief who with sword in hand subjugates, rapes, loots, 'converts', and exterminates everybody who does not 'voluntarily' accepts the bloody scriptures of the Koran.

Traditional Enemy
of Free Speech

Birgitte Zypress - Jüdische Zensur Ministerin
Birgitte Zypries
German / Jewish Justice Minister
Treatenes YOUR freedom of speech

This letter by the way, earned me the honor of having my name appear on a death list now believed to have been composed by the Danish terror suspect, the convert to Islam A.A, [Abdallah Andersen] currently in prison and standing trial at the Odense court for planning terrorist acts and possession of explosives.

Hundreds of letters with a similar or even more prophet defaming content were, and are still printed by Jyllands Posten almost on a daily basis.

But not one small word of warning against the coming canonizing of the Jewish version of WWII and 'the holocaust'. Sure. Every one of the involved has slipped small farts condemning holocaust legislation, just as their opponents, during the Mohammed Cartoon Crises pledged their dedication to free speech while they in fact were doing their best to abolish it in practice.

But not a word about the coming Jewish onslaught on free speech which has been exempted from the debate, while Jyllands Posten and it’s editors were defending themselves as champions of free speech in courts in Denmark and France and being celebrated by sympathizers form Denmark and abroad.

Ready to go to jail - Ich bin ein Berliner

Download the book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century 13 MB pdf
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

I will make it my goal to become the first martyr to go to jail in Denmark for breaking this new gagging law or to be the first one extradited from this country to the neo-fascist de facto Jewish ruled state of Germany.

Remembering the famous words of John F. Kennedy spoken at the Berlin Wall where this American of Irish descent demonstrated his solidarity with the people of Berlin against the repressive DDR system and the Soviet threat by saying:

'Ich bin ein Berliner', I will demonstrate my solidarity with the victims of Jewish and philosemitic madness that rot in the jails of Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and Switzerland by saying:

Ich bin ein Holocaust Denier. I don’t believe that six million Jews were systematically murdered in gas chambers by the German Nazi regime on direct orders from Adolf Hitler. And I believe this is a deliberate lie, in order to maintain the combined powers of the Zionists, Israel, the multicult industry and others who profit from perpetuating false history. Is it clear enough now? I'll be waiting for that knock on my door and start packing my tooth brush, as soon as I'm finished with this post.


'The ‘Holocaust’ is just what Professor Arthur Butz said it is:

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

I look forward to sharing a cell with Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Siegfried Verbeke, Jürgen Graf, Professor Faurisson or any of the rest of the tens of thousands of other victims of Jewish domination of Western society, and although I may disagree with some of these people on many issues, at least I know I won’t have to experience the same hypocrisy there, as has been shown lately by of many of the apparently completely judaized Danish 'fighters for free speech', who refused to speak up when it really counted. [Read my comments on Jyllands Posten editor Flemming Roses speech on occasion of receiving the Sappho Prize for Free Speech] as well as my criticism of double standards within the free speech organization Sappho.]

Proposal by Danish Conservative Minister: Support persecuted writers and artists

Brian Mikkelsen - Culture Minister Conservatives Denmark
Brian Mikkelsen - Culture Minister Conserv.

Denmark must become a sanctuary for persecuted writers and artists.... At the same time his fellow party member Lene Espersen is preparing the persecution of new legions of writers.
Len Espersen with husband Danny Feltmann, diector of Hennes & Mauritz
Lene Espersen with husband Danny Feltmann, director of of the Swedish clothing company Hennes & Mauritz (H & M)

How far this hypocrisy goes is beautifully illustrated by the latest proposal of Minister of Culture Brian Mikkelsen, who belongs to the same Conservative Party as Minister for Repression, Censorship and Eavesdropping Lene Espersen.

Brian Mikkelsen proposed giving asylum, housing and financial aid to persecuted writers 'from all over the world' in a number of Danish cities that would get a special status.

This proposal, which was welcomed by a number of parties from the Conservatives to the pro multicult Radikale, the Social Democrats and the extreme left Socialist People’s Party as well as the Danish People's Party.

The decision of who is to receive the honor of receiving these benefits is planned to be left to Danish PEN (at least before their split after the Cartoon Crises heavily Jewish dominated) and the new free speech organization Trykkefrihedselskabet (Sappho) that already has shown it's close ties to neo-conservative circles.

Everything is thus under adequate Jewish supervision, if not control. Business as usual I suppose.

Something extremely rotten has crept into in the State of Denmark recently, and for a change it is not being initiated my Muslim fanatics this time, but by a people who thanks to intervention from the Danish people were not delivered into the hands of the German occupiers and to the sad fate that befell many of their fellow ethnics in other parts of Europe.

Update October 2010:

Lene Espersen, now Conservative party leader, drew attention to herself, by criticizing three former foreign ministers [DR News 19 aug 2010 kl. 21:00] and fellow party members who had critized Israel's policies in the wake of the Gaza war, and the Mavi Marmara episode, during which Israeli commandos murdered 9 civilians after boarding the ship in international waters. UN-report.

I agree with the Jewish propaganda organizations on one thing.

Never forget.

Related: 24 november 2010 - Lene Espersen: “Det arabiske initiativ lever” | Med Dansk Folkepartis støtte; af hensyn til Israel

Bruxelles EU har fået sin første fælles racismelovgivning, der indfører hårde straffe på op til tre års fængsel i alle 27 [..] Og selv om landene med de nye regler principielt er enige om at indføre fælles minimumsstraffe på mellem et og tre års fængsel for racisme med opfordringer til vold og had mod bestemte personer eller grupper og benægtelse af nazisternes mord på seks millioner jøder under Anden Verdenskrig, vil det fortsat være straffrit i Danmark og flere andre lande at benægte Holocaust. Reglerne indeholder nemlig flere smuthuller. Det betyder, at Danmark fortsat kan vælge at lade folk gå fri, hvis deres udtalelser om jødeudryddelse ikke »tilskynder til vold eller had«, eller hvis adfærden »ikke er truende, nedværdigende eller forhånende«.
Jyllands-Posten 20 april 2007 - EU vedtager racisme-lov (Af Jesper Kongstad - Log ind nødvendig)

Forud for mødet vurderer Justitsministeriet således i et notat, at beslutningen »ikke vil komme til at have lovgivningsmæssige konsekvenser, og at Danmark ikke vil blive forpligtiget til at kriminalisere racisme og fremmedhad i videre udstrækning end, hvad der i dag følger af racismeparagraffen i straffelovens paragraf 266b«. [..]

Justitsminister Lene Espersen (K), som i dag på Danmarks vegne vil stemme ja til aftalen på mødet i Luxembourg, har flere gange sagt, at kompromisset ikke vil ændre dansk retspraksis. [..]

Men i går opstod der pludselig kortvarig usikkerhed om tolkningen af aftalen, da en tysk diplomat sagde til nyRitzau, at Danmark vil blive direkte berørt af EU-aftalen, og at »hvis man udbreder holocaustbenægtende materiale fra Danmark, vil det i fremtiden også være en forbrydelse i Danmark.« [..]

Det fik straks Lene Espersen til at udsende en meddelelse, hvor hun afviste, at den danske ytringsfrihed indskrænkes af de nye regler. [..]

»De nye EU-regler vil ikke betyde, at der i Danmark skal ske en kriminalisering af ytringer i videre omfang end, hvad der allerede følger af den danske racismeparagraf i straffeloven. Og det er helt afgørende for mig,« fastslog Lene Espersen.
Jyllands-Posten 19 april 2007 - EU griber ind mod racisme og fremmedhad (Af Jesper Kongstad - Log ind nødvendig)

English Balder Blog 16 august 2009 - Denmark’s Vice PM Lene Espersen: Muslim threat worse than climate problems

Balder Blog 25 august 2009 - Konservative værdier, burka og censur - Peter Norsk vil vælte Lene Espersen

Balder Blog 28 oktober 2008 - Lene Espersen arbejder for David Rockefellers Trilaterale Kommission - Helle Thorning Schmidt er Bilderberger

Balder Blog 16 januar 2006 - Lene Espersen - Big Bad Sister: Mere underminering af retssikkerheden - Lene Espersen spøger igen - Borgerrettigheder undermineres

English Balder Blog 14 januar 2009 - The Palestinian Israeli conflict in the Danish media as seen by a nationalist (Media safely under control of Zionist puppeteers)

Please note: I wrote the above as soon as I spotted the uncommented Ritzau article in Jyllands Posten.
I have not yet had time to see if there are other articles or protests against the proposed new censorship laws in Jyllands Posten or other Danish media concerning this matter, which could soften my condemnation of the hypocracy of Jyllands Posten or other Danish media. I also may have missed formerly published articles that deal with the subject, although I am very much afraid that this is false hope.

I will finish this article by quoting Kaj Munk, who was a Danish Priest and Resistance fighter who was executed by the German occupiers during WWII.

We are tired of the 'good tone',
we want truth.

The Truth is not for the timid,
they do not seek truth, but comfort.

Never, never, never, ask if it will be fruitful,
ask if it is the truth.

I do not ask about the consequence
I ask for the truth

The truth is never dignified and elevated,
it bites, scratches and kicks

Kaj Munk - Frihedskæmper
Kaj Munk


English Germar Rudolf - Lectures on the Holocaust
Deutsch Germar Rudolf - Vorlesungen über den Holocaust
English Jügen Graf - The Giant With Feet of Clay - Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the Holocaust
Deutsch Die Verbotene Wahrheit

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