One of the so far neglected scandals in Copenhagen today is the extreme complyance to  muslim demands at Copenhagen public schools, which was recently documented. All schoolchildren in certain areas were fed only Halal (ritually slaughtered) meat and never served the Danish national food staple: pork.

February 7: The youth department of the Copenhagen City council now agrees that there must come an end to this practice, where a majority of Danish children was routinely forced to eat according to muslim principles. Further more many Danes condemn ritual slaughter as being animal abuse, and want it banned. Sweden and Norway have already banned all ritual slaughter, but allow imports mainly from Denmark. See also Jyllands Posten 7 February 2006 (Danish)

This is but one of the many signs of how a small (5%) muslim minority manages to dominate public life.
Other controversies with muslim forces are the demands for sex seggregated swimmiging pools, muslim refusal to let girls partake in normal gymnastics, school celebrations travels and other activities. Many muslims prefer muslim schools, but many of them have been closed, after inspection showed all kinds of abuse, and were not fulfilling the criteria of the Danish educational system.

Serious mobbing in schoolyards of Danish pupils by muslim children is a common problem for most schools where there is a significant group of muslim children. Violence and threats especially from muslim boys towards teachers are commonplace, as are immigrant gangs of children down to 10 years of age who rob same age comrades from their money, cell phones or Nike shoes and other status symbols. But also elderly people or adults have been attacked by groups of muslim children and teenagers.

Let's hope the muhammed cartoons controversy alerts the world to the danger that springs from the antiquated convictions and customs held by muslim immigrants. Just in the last ten years, the face of the once so peaceful Danish society has undergone serious changes, which almost all can be attributed to muslim immigrantion.

Violence, suspicion, fear, threats, gang rapes, immigrant gangs, sexual harresment, forced marriage, honor killings are recent addittions to Danish society which the authorities try to counteract by camera's, eavesdropping, increased police surveilance and countless expensive but mainly fruitless social programs to "further integration".

 The shamelesly one sided TV media are, as is the case in Britain and many other countries, tirelessly defending the multiculturalist ideas and appeasement policies.

Every 'muslim initiative for peace and understanding' however insignificant is hailed by the TV media as a proof of of the existence of 'many integrated and good willing muslims', but almost every interview with a muslim by the same media, proves that the absolute majority of even the most 'integrated' muslims think freedom of speech and of expression is subordinate to the dogma's  of islam.

Recently an anonymous website which claims to say sorry to the Danes and Norwegians on behalf of 'muslim groups', but still end by blaming the paper as muslims always do. See the sorry site for yourself, the ultra short message is not even written in Arabic, but only in English, Danish and Norwegian.

Nevertheless this was a headline in two Danish news bulletins. The politically correct clearly grasp the tinyest straws, while more and more muslims despite desperate efforts by the TV and some other media to cover up the failure of the multicultural experiment, clearly exibit their sugar coated acrobatic attempts to justify their totalitarian beliefs and values.


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