The latest report from Jyllands Posten is that they deny that there are plans to do what was reported by TV2 (below).

Confusion seems to be complete! Who initiated this rumour? TV2?

Jyllands Postens denial
According to Jyllands Posten the 'news' of Jyllands Postens plans for more cartoons is the effect of  an misunderstanding of an interview by CNN. Flemming Rose had indicated to CNN that Jyllands Posten was contemplating to bring drawings from the Iranian holocaust drawing competition, but first after having seen them and evaluated their standard.

Carsen Juste, the editor in chief said that Jyllands Posten definitely not is going to publish cartoons from an Iranian newspaper.

Now TV2 reports that such plans indeed existed, but were withdrawn.
Flemming rose had indeed told a CNN reporter that after evaluating the Iranian holocaust cartoons his paper would print them the same day. It seems obvious that the editor was not backed by his superiors.

Jyllands Posten strikes again! 

The world famous Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten announces further controversies:

Coming up, cartoons about Christians and Jews

Danish TV reported this evening at around 18:30 that Jyllands Posten is planning to bring cartoons about other religions as well, as a contribution to the fight for free speech, and to show muslims that they are not the only target for political satire.

The first reactions on this initiative were not  exactly  positive when experts on morality and approvable conduct gave their comments.

A senior representative for Jyllands Postens board of representatives said:

If we give in to these salami tactics we will be cutting slice after slice from the fundamentals of democracy....
Yesterday evening the highly respected business man Asger Aamund repeated his formers statements that:

Denmark in no way should give in to the muslim demands because this would be the beginning of a never ending campaign from muslim countries for more compliance with religious dogmas. He also said that: the damage to the Danish export would be neglectable, and that international busniss organizations and agreements ensured Denmark of support from this side.

Whatever one may think of this new initiative, it seems like a gesture of absolute bravery which should be supported just for that. The clash of civilizations may not be a bloody military war, but the discussion about the muhammed cartoons. Let's not loose that war, and lose our freedom.

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