Let's Talk, Stefan - Comments on the recent video from Stefan Molyneux about Judaism.

Balder comments: Many people anticipated serious blowback directed towards critics of Jewish Power and more restrictions on free speech after the Pittsburgh murders. But it seems that things are taking an unexpected new turn: Critics of the policies of major Jewish institutions, organizations and powerful individuals are now taking the offensive. Nobody defends what the gunman Robert Bowers did to innocent "little Jews" in Pittsburg, but everybody acknowledges the motives behind what Jewish organizations and Jewish controlled Main Stream Media call "Anti-Semitism" and "Jew hatred".

More videos to come soon, or if you can't wait go to Luke Ford's channel, where the Orthodox Jew Luke Ford expresses his feelings towards organized big Jewry who according to Luke "are putting poisonous snakes in my bedroom" and are willfully destroying America with mass immigration of third world Muslims and Mexicans. See links below.

An interesting detail to the Pittsburgh shooting is that allegedly a foreskin amputation (circumcision) of a baby by a homosexual couple was taking place at that moment. The Tree of Life Synagogue was a "modern" reform synagogue infected by "modernity" which has been advocated first and foremost by adherents to the teachings Jewish Multicultural Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School.

JFG The Public Space - October 30, 2018 - Let's Talk, Stefan | TPS #202 | YouTube
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Stefan Molyneux - The Truth About the Pittsburgh Massacre

Excerpt from YouTube description:
"According to a Federal criminal complaint released Sunday, Bowers told a SWAT officer after being shot and captured:

They’re committing genocide to my people. I just want to kill Jews."

Also read the comment section to this video, not even his long time fans are buying Stefan's shilling for Jews and Israel!



Luke Ford - October 30, 2018:

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