Discussing the demographic situation for white countries around the world with Frame Game

The End of White Civilization | Frame Games, TPS #12

YouTube Channel Jean-Francois Gariépy (JF)

YouTube Channel Frame Game Radio

Demographic momentum - Europe's Jewish Exodus:


Frame Game is a proud Jewish intellectual who is fighting against the on going White Genocide
He has produced many amazing videos and has participated in many debates and live streams.
Frame Games prefers to hide his face to prevent problems in his personal and professional life.


In case this video is censored by YouTube it can be downloaded here: 20180510-Frame-Games-TPS-#12-The-End-Of-White-Civilization 311 MB - Otherwise I recommend the free 4K Video Downloader for use on YouTube.
Censorship is getting much worse. Backup important material before it's nuked.

Another great video with Frame Game explaining the structure of various Jewish organizationscan be found here:

Blog Balder.org april 26, 2018 - Campaign against anti-Semitism DANGER to Free Speech World Wide

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