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Canadians Protest at German Consulate after Violinist Arrested for an Apology to her German Mother
If the video is blocked or restricted, you can download it here:20150215-Canadians-Protest-At-German-Consulate-After-Violinist-Arrested-For-An-Apology-To-Her-German-Mother.mp4 - Right click and choose "save target as"

The Inquisition of Alfred and Monika Schaefer - Part 1 from NS VIKING on Vimeo.


The Inquisition of Alfred & Monika Schaefer - Part 2 from NS VIKING on Vimeo.

Canadians Protest at German Consulate after Violinist Arrested for an Apology to her German Mother

If the video is blocked or restricted, you can download it here:20150215-Canadians-Protest-At-German-Consulate-After-Violinist-Arrested-For-An-Apology-To-Her-German-Mother.mp4 - Right click and choose "save target as"

Offentliggjort den 15. feb. 2018 Monika Schaefer is a Canadian arrested in Germany on Jan. 3, 2018 for Holocaust denial and she is being held in a maximum security prison, just for that. This video was made on Feb. 6th when The Truth and Justice for Germans Society went to the Consulate of Germany in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We put on this demonstration there and outside the building when we were forced to leave. To help Monika, there's more info at:

Letters of support are very encouraging but they will withhold political letters.

You can write to: Monika Schaefer JVA Stadelheim Schwarzenbergstr. 14 81549 Munchen Germany

Brian Ruhe writes:

Monika wrote to me and I received her letter on Feb. 13th on the anniversary of the Dresden boming which killed from 300,000 - 500,000 Germans in firebombings. Monika wrote:

Dated 25 January 2018

Dear Brian,

Thanks so much for sending me your letter and all the comments. What a heartening read! It is hugely uplifting to be getting mail now. It was a while of no contact with the outside world at all, and then suddenly letters started coming through. It is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for spreading the word. I wish I could see the video you made, but that will have to wait I guess.

If my incarceration serves as a catalyst to move us closer to victory in this ago old struggle against dark, then I am happy to be here. Many people are writing very encouraging words to me, and are saying that this incarceration is causing outrage and perhaps will help to awaken many people.

I am trying to answer all the mail that I am getting, but my biggest impediment will be getting enough stamps. Time is no problem. I have lot of time on my hands, ha ha, but stamps are another matter. I can buy stamps every 2 weeks, but I need lots. Stamps are one thing that can be sent in letters (nothing else can be sent, except a few pictures too). Of course, it wouldn’t help for Canadians to send stamps, because they have to be German stamps. So if you have contacts in Germany, it would be a really nice help to me if you let them know that I would REALLY appreciate being sent stamps, if they happen to be writing to me. People who have spent time in jail know this, like Gerd Ittner – I know he suggested it already to a few people, and some people did include some stamps in their letters. That was very very helpful.

Life is pretty simple for me now.

6 am hot water comes for tea.
10 – 11 am we can go outside in the courtyard, fresh air and exercise.
11:15 – Hot meal
11:45 Cell doors locked again
14 00*- 15 30 Cell doors open. Access to hallway, office on our floor, showerroom, small kitchen, small gathering-room, visit with others in the hallway.

*At 1400 hrs our evening bread meal comes, enough for breakfast too.

15 30 – Doors locked up again, ‘til next day’s “Hofgang”, the courtyard hour again.

I share a cell with 4 others right now.

I can assure you that I am in good spirits. I fully intend on staying strong and healthy in mind, body and soul. The letters of encouragement coming my way are a huge help. I can hardly express that strongly enough. Thank you so much! Thank you also for your spiritual work.

I hope you are well. Please let the others know in the group in Vancouver that I am doing well.

Sending love,

Monika (then a drawing of a red flower with a green stem with leaves)

Note: Her brother Alfred wrote to me that people shouldn't send her spending money for prison as they don't give it to her. They either hold it for her or keep it.

Video by David Harnden and Michael


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