White Supremacist Anti-Semite Neo Nazi on Israeli TV
This is a remarkable interview, no matter how you look at it and understand it. The "infamous Internet Nazi" Andrew Anglin, who runs the black humor website Daily Stormer, who has made news lately, because of the wave of censorship that hit the Internet after the Charlottesville Rally, which forced the Daily Stormer to try many tricks to escape from the oppression.

Yair Netanyahu now most popular Jew amongst Nationalists, Anti-Semites, Nazis, Fascists, Truth Seekers

Andrew Anglin is here being interviewed on camera by Israeli TV, and manages to get his points across very well. He is seemingly met by a compassionate and understanding female Israeli host, who says that she believes Anglin, David Duke and "Nazis" have a point, and agrees with the accusations Anglin addresses to the "liberal diaspora Jews" their organizations and the likes of George Soros, in connection with the ongoing third world invasion of "refugees" to Europe and similar for the USA.

Weather the translation subtitles are accurate or are a joke, the fact is that Andrew Anglin managed to communicate his grievances in a very civilized way to a Jewish audience. There is no doubt that there are millions of Jews who are opposed to the subversive action towards communities of which they themselves are part, and not necessarily have any desire to be enriched by Muslim and African criminals and rapists.

This link to the Daily Stormer seems to keep working in spite of the many address changes which have been announced the last few weeks.

Israeli TV interviews Andrew Anglin of the Dailystormer
From YouTube description: Published on 13 sep. 2017 - I did my very best translating, but I admit there might be errors here and there. Yair Netanyahu, son of the Israeli president, posted an anti-semetic meme on facebook. Popular figures such as David Duke and Andew Anglin complimented Yair for posting the meme.


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The Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer site can now be reached via the TOR network but also through special links such as this one: https://dstormer6em3i4km.onion.link/

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