Denmark: The leader of the nationalist party Danskernes Parti (Party of the Danes shortened DP) young, easy going, charismatic and popular Daniel Carlsen has been indicted by the Danish Justice System for 'illegal arms possession' and 'racism'. The police have searched the house where Daniel Carlson lives together with his wife and his baby daugter, supposedly to find small cans of hairspray purchased at a local Matas drugstore, which have a sticker applied to them with the words "Asyl Spray" (Asylum Spray). Carlsen and his team had been handing out such bottles during a campaign in the streets of Haderslev. Carlsen was interrogated during or after the search.

DP Party leader Daniel Carlsen after house search on October 6, 2016


Text: Daniel Carlsen, party leader and enemy of the state

Guilty of distributing hairspray

If perpetrator is spotted please report directly to Søren Prind

(Name of our Bilderberg justice minister is Søren P I N D - comment website)


Daniel Carlson in Danskernes Parti Promo introducing the Asylum Spray (Danish)

Of course the campaign was inspired by the endless succession of rape and group rape cases involving asylum seekers and immigrants, usually Muslims. In the city of Haderslev specifically rapes had ocurred shortly before the campaign. V2 Nyhederne fortæller nogenlunde samtidig om et groft voldtægtsforsøg, 2-3 kilometer fra gågaden hvor de omtalte asylsprays blev uddelt. I det mindste gjorde offeret intet ulovligt – Efterlyst i Station 2: 21-årig er varetægtsfængslet for voldtægtsforsøg.

Uriasposten: "TV2 News informs about a violent rape attempt happening about at the same time, 2 or 3 kilometers from the walking street where the "asylum spray" was handed out to the public (link to TV station news report): Efterlyst i Station 2: 21-årig er varetægtsfængslet for voldtægtsforsøg.

More news about the case in Danish:

Danskernes Parti Facebook page with video featuring Daniel Carlson right after house search for hairspray

Uriasposten 7 oktober 2016 - Politiet ransagede partileders hjem efter asylspray-hårlak – Haderslev: Asylansøger sigtet for voldtægt

Nationaldemokraten 6 oktober 2016 - Daniel Carlsen og Den Kulturradikale Inkvisition

PROTESTER mod den politiske forfølgelse af Daniel Carlsen ved at underskrive en vælgererklæring.

Ps. I forhold til tidligere er det nye system sikret mere anonymitet, da det ikke længere går via din kommune. Det koster ikke noget at skrive under ej heller forpligter det til at stemme på partiet. Læs på partiets side hvor du skriver under.

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As you may or may not know, I have more or less stopped blogging quite a while ago - this was just one more exception and there may be more to come - Balder)

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