Gilad Atzmon, genius sax player and author of several books on Jewish tribalism and identity politics, serves as an expert witness for the defense of alledged anti-Semite hate monger, Arthur Topham in the ongoing hate crime trial in Canada.

Here are links to two articles at Gilad Atzmons website explaining the situation.

8 november 2015 - The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham

9 november 2015 - The Expert Witness - Part 1 - November 09, 2015 / Gilad Atzmon

And here below is an important quote from: The Expert Witness:

When we criticise Jewish politics (Israel, Zionism, the Lobby etc’) some Jews are “racially offended” in spite of the fact that race, biology, blood or ethnicity was never mentioned. When we criticise Jewish racism some Jews hide behind the argument that we are criticizing their religion. When we occasionally criticise the religion or some obscene Jewish religious teaching we are quick to learn that Jews are hardly religious anymore (which is true by the way). The meaning of it is simple, yet devastating. The Jewish triangle makes it very difficult, or even impossible to criticise Jewish politics, ideology and racism because the Identity is set as a field with a tri-polar gravity centre. The identity morphs endlessly. The contemporary 3rd category (political) Jew is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, this is the quantum mechanics that is set to supress any possible criticism.



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