Danish ambassador in Paris Anne Dorte Riggelsen links Dieudonné to Toulouse murders of Jewish children - 'In France there is less distance between words and actions than in other places'. (further down)

Dieu = God, donné = given - freely translated as 'a gift from God'.

Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala - Quenelle  

Is he really a gift from God the French/African comedian Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala?

Many people seem to think so. Is the 'quenelle' going to be an international symbol for defiance against the New World Order system of the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, the corperate owned media, and in France the local flavor of the Jewish /Zionist organization B'nai Brith (ADL), the CRIF?

This article contains a partial transscript of a fresh BBC interview with Dieudonné supporter Alain Soral, and the BBC video itself.

French Jews are outraged, compliant Hollande and his socialist party break the laws to shut him up!

Public outrage after government censorship of comedian Dieudonné - Dieudonné will win his battle, and Manuel Valls will be proven wrong.


The Quenelle; the now world famous hand sign has been around for ten years, before it was accused of being 'anti-semitic'.

Part transscript of video:

  Alain Soral - Philosopher
  Roger Cukierman - Pres. Jewish Council

Alain Soral: The quenelle has been around for ten years. Only recently the most powerful Jewish organization in France the CRIF decreed that it was an anti-Semitic gesture, so basically their idea is that an anti-system gesture is an anti-semitic one. [Crif - Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France]

So at the end of the day, is that simply an improper accusation, or is there a deep link between the system of domination that Mr. Dieudonné is fighting against and the organized Jewish community?

Well, that's the question!

BBC host: But you don't deny that Mr. Dieudonné is an anti-semite, do you?

Alain Soral: The problem now is that this word has become a word used to scare people.

A long time ago Dieudonné had a young partner, a young Jew called Eli Semoun.

But all of these accusations started arriving the day he did a sketch on Israeli settlers

So today we have a powerful Zionist lobby in France which treats anyone who doesn't subscribe to its vision of the world and to its politics as anti-semitic.

BBC host: But when he says he is neutral between the Nazis and the Jews, he is obviously saying he is anti-semitic?

Alain Soral: I don't think you've quit understood that Dieudonné is a comedian, he performs comedy, he does sketches.

So if you take one phrase in isolation of the sketch, you won't understand.

You need to ask the people who have seen his entire show which lasts an hour and a half.

Then you’ll see that his very diverse audience, which reflects the whole of French public opinion, has never thought that Dieudonné is anti-semitic.

BBC host: Well if that is the case, why is it, that the government there takes such a strong line against him?

The Quenelle is also popular among French Soldiers

Alain Soral: Because the French government, as we can see from its foreign policy and the annual CRIF dinner, is entirely under the influence of the Zionist lobby; that's why.

BBC host: What do you imagine monsieur Dieudonné is going to do now, that he is finding himself banned in so many cities?

Manuel Valls with kippah
Haaretz continues, “despite having a Jewish community 20 times smaller than that of the United States,” 59 British MPs are Jewish: 18 in the House of Commons and 41 in the House of Lords. After Britain and the United States come France and Ukraine. Haaretz | Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - Britain Manuel Valls - French Interior Minister, Bilderberger here speaking to Crif (Jewish embrella org.): (Because of my marriage to a Jewish woman) 'I am connected in an eternal way to the Jewish people & Israel'. Also: Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years, and More, of Terrorism in France | Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation France

Alain Soral: The truth is that the measures taken by the socialist government through Manuel Valls [nationalized - born as a Spanish citizen] are completely illegal in France. And since France is under the rule of law, I'd say Dieudonné will win his appeals and his case will be supported by the facts.

Because, what's illegal today isn't Dieudonné, it is the measures that the socialist government and the Interior Minister Manuel Valls have taken to prevent Dieudonné from performing.

Dieudonné will win his battle, and Manuel Valls will be proven wrong.

BBC host: Thank you very much indeed

End of transscript.

The transcribed part is found in the last third part of the video.


BBC News Night on Dieudonné & The Quenelle | YouTube

Other participants:

Hugh Scofield from Paris, Roger Cukierman - President Jewish Council

  Ulla Terkelsen TV2 Denmark 10/1: He denies Hitler's genocide of the Jews....
  Lally Hofmann January 4 - Natural bias?

Danish media join slander campaign

In Denmark I haven't heard very much about the Quenelle yet (I have not been that active listening); but right this moment Danish TV2 reporter Ulla Terkelsen, the evening of Friday January 10 at about 19:00 hours, is on TV and while I'm writing, delivered condemnation of Dieudonné and a vile attack on his character and anything supposedly 'right wing'.

She gave the French government's illegal and immoral censorship credibility, by arguing about 'the needs of a multicultural society'. Clear advocacy for censorship, a disgrace. And, look at this; not even a member of a protected species such as the African comedian, is allowed to talk about Jews!

Just remember the Voltaire quote further up this post.

Or parhaps Ulla is making up for this clip she made: Gaza war tourism - (Israeli) Keren Levy: I'm a little bit fascist.

A few days ago, Lally Hofman TV2's correspondent in France (said to be of Jewish extraction herself) laid the ground work for the campaign of slander which seems to have started in Denmark as well.

Denmark, has only a very small number of Jews; reportedly 0.02% - yet they are everywhere in the media in major positions. There's hardly a news program on either of our two public service (kind of) channels or they have a Jewish studio host or Jewish reporters in the field, European correspondents as well, everywhere they are present not least on our tv screens. Something like between 4 and 7 TV-news and other shows all with Jewish hosts, all running simultaneously and continuously some for years on end, in this small 5 million people country with supposedly only about 7,000 Jews.

TV2 News later this evening:

Danish Ambassador in France links Dieudonné with Toulouse murders, and agrees it's 'right to put a halt to a debate'.

  Anne Dorte Riggelsen - Danish Ambassador in Paris speaks at CRIF meeting on February 28, 2012. Would it be ok if a Danish Ambassador held friendly meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood, or Hiz but Tahir in stead of Jewish extremists?

Danish ambassador in Paris Anne Dorte Riggelsen thinks Dieudonné is an anti-semite listen carefully:

'The French Home Secretary says; this is not an artist, this is a person who incites to hatred...' [seemingly end of quote] to hatred which also has been executed in acts, eh, we know that there has been the murder of Jewish children in Toulouse, so in France there is not so far from words to action as there maybe in other places.

Talking about Manuel Valls:

'for a long time they have wanted to call a halt to a debate, which not least by single persons, but perhaps most of all by the extreme rightwing party Front National is being radicalized more and more.

And I actually think that the French are satisfied with that.'

Don't blame the poor grammar and weird language on the translator. I'll leave the original Danish transcript here for people to check. The rest of the ambassador’s nonsense was also interesting, not least as a display of her, eh obvious intelligence.

Danish transscript:


Den franske indenrigsminister siger, det her er jo ikke en kunstner, det er jo en person der opildner til had... til had som jo har været også udført i gerninger, eh vi ved at der i Toulouse har været mord på jødiske børn, så i Frankrig er der ikke så langt fra ord til gerning som der måske er andre steder.

Man har længe haft et ønske om at kunne sætte en stopper for en debat der ikke mindst af enkeltpersoner men måske allermest af det højreekstreme parti Front National bliver mere og mere radikaliseret.

Og det tror jeg Franskmændene faktisk er tilfredse med.


Quenelle - Danish Ambassador in Paris compares Dieudonné to Toulouse murders | YouTube
Some English subtitles and comments


Jazz musician Gilad Atzmon about the quenelle | YouTube
How Jewish supremacists view Paris: Eifel Tower dwarfed by giant menorah



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