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Jakob Scharf on radio show July 19, 2012: "[..] But the ideals that the Cuban Revolution, or a revolutionary hero such as Che Guevara stood for, are some fundamentally important and righteous ideals. It is the means by which one tries to realize these ideals that can be problematic." Source: Uriasposten

In the same interview Scharf discloses that he worked for two years for the Danish representation in Brussels, and has been involved 'everywhere in the EU system'. A good thing to keep in mind. Balder Blog


The leader of the Danish homeland security PET [Politiets EfterretningsTjeneste - Danish Security and Intelligence Service] Jakob Scharf was already at the center of a scandal involving accusations of respectless attitudes towards female employees as well as abuse of the expense account. With the new accusations things are getting even more serious.

Accusation from PET employees: Scharf demanded illegal espionage against the leader of the anti-immigration Danish People's Party [DPP] ; Pia Kjaersgaard. Scharf forced several police officers in PET to look into Pia Kjaersgaard's calendar, which is absolutely against the rules of conduct.

Jacob Scharf wanted to prevent party leader Kjaersgaard [who has recently stepped downas party leader and left the reins to Kristian Thulesen Dahl] from visiting Christiania, the anarchist/hippie community, well known by most Danes and many foreigners, as a place where it is easy to purchase quality cannabis products, well suited for alleviating a number of symptoms from serious chronical illnesses, to the boredom of everday life and lack of sexual appetite.

This was written in a complaint which five named PET employees have handed over to the Chief of the Federal Police [Rigspolitiet] Jens Henrik Hoejbjerg.

According to sources who talked to the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet the complaint was sent to the chief of the federal police, because the Homeland Security [PET] employees no longer had confidence in Jacob Scharf, who personally pushed through the illegal act.

At the time of the incident, Party leader Kjaersgaard in her capacity as substitute member for the Parliament's Judicial Commission, wished to visit Christiania. The idea did not go down very well with homeland security chief Scharf, since it would become a costly affair for PET, which just shortly before had got its own budget.

Jakob Scharf then secretly and against the rules, ordered his subordinates to gain access to Pia Kjaersgaard's calendar, so the visit of Christiania could be arranged on a day where the party leader was booked up, and had no chance of participating.

Christiania - Note the 'No Cameras' sign straight ahead

Balder: Visits by police and 'right wing' politicians to Christiania are usually a signal to forces on the extreme left, such as REDOX and Antifa / AFA (several members currently standing trial on terror charges) to start a brawl with the police, throwing stones, paint, etc. The violence does not primarily originate from the people who live in Christiania, but from the well organized violent left wing fringe.

Bodyguards abused?

  Pia Kjaersgaard - Danish People's Party

A small group of PET body guards have access to DPP Pia's calendar as part of the 24/7 scheme protecting the party leader from attacks from the violent left and Islamists, but only these bodyguards are allowed information about where the party leader is at a given moment in time or what she is doing.

According to Ekstra Bladet's sources several police employees directed Jakob Scharf's attention to the fact that he was involving himself in an illegal act, but the PET director insisted his foot soldiers execute his orders anyway, so the secret service could prevent the democratically elected politician from coming to Christiania.

In the complaint to Chief of the federal police Jens Henrik Højbjerg the five named officers are Union representatives [tillidsmand] said that they had e-mails proving that Jakob Scharf personally applied pressure in order to force the law abiding officers to cross the line and get access to the agenda information Scharf desired.

Sten Schaumburg-Müller from the Institute of Law at Aarhus University calls it a classical case of abuse of power.


Jakob Scharf tvang en række politifolk i PET til stik mod reglerne at kigge i Pia Kjærsgaards kalender
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Too bad the next linked page is in Danish only. It contains quite som documentation about earlier PET related incidents and policies, and of clear political involvement in hate propaganda against people and parties who wish to stop immigration, as well as information about, and quotes from former PET leaders. Here a link to a Google translation if it is of any use.
Balder.org - PET - Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (ældre samling)

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