Grusomme billeder: Koldblodigt henretter de to maskerede terrorister de intetanende medlemmer af Gyldent Daggry. For at være sikker på at de er døde tømmer de roligt deres magasiner i deres ofre inden de forsvinder.

Overvågnings-video viser henrettelsen af to Gyldent Daggry-medlemmer sekund for sekund

Google Translate oversættelse af græsk hjemmeside:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Only that words fail to describe the instantaneous violence and horrific images that follow. Watching the video you realize what you can not understand. The merciless hatred nesting in the souls of young people. Collapse all scripts and chatters on destabilization and other related.

The performer begins to shoot from afar. The company realizes and turns toward him. The first two shots fall against chrysafgiti running left to save. It is the fourth of the group (eyewitness) came out unscathed. The sequel reminds movie. The performer turns instantaneously his gun against the three are gathered in well and taken by surprise. First hit by a bullet is Alexander Elder who nevertheless manages to run away and hide behind ?. One move his whole life.

Gyldent Daggry demonstrerer

George Fountoylis and Manolis Kapelonis are hit right in the chest. The assailant approaching very close, shoots at chest and head. He is determined. Makes no attempt to throw lower legs. Shoots almost contact and since the targets have fallen on the road he continues to shoot. One even instinctively turns his back to receive the bullets from behind. When the shooter left, Elder returns injured from the depth, passes in front of the battered companions to collapse exhausted on the opposite sidewalk.

Two dead, one badly injured. So simple, so fast as little frame of a movie. It took only ten seconds to lose young people before they realize the meaning of life. Harsh pictures the only positive contribution is rerouting the compass of perception and thinking.


5 november 2013 - Ντοκουμέντο φρίκης


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