'the so called anti-Zionists, are actually far more dangerous'

Jewish infiltrated left wing liberals more dangerous than Alan Dershowitz and Abe-ADL-Foxman

Should I take the time to listen to one more lenghty, slow, often seemingly stuttering interview with Gilad Atzmon? And I did, and again it was time well spent in inspiring company!

I have transcribed a few paragraphs from the interview by Ryan Dawson; that is from the 15 minutes excerpt embedded below from the one hour interview.

Fearless as ever, and now it seems even with glee Atzmon provokes his opponents; his 'distractors', as he calls them, and says that the Israeli policies are actually worse than Apartheid, and have more in common with Nazism. He repeats his point several times. Perhaps dreaming of an exploding Dershowitz somewhere in the world. In spite of the jazzy impression, Gilad Atzmon cuts straight into the bone, takes no prisoners and spares friend nor fiend. Clearly Atzmon is, just as I am, first and foremost thirsty for truth.

Anyway take the time it takes, and listen closely to what Mr. Atzmon says!

Gilad Atzmon:

I can tell my detractors, that 'The Wandering Who' is just the beginning.

I will soon publish a book that will bring much more light into those issues, and I'll expose the very troubling connection between 'liberal Zionism', liberal Zionist funding systems, the Soros Open Society Network and so on, and the left, and the progressive network and Palestinian BDS [boykot, divestment, sanctions] and Palestinian NGOs, and I'll show how corrupt it is.

Gilad Atzmon preview - Published on Oct 23, 2013 - Ry Dawson| YouTube


'In fact I actually argue, that the so called anti-Zionists, are actually far more dangerous, and this is crucial.

You see, I like to talk about Jewish power. There is no doubt that Jewish power plays a major role in contemporary politics, banking, and so on and so on, and the Jewish lobby openly pushes for a war in Syria, before the conflict with Iran and so on and so on. There is no doubt about it.

However, I argue, that all those events can be easily ??, you can read my book, you can read John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt; 'The Israel Lobby', you can read James ??, you can read Jeff Blankford (???) and so on and so on.

I argue, that what they describe, is not Jewish power, it is actually just symptoms of Jewish power.

The real meaning of Jewish power, is the capacity to stop us from talking about Jewish power.

The Jewish power is not the embodiment of the pro-Zionist for instance, activity, the exposure of pro-Zionist activity, or pro war activity; Jewish power, is the successful tendency to stop us from looking into it.

Now this is not done by Dershowitz, or Foxman, ADL-Foxman, this is done by the Jewish left, and the left in general. The role of the left and the Jewish left in particular, is to stop us from looking into Jewish power.


In other words, the definition of Jewish power, is the capacity to stop us from looking into Jewish power.

And this is exactly what Noam Chomsky, did on 'Democracy Now', when he had to discuss John Mearsheimer. He dismissed his whole approach, instead of discussing it.

Finkelstein, Norman Finkelstein, did pretty much the same thing, by the way; 'Democracy Now', should have brought Walt and Mearsheimer to debate Chomsky. But they didn't. They operated as an instrument of Jewish power, diverting the attention from the issues.

Now, if you know the secret, that the vast majority, of progressive organizations in America, the vast majority of Palestinian NGOs, the vast majority of Palestinian solidarity groups, are supported by George Soros' 'Open Society', that also supports the Zionist liberal JStreet [supposed competitor to more hardline AIPAC- Balder].

And this is why we see a suspicious similarity, the ideals presented by liberal Zionism, and the progressive network.

And this is what transforms the left which stands for beautiful values, that I understand and respect to a certain extent, this is what transformed the left into a dubious network of controlled opposition.

So far Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon 23 oktober 2013 - Soros, Palestine and Controlled Opposition


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