Revolutionaries Tee Stern & David Schneider acted as self appointed spokesman. In front of a a black mob they called for NATION WIDE PROTESTS

  Tradition continues - THE NEXT GENERATION
  Tee Stern - Lawyer - feeding the flames (name may be misspelled)
  David Schneider - Activist
  Patricia Lawrence - Priest - Vengeance

Remember the Bolshevist Revolution?, the student riots in Paris and Strasbourg in the sixties, The ANC take over in South Africa, the rise of the feminist movement in the United States, the politicized pseudo science of the Frankfurt School, the creation of the open borders policies, the fight against Christianity in public spaces. Pseudo hippie revolutionaries Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman, the Weathermen Remember who wrote Martin Luther Kings Speeches? Who inspired Mao Tse Tung and his murderous communist gangs? Who were the first leaders of the supposedly Black American Civil Rights Movement? Who was given credit (80%) for all these things plus the introduction of 'homosexual marriages' by the current Vice President of the United States of America; Joe Biden?

I guess you know the answer.

And I also guess, because so far I didn't check out the facts, that you could add the names of Tee Stern (identified as lawyer and activist by TV - first name may be misspelled) and David Schneider (identified as activist) to the list. Here you can see one of the most classical repeating events in history; probably Tikkun Olam in action, at a protest by an almost complete black mob against the aquittal of George Zimmerman.

Yup, never miss a chance boys and girls, to be in the front line of the revolution, and inspire your black friends with your legally spoken well taylored calls for revolution and a racial war against Whites.

Schneider, speaking from an elevated professionally prepared platform, seemingly accompanied by other eh.. 'Whites' I guess:

'You can kill a kid in the street for having skittles and ice tea, and the message which was sent by the American criminal justice system, is that that’s okay. We think that's an outrage and we are calling for NATION WIDE PROTESTS'.

Most of the reporting here in Denmark so far seems to show the whole case in a rather biased way. In the current broadcast from which this clip was taken, the only time it was mentioned that Trayvon Martin allegedly had physically assaulted Zimmerman, and that Zimmerman had sustained visible injuries, were when pro Zimmerman demonstrator Patrick Woodburn was allowed a few words.

Zimmerman portrayed as 'White'

They also presented Zimmerman as 'White', didn't mention his Negro friends and Negro/Hispanic ethnic heritage, and didn't mention the assailant's criminal background - but kept mentioning that he was 'unarmed'.

The reporters, although careful not to cross the line, try to use this case as yet another battle for civil right for 'poor blacks' who are being denied justice by racist whites in the US.

And why shouldn't the reporters also show some 'solidarity'. After all, several 'minorities' are extremely well represented in the Danish media. Where Turks, Pakistanis are replacing ethnic Danes at an amazing speed, while the Jewish overrepresentation only keeps getting bigger. The problem being, that many whites believe that whiteness only is a phenomenon of the skin, and thus are not able to recognize differentiate, even if other clues are given. The level of ignorance about who is Jewish and what the relevance of such information could be is amazing in this country, even though many of them have openly confermed their etnic backgrounds on different occasions, and there is not a very strong taboo against discussing such subjects, as in some other countries.

Prison rape in USA - Black on White rape stats  
On average 100 White woman are raped by Black men every day. White on Black rape: less then 10 a year. Black on White rape, not a racially motivated hate crime right! (official stats from 2005).  

Reporter Jesper Steimetz himself is a homosexual celebrity in Denmark, who's sex life is the topic of colored magazines. Many other Danish reporters, studio hosts and correspondents (USA, Middle-East, Eastern Europe, Germany) are from 'ethnic minority' Jewish backgrounds, in spite of the fact that Denmark only has one tenth of the relative size of the American Jewish population figure; 0.2% or about 7000 individuals to the total 5 million population.

Many of those journalists who are not from 'minority backgrounds', are leftwingers, counting even former left wing extremists amongst their ranks. No wonder the biased reporting about events such as the Zimmerman case, Pussy Riot, Orange and Rainbow revolutions, Femen, 'Gay Prides', 'Arab Springs', 'Humanitarian Interventions', and other similar celebrations of joyful 'diversity', while trying to cover up the ugly reverse side of the coin, the hate speech against normal White people served up as homosexual and other 'minority rights activism'.


There was a mistake in the Danish subtitles as well where the word 'pounds' was incorrectly translated to Danish as 'half kilos', while the subject being interviewed meant 'blows' of Zimmerman's head against the concrete.

And of course neither the US, nor the European eh.. controlled media mention the enormous over proportionality of black on white crime, including rape. The number of these crimes would completely cancel out any degree of anti black discrimination in the justice system which theoretically might exist!

Death, rape and violence in the thousands don't matter, as long as it isn't racist, isn't it, isn't it?

The clip fom TV2 news broadcast starts off with a Black priest; Patricia Lawrence who is complaining loudly that 'Zimmerman got off'.

Zimmerman acquittal: Revolutionaries Tee Stern & David Schneider feeding the flames of hate
YouTube| Watch complete broadcast here at TV2
How the Media Incites Violence and Racism in the Zimmerman Case | YouTube


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