Puk Damsgaard Andersen, a young female Danish journalist now illegal immigrant in Syria

  Puk Damsgaard - interviews terrorist

On May 8 the Danish public service broadcaster Danmarks Radio [I'll stick with the Danish spelling] published an article in which it was announced that one of Danmarks Radio's Middle East correspondents, Puk Damsgaard has temporarily moved to Syria, together with photographer Betina Johnbeck, allegedly to report about the reality in which the Syrian people live. Sadly they only follow the Western backed armed anti-government terrorists, and not the common people of Syria.

Actually they have traveled into Syria illegally without visa, residential or working permit, and are staying in Syria illegally with armed terrorists, from where they act as propaganda clowns for the al-Qaeda connected Islamic Jihadis, who are being painted as 'freedom fighters' or 'activists', backed by massive government subsidies and compulsory license fees. [In Denmark everybody who is in the possession of either a radio, a TV, a personal computer or even a mobile phone with internet access is forced to pay the license fee to the left wing multicultural propaganda broadcaster and NWO/NATO outlet 'Danmarks Radio'. The current license fee amounts to Dkr. 2414 yearly or about $ 416 - Balder]

Puk Damsgaard Andersen (r) See all  

And it is certainly not the first time we saw Puk Damsgaard hang out with criminal terrorists. Under NATO and its Islamic Jihadist friends, we also watched her in the company of 'freedom activists', who a little later on backed by the North Atlantic Terror Organization NATO established an Islamic Kalifa state based on Sharia law.

In August 2012 Puk Damsgaard was also on an illegal mission into Syria, where she 'connected with the rebels' and acted as a useful (blonde) idiot for al-Qaeda for the state owned Danmarks Radio broadcaster.

In September 2012 she met with the terrorist Ahmed Samson, making a portrait of a young man with Syrian background, who was living in Denmark and who traveled to Syria in order to help his people with implementing democracy and freedom.

  Ahmed Samson - Gang member & terrorist (detail) click image to see all

The subject in question turned out to be Ahmed Samsam, who was known as a notorious member of an criminal immigrant gang from the Odense ghetto of Vollsmose, one of many gangs of this sort who currently operate in Denmark. He had only just been released from prison in Denmark, when he went to Syria, where he now participates in the armed struggle side by side with al-Qaeda, before some day he may again participate in the increasingly common wars between (mainly immigrant) gangs in the streets of Denmark.

Criminal terrorist goes to Syria - Ahmed Samson (in Danish)

Today the 'heroic' Puk Damsgaard Andersen wrote an article for Danmarks Radio, in which se maintains that she and photographer Betina Johnbeck were nearly killed in an air attack, which supposedly destroyed the house in which they lived right in front of their eyes.

We see it as quite a natural and obvious that those who have chosen to connect with, and live with armed terrorists, also takes the risk of dying together with them.

Ahmed Samson Vollsmose - Syria 2012  

In spite of a air attack which supposedly destroyed their dwelling and nearly killed them, and with the allegation that 'the regime' has closed down the internet, Puk Damsgaard Andersen succeeded at sending daily articles to Danmarks Radio's internet page, update her Facebook profile, and in that process blocking critical users to keep unwanted comments out.

We are impressed by 'Super Puk'.


In September 2012 Puk Damsgaard Andersen met with Vollsmose gang member Ahmed Samson near the Turkish-Syrian border. Here she zealously reported from his struggle for 'democracy' and 'freedom'.


Translated (with small edits) from:

Syrien Blog May 20, 2013 - Puk Damsgård er blevet illegal indvandrer i Syrien


  Betina Johnsbeck Puk Damsgaard
  Steffen Jensen TV2 Rasmus Tantholdt
  Simi Jan - Pak. TV2 Steen Nørskov - DR

The two Danish publice service TV stations Danmarks Radio and TV2 have uncritically dissimenated NATO / NWO propaganda for years. Puk Damsgaard Andersen is just one example, and one of the most provoking and obvious ones at that.

Both stations also routinely use Jewish journalists, some even living permanently in Israel as reporters from the Middle East. On TV2 we routinely witness the Jewish reporter in the field talking to the Jewish studio host, consulting the Jewish studio expert and back.

As I wrote some years ago; 'The Danish media are safely in the hands of Zionist puppeteers'.

If I were in the position of president Bashar al-Assad, I'd do anything to stop these illegal combattants, NATO stooges and biassed Zionist residents of Israel, who illegally enter my country and befriend professional terrorist scum from all over the world.

I'd say that it would be safe to consider most western journalists as well as representatives of various humanitarian organizations etc. as enemy troops, which is in fact what most of them are.

The problem is, that here and there, there may be a rare exception.

Også Martin Breum, Line Ernlund, Anders Jerichow hetzer for krig mod Syrien
Danske journalisters krigshetz - Martin Breum, Jacob Skovgaard Petersen, Rasmus Helveg Petersen| YouTube - Danske journalister er et nummer for sig. De nøjes ikke med at rapportere og informere, men propaganderer indædt for krig. Ustandseligt afkræver krigsliderlige danske journalister svar fra politikerne: hvorfor griber I ikke ind, hvor længe skal vi vente før vi gør noget, hvor mange kvinder og børn skal dø? Nu også Martin Breum.


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(Could be executed as a spy or sent to prison if the Syrian authorities find her)
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The farce goes on, even though several prominent left wing Jewish journalists were criticized by their superiors for mixing their status as 'objective journalists' with writing Zionist propaganda articles. Notably Anders Jerichow and Adam Holm.

The Editor in Chief of the most important Danmarks Radio news show 'Deadline'; Arne Notkin was quietly disposed of , after it was unveiled that he for years had blocked the showing of Yoav Shamir's film Defamation, a film that questions the truth of the according to Jewish and Zionist propaganda alleged wide spread 'anti-Semitism'. Now he just as quietly got back into the Danmarks Radio via a backdoor it seems. The two main journalists on the Deadline program are currently Adam Holm and Martin Krasnik; the latter being a fanatic Zionist and a secular advocate of ritual foreskin amputation of infant boys.

It is Krasniks second term as a key anchor on Deadline, after a puse of several years, where he hosted his own poltical talkshow on the competing channel TV2. Israel based Steffen Jensen has been launched together with other of TV2's professional NATO-operatives, such as Rasmus Tantholdt on a new program presenting Danish heroic 'foreign correspondents' in the line of fire [Korrespondenterne]. Images of a Steffen Jensen struggling for his breath, decorated with big cameras diving for cover from incoming rounds, exitedly reporting while being in mortal danger together with his buddies, the anti Syrian government Jihadis from whom he manages to get few verbal responses beyond Allah uh Akbar and 'kill Bashar'.

It is clear from the many programs I have watched that these NATO-journalists find it hard to find even a few sensible individuals who are able to convey an image of peace loving, democracy and freedom fighters. But in spite of their own contradicting evidence, they just keep pushing the lie of the evil blood stanched government of Bashar al Assad versus the noble rebels and other victims of the unsurpassed tyrant.

The gigantic support the 'rebels' receive from the insane coalition of NATO and despotic fundamentalistic Arabic governments are hardly being mentioned and the atrocities committed by them diminished or 'balanced' with much larger crimes allegedly committed by the Assad government. But this disease has spread beyond the ranks of journalists, recently an expert on Mideast affairs Jacob Skov Petersen tried to minimize the atrocities committed by the NWO backed 'rebels' and to point at Bashar al-Assad's government as the primary doer of evil. Mr. Skov Pedersen used to be employed by the 'Danish Egyption Dialogue Institute' or something like that. The Israel based correspondent of the Christian Danish Newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad Allan Soerensen reports allegations and explanations from the Israeli government as if they are facts. As yesterday in the case of the Israeli attack on convoys allegedly being on their way to Hizbollah in Lebanon.


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